lululemon upload

lululemon upload


Impulse Purchase: Non-Stop Bomber in Ripened Raspberry
Non-Stop Bomber in Ripened Raspberry

I didn’t order the Non-Stop Bomber Ripened Raspberry jacket a few weeks ago when it…

Luluelmon Quilted Embrace Backpack
Pillow Bags from lululemon

lululemon has joined in on the huge pillow bags trend of 2020-2021 with the new…

Louis Vuitton Purse Shopping_Louis Vuitton Mahina Leather_Muria Bag in Mist_Beaubourg Hobo MM in Black
Louis Vuitton Purse Shopping

This was an exciting shopping day at Louis Vuitton that I had to share with…

The Fashion That Is Trending During Quarantine: What Are We Buying Online? Tie Dye Lounge Sets!

BORED IN A HOUSE BORED IN A HOUSE BORED so I’m being super nosy and…

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Pandemic weight gain
How I’m losing my pandemic weight gain

So…how where your eating habits in 2020? Did you experience any pandemic weight gain? I sure did. I gained 25lbs. Interestingly though my weight was stable during the first half, and only…

Lululemon upload February 2021
Lululemon Upload

The lululemon upload is here! Several items I’m loving from this upload. Definitely going to need the new lululemon align tank gather front. It does look a bit longer than the lululemon…

lululemon upload

The lululemon upload is here! lots of pretty new colors. loving Hawaiian Blue and the Blue Borealis Scuba Hoodie 1/2 Zip and Align Tank. I’m waiting on Grape Thistle Align crops to…

Lululemon Upload
Lululemon Upload

Eeeh this is a good but simple upload. I LOVE Ripened Raspberry so I ordered the Ripened Raspberry Wunder Trains. I may get the Invigorate High Rise Crops later this week too. Another…

Lululemon Upload

The lululemon upload is live! Has anything caught your eye? I’m liking the new Guava pink color and ordered the Cool Racerback. I also like the Inflorescence Multi Align Shorts and the…

Lululemon_ Polar Pace Run Jacket
Trying out the new lululemon Polar Pace Run Jacket

Is the Polar Pace Run Jacket worth it? My order from Tuesday’s upload just arrived and I finally get to try on this magical Polar Pace Run jacket to see if it’s…