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Trying out the lululemon blissfeel running shoe

by Cristina

My lululemon blissfeel running shoes arrived…

lululemon shoe - lululemon blissfeel running shoe

I’m really glad I ordered the new lululemon blissfeel running shoe right away last Tuesday before selling out. lululemon running shoes sold out in most colors and sizes in just a few hours. I ordered the Water Drop blue , in a size 9.5. I’m a size 9 in shoes usually but i do like sizing up a half size in running shoes I plan to use for running, and not just for gym use. After ordering I double guessed myself slightly and thought I should have ordered the Flare. Flare is beautiful but I’m really happy with the Water Drop.

My first impressions

These shoes are fantastic. I have to be honest and tell you I wasn’t anticipating such a substantial legit running shoe when I first heard lululemon was developing shoes. I was expecting a cute gym shoe. lululemon has done well to round out the lululemon running gear collection to include lululemon women’s running shoes.

The Blissfeel Running Shoe is on par with my Asics Gel Nimbus,  but the fit is even better. Here’s why:

the new lululemon shoe

These shoes where developed specifically for women’s feet, which is unlike any other running shoe on the market. I can absolutely feel that specialized fit. 

The mid foot feels more contoured around my foot, and the toe box is nice and roomy. The best part though is the arch support. The arch support feels more substantial than any of my other running shoes. I have flat feet and really appreciate good arch support. It helps take the strain off my knees and hips. This is a bigger concern for women, especially with our wider hip to knee ratio. The stability and cushioning in these shoes is fantastic and would make for great ‘all day’ shoes. My foot feels really hugged in and supported inside the shoe while still being completely neutral. The lower ankle profile supports my ankle in a much better position. I did a few squats and had zero heel lift. 


Other features I’m liking is the  unique contouring around the ankle. The tongue on the front of the shoe is very low profile and dips in nice and low. This is something that tends to bother me in some of my other shoes when doing squats especially. 

The sillouette of the shoe seems classic at first but it’s a very flattering elegant fit. I love that the side of the ankle dips down lower, and the front of the shoe is lower profile as well. besides feeling better stability wise, It really helps elongate the leg. 

Here you can see a full squat below parallel. No heel lift, and no cutting in around the ankle. There is a slight 1.5” heel lift.

lululemon blissfeel running shoe

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried them on and how you like them so far. 


How cute is that reflective logo in the back of the shoe? 

lululemon running shoes

shop the new luluelmon blissfeel running shoe here

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Kate42735 March 28, 2022 - 1:48 pm

Have you run in them yet? I wear the Gel Nimbus as well and would love to know your thoughts

Cristina March 28, 2022 - 4:30 pm

I haven’t yet but will do a second review when I’ve given them a few runs.


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