Tuesday, April 23, 2024
vuori clothing reviews

Are you looking for reviews of the Vuori Miles Ankle Pant? or the Performance Jogger? Find out everything about Vuori Clothing, including Where The closest new store location is, what my favorite joggers are,  my latest fit review, and more! Wether you are shopping for the most stylish joggers for work-from-home, or you want a cozy pair of sweatpants to lounge in. 

The Sweat Edit community loves Vuori!

The Sweat Edit loves a lifestyle brand that transitions seamlessly from gym to fashionable lifestyle wear. There is no better gym to work pant than the Miles Ankle Pant. The Sweat Edit community loves this activewear brand which is why it’s featured here, answering all your questions. 

About The Brand

A versatile activewear brand, launched in 2015 with a California surf aesthetic founded by Joe Kudla. The brand’s home base is California. Known for its incredibly soft and luxurious joggers, the ‘must-have’ brand favorite became a cult hit.

When launching his brand, Joe Kudla took cues from industry giant (and Sweat Edit favorite!) lululemon and Patagonia. The brand began as a men’s focused clothing brand, but it quickly grew popular amongst women who enthusiastically gravitated to the luxurious fabrics and flattering fits.

What To Try First

If you haven’t experienced the brand before, the women’s jogging pant is where you should start. The Performance Jogger to be exact. These are the stylish joggers that have become a sensation for being crazy soft. Vuori Joggers are also worn by celebrity Kaia Gerber, Liam Hemsworth, Bella Hadid and many more

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