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2022 Nordstrom CANADA Anniversary Sale | Try-On’s & #Selfies

by Cristina

One month after the Nordstrom Canada Anniversary Sale, and my top purchases are this stylish equestrian Smythe Blazer, and my favourite stylish walking shoes for travel: The Rag and Bone Retro Sneaker which I’ve since reviewed twice. See the shoes here, and Rag and Bone Retro Running Shoes here.

The Nordstrom Canada Anniversary Sale (2022 edition) is here! We are a few hours away from the sale opening up to the public. I did a ton of try-on today at the Canadian Nordstrom Anniversary Sale including my favourite Smythe Blazer.

You can see how things fit before ordering online when the sale is open. . The Smythe Blazer was the first item I ran for since my order was cancelled online.
The Nordstrom Canada Sale definitely has some great picks this year! I was surprised

Read this post for more on NSALE shoes

Best of the Nordstrom Canada Sale: My #1 Favourite - The Smythe Blazer

For the Stylish Equestrian look.

Stylish Equestrian - Smythe Blazer - Nordstrom Canada Anniversary Sale 2022

(Shop the stylish equestrian blazer here)

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My #1 blazer pick from the Nordstrom Canada Anniversary sale. I ordered this ‘Stylish Equestrian’ Smythe blazer when the Early Access Sale went live at midnight online. So, consequently, that order was cancelled. But I found it in store this morning even though online showed they didn’t have any more 14s. 

I adore a fun Smythe Blazer, and I think this year the selection is the best of all – It’s stylish equestrian! The pieces are from their most classic cuts, in fun patterns and colours. The Stylish Equestrian blazer is part of Smythes core styles and has been available from the beginning. The original style comes with leather elbow patches but I prefer my equestrian styled blazer sans elbow patches. 

This one, in particular, is exceptional because it’s their 100% wool fabric. 

Fit Notes:

I size up in Smythe Blazers one to two sizes, depending on the model. This one is one size up – so a 14. This is the perfect fit. 

For the other Smythe blazer (cobalt plaid) also sort of ‘stylish equestrian’, but a little rock and roll’, I know I would need two sizes up in that particular ‘Puff Sleeve’ style. It’s very tailored and slim fit. 

Smythe Blazer Stylish Equestrian tricky European Tailored sizing

The fit issue with staying TTS in these is mostly the tension created in the buttons. Especially if you are more prominent in the bust. My TTS looks fine while it’s left open and perfectly comfortable. The issue is in buttoning it. I never wear them buttoned up anyways, but I like to have the option. 

The other Smythe Blazer options

There are still a few sizes left, so act fast if you have your sights on these!

I forgot to mention this. I also ordered the blue plaid Smythe blazer since I didn’t know which I wanted. When it arrives, I will include it in this post. Or maybe the two will get their own posts. The Smythe jackets are fantastic this year, so it will be a hard choice between the two – puff sleeve Smythe blazer vs stylish equestrian Smythe blazer – but I think this one may win because it is wool. 

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Are we surprised to see me in a sweatshirt dressI’m a little astonished despite living in sweatpants for the past two years. But unfortunately, I paid this dress zero attention on the website.

Did I buy it? No. Derp!

I didn’t bring this home because I talked myself out of the function of a warm sweatshirt dress. I’m kicking myself, though, because it’s warm but not too warm and also very lightweight. Isn’t this the evolution of the sweatpant life, though? Maybe I need it.

 This is an item I may break down and pick up if it’s still available. 

Fit Notes:

This is my TTS L, and it’s a very, very roomy TTS. I would probably like to try on a medium if I can go back. I love this oversized fit, though. You get a bit of that off-the-shoulder look with the neckline unzipped. Sizing is very accommodating, and I can easily see a small size fitting just fine. 

I love the length on this and the high-low hemline. It’s sort of a ‘basic’ look, but there are some very nicely considered design details.

The Real Best Wool Coat from the Nordstrom Canada Anniversary Sale

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 A clear winner for me in the wool coat category we talked about in yesterday’s blog post. I’m not shopping for wool coats this year, but if I was, I liked this one the best. Far superior to the Reiss wool coat. This one is 100% wool + leather. 

The material

The wool on this is not that silky soft; it’s nubbly and a little rough. I like this texture, though. The inside is very nicely lined, so the jacket just feels silky. 

Fit Notes:

This is an XL. I typically wear an XL in wool coats to accommodate my pear shape. Long coats tend to stick to the hip area for me. This coat is incredibly comfortable. Not roomy, but definitely a relaxed fit. 

The Free People Sweaters from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are so great this year

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Sweaters aren’t something I wear often so this didn’t make it into my shopping bag but I liked it. Free People sweaters are usually hits with me though. I think of this more as a beachy knitwear vs. a Fall or winter sweater. 

Fit Notes:

A roomy fit for sure, as FP sweaters usually are. I took a size M in this and as you can see, it’s still got that roomy oversized look. I didn’t want to try a size down from this. 

A Nordstrom Canada Sale Best Seller (but not my favourite)

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OK, this jacket photographs really well which is why it’s an influencer favourite in this sale. It’s just got the right proportions, and the weight of the stiffer fabric makes it drape a certain way. It’s a good photos jacket. The price is outrageous though for the quality.

The quality just doesn’t justify the price

It’s a blended wool coat, with low wool, and the material doesn’t feel high quality. If you have the coin to spare and you are in search of a wool coat, give the Club Monaco a try. If you have your heart set on this one don’t let me discourage you. I think it looks really great on. I just really object to the price point vs. the value. 

Fit Notes:

Normally I’d pick an XL or an L in this type of jacket (size 12/14) but their where very few sizes left and only an 8 and a 10. This is a size 10 and it’s just right. I can tie it closed and it goes across my hips just fine. I can layer this over a sweater. 

Forgot to mention this. This coat is unlined. 

Top selling shoe from the Nordstrom Canada Sale - And these are my favourite!

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Rag&Bone Retro Sneakers didn’t WOW me online. I thought they were cute on different influencers and did like them but didn’t have them on my wish list. My bias was for the ubiquitous white sneakers. 

IN person, though, they are way cute. This tobacco suede color is stunning and unusual for a sneaker. They look lux, and it’s obvious they are suede. I like the graphic look of the black, but these are the ones I would buy. 

Feeling tempted

I loved them on my feet and found them super flattering. These are tempting me. I keep checking them out online to see if my size is selling out. Unfortunately, the sticker price is holding me back a bit. 

Fit Notes:

These are size 9. I mostly take size 9’s but occasionally need a size 9.5 in some shoes, and sometimes even a size 10—these were the right fit. 

Nordstrom Canada Sale Story Time

My experience in the shoe department was very annoying today. The SA that helped me ‘accidentally’ brought me similar versions of the NSALE items (same brand) that were still fully priced – for 3 PAIRS OF SHOES! Accident, right? The NSALE is super hectic for SA’s, so I wasn’t mad or bothered. 

I only caught on after checking out with a pair of boots and walking away, wondering why they were much more expensive than I thought. I checked the receipt and display and was charged the wrong price. When I went to talk to him again, he ‘realized’ they were a different model. Only after trying to convince me that the reason the price was higher than the other ones was that these are black, and the other pair on display was green. 

The mixup 

When we went to look at the display models, the black had the price sticker off. These are the non-sale boots; these are the NSALE boots. So we had to go and check his computer for the price of the black pair, and I had to find them on my iPhone for him. That’s when he determined he pulled the wrong shoes. I returned them and had to leave to meet my sister, so I opted to return later to get the right pair. 

I then realized that the ‘wrong shade’ he pulled for me in the other shoes was displayed in a different section. Also, all curiously regular price. For example, this is the pair I wanted in the sneakers, and he brought me this full-priced one instead. The wrong colours he pulled in the other shoes weren’t even part of the NSALE. OK, I’m cool. Still not mad. Mildly annoyed. 

I would chalk this all up to an accident, except he ALSO went hard sell on me, telling me that there was only one size each for the shoes I was trying, so if I wanted them, I had to get them right then. No holds. Not even for 10 minutes while I met my sister. Mmmmm kay. 

What it gets weirder

I returned a few hours later to try the pair of shoes I had planned on getting. The new SA let me know he had nine in stock in my size, but they will sell out quickly once the early access is over. SO, I didn’t get the shoes. 

Ultimately, I’m not mad at the inconvenience of having to make the return (and having the hold/processing time on my credit card). I’m not angry about getting the wrong shoes. It left me feeling skeeved out, and I didn’t like the interaction.  It was so dishonest. 

Have you ever had something like this happen to you? 

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Leather Jackets (faux, depending on persuasion) are a closet essential. But, if you don’t have one and have been considering getting one, the Balfern is the one you should consider. AllSaints, Mackage, and Soia & Kyo are the mid-market brands I’ve tried over the years, and out of all of them, the Balfern is the softest supplest leather. I have this jacket in pale blue from 3 years ago, and I love it. 

Size Notes:

The jacket in the photos is the wrong size for me. It’s a size 8, and my Balfern Leather Jacket is a size 10. I didn’t try, but I’m pretty sure if I zipped this up, it wouldn’t look pretty. I never zip up a leather jacket, but I think you should be able to zip it up and move around. When I first got my jacket, the size 10 was snug but zipped. The leather is so supple that it molds to your shape, but I find it mainly in the shoulders. So if you are prominent in the bust, you won’t get as much stretching out in that area as you would in your shoulders, where there is constant movement. 

The jacket is TTS, but it should fit ever so slightly snug at first. 

Note on these AG Jeans

My AG Jeans in this picture are everything I hoped they were last year. I am so glad I snagged a pair. These are roomy TTS. Lots of people size down in this style because they do relax. I stuck to TTS, though. I’m extra chonky these days, and I want loose jeans. 

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A heart with a caveat. I love this top and everything, but the price point is ridiculous. The price point of Frame tops always shocks me, especially for a synthetic fabric. 

This reminds me of Ulla Johnson

This top is a very stretchy and thin polyester. It’s lightweight and has a very silky feeling. If you’ve ever seen Ulla Johnson’s dresses (luxury brand), this is the same material as some of her most famous dresses. It’s polyester but nice! Still, it’s not silk, so $332.99 is ridiculous. I can buy an actual Ulla Johnson dress on eBay for that price. Blouses and tops aren’t a category I like too much on. I prefer to buy this type of item either on resale or on clearance.

Fit Notes: 

Size L, TTS. No surprises. It’s on the shorter side, but it’s not cropped. 

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I’ve never tried the brand Save The Ducks before. I’m impressed. I typically favor down-filled puffer jackets over synthetic, but this one feels like a down. I love that the material is matte and not glossy. I would consider getting this if I needed a new puffer jacket. 

Fit notes:

The jacket I’m wearing is an XL. This jacket fits on the snugger side, although it is slightly a-line, so it’s not disproportionately tight around curves. The chest and shoulders are excellent, and I think this would have been fine over a bulkier knit. I would have tried it over the Free People sweater, but I was sweating at this point.

This one is more stylish CEO than Stylish Equestrian

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Although with black OTK boots, this does kinda swing Stylish Equestrian come to think of it. 


Veronica Beard is a top favorite for me in the blazer department. I liked the look of this blazer online and wanted to try it, but it was competing with two other blazers I was very excited over (the two Smythe blazer options). It’s a more subdued style. I love the color, and I love the gold buttons. It’s deceptively plain online because, in person, this is such a beautiful blazer. I foresee myself chasing this one down on the resale market. The color got a bit washed out in the picture; in person, it’s a beautiful rich burgundy. Between the Smythe blazer and this one, I preferred the Smythe blazer, but this one is a close second. 

Fit Notes:

The blazer I’m wearing is a 12, and I think I usually take a 12 in VB. It was a little snugger than usual in the shoulders, but I’m a bit heavier. I also think this jacket is thicker and more structured than the other VB jackets I’ve tried on. I usually find VB a boxier fit, especially compared to Smythe. This one feels more crisp and structured. The blazer is a lined jacket with an inner fabric layer to provide structure, like traditional suiting. 

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Bearfoot Dreams is the quintessential #NSALE purchase. It’s a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale best seller! I first tried on my usual circle cardigan, and I liked it, but it’s something I can pass on now. Then I tried this new cardigan style, and I like it much more. It’s a thinner, lighter-weight material and way stretchier. I thought the BF dreams circle cardigan couldn’t be any better, but this one is on my wish list. 

Fit Notes:

The darker color is my TTS L. I need an XL in that style now to accommodate washer/dryer shrinking. The new cardigan in the upper pictures is a size M. It’s a much looser fit. If I order it online, I will probably order an L in the darker color, but the M felt good. I’m not sure how helpful that is, but I just er on the side of looser these days. 

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And More stylish walking shoes for travel from the Nordstrom Canada Anniversary Sale

Nothing beats a low heel boot.It’s the perfect stylish walking shoes for travel.  Especially a versatile one like this that you can pair with skirts or jeans. 

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How beautiful are these moto-inspired boots? I loved the cognac color especially.
I was wearing the worst style of pants possible to try these boots. Envision them with skinny jeans tucked into the boot. Alternatively. You could wear boyfriend jeans with hems cuffed and a few inches of leg visible. 

Fit Notes:

Thanks to the elastic back Stuart Weitzman uses in many of their boot styles, easy on and off. They are a generous TTS. TTS gives room for thicker socks and insoles.

These are a taller heeled stylish walking shoes for travel. They aren’t the heel height I would personally wear but if you are used to heels, these are perfect walkable heels. 

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Blondo boots are by far the best-valued shoes of the NSALE, and even at a total price, they are fantastic value. They are high-quality leather shoes meant as ‘all weather.’ These shoes are durable and comfortable.  

Every shoe they have in the sale is around $100-$150.

I have a couple of pairs of Blondo shoes I’ve purchased in previous NSALES, and they are going strong. They are the shoes I wear when I want a dressy shoe that I can wear in slush, rain, or snow. 

These are ‘walkable’ heels, which are also hard to find. If you buy these, I love this brown color. You can see the design details better in this color, and the gold-colored hardware pops. 

Fit Notes:

TTS 9. Has room for socks. 

These are the best Fall/Winter stylish walking shoes for travel since they are indestructible in slush and snow. The low heel and easy on-off make them my number one boot for travel. 

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The Bait-and-Switch fiasco shoes. La Canadienne is a fashion-forward winter boots brand. They endure Canadian winters. 

I’ve wanted a pull Chelsea-style boot, and these fit the bill for me. I wanted to try them on to see if they gave me the bunched-up cankle look, but they are nice and sleek in the ankle area. Nice and slim, even when walking. 

I will most likely order these, but now I’m waiting for the original NSALE boots I ordered from the US sale to come in so I can compare. They’ve arrived; I have to pick them up from my P.o. box. Those were more expensive, so I think I’ll prefer this pair. 

Fit Notes:

A roomy TTS 9. Feet don’t slide around but there is room for my toes to spread. 

So tell me, are you guys into the Stylish Equestrian theme from the NSALE this year? Did you order the Stylish Equestrian blazer? 
I hope you all got a chance to at least try on my favourite Stylsh sneakers. They will be featured a ton on the blog this year. I ended up ordering them in the caramel color and black and they are the first items I tore the tags off right away. 

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Kate427355 July 14, 2022 - 9:25 pm

The plaid blazer is stunning on you! Love it! Glad you bought that!

Cristina July 15, 2022 - 1:36 pm

Thank you so much Kate!! I can’t believe I managed to find it in my size.

Bootsgirl July 15, 2022 - 4:51 pm

I own La Canadienne boots and they are by far my favourite. Made in Montreal, I believe and excellent quality which justifies the price. They are good in the snow, slush and anything you throw at them. Stylish and functional. This is a great sale price for them. I order my usual size.

Cristina July 15, 2022 - 6:37 pm

Thanks so much!! I think I’m going to pull the trigger on them tonight. I really loved the chelsea boot style.

Stacy July 16, 2022 - 4:18 pm

I’ve had that same bait and switch happen to me during the Anniversary sale. One pair of the wrong shoes is a mistake, but multiple pairs is a scam IMO. A friend who used to work in the purse department told me once that they do ‘t really earn much commission on sale items, so I could see someone trying to slip in a few non-sale items during a big sale. They probably figure since the Anniversary sale can be hectic and there’s a pressure to buy now and think later when there are a crowd of people shopping the same stuff. I’m glad you realized it and didn’t get caught up in it. I hope you get the ones that were on sale! They are super cute in your pics!!

I love the blazers. I’m not a blazer person usually, but the Smythe ones are really cute this year. I ended up getting the AG jeans. They are so flattering on you. I’m supposed to pick them up later. I hope I got the right size! I ended up sixing down. My TTS was sold out, but with so many saying they stretch, I decided to try it. Fingers crossed!!


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