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When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for 2022?

by Cristina

Everything you need to know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in 2022 - For Canadian and American shoppers!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! Well, it is for those of you in the US with Early Access (July 6 for Icons and July 7th for Ambassador status)

nordstrom anniversary sale dates to know

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates Canada: Sale starts Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts July 14 for Ambassadors and July 15th for all shoppers. I have a quick guide at the bottom of this post with all the dates you need to know for the 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Am I an American shopper this year, or Canadian? 

I haven’t decided yet if I’m shopping the US sale or the Canada sale. Pre-pandemic I would shop the Anniversary Sale in the US, and get my top must have items, or items not available in Canada. I’ve been covering the Anniversary Sale here on The Sweat Edit since 2010, and loved hopping over to Seattle or Portland for this event.  Travelling to Seattle in the summer for the Anniversary Sale was a summer event I looked forward to all year, right along with Seawheeze (RIP Seawheeze 😔 ).

Is the Anniversary Sale still good this year? 

It still doesn’t feel like the Anniversary Sale is fully back to regular splendour. The sale itself and the offerings are  downscaled quite a bit. That’s a sign of the times with most retailers having supply chain issues, reduced work forces and having to make economical choices. Nordstrom has also downscaled how they work with influencers which is disappointing, but understandable.

Canadian issues with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Another issue specific to Canadian bloggers this year is that recently, Nordstrom partitioned their US and Canadian sites. Canadians are geo blocked from accessing the US site and can no longer use borderfree to ship US items into Canada. Without a VPN it’s hard to even view the US sale. This is probably the biggest disappointment to me.

Is it even worth it this year? 

Regardless of all of the grumbles, Nordstrom has selected some great new brands this year for the sale. While I’m sad to see some old favourites go, I’m excited about some of these new brands. And as always, Nordstrom has the evergreen items available that I look for every year.

What I’m sharing from the NSALE this year

Here is the first instalment of my top Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks. Today I’m focused on my very top pick. An item I already own and wanted to highly recommend to you guys.

I also have the first outfit look I picked out. This outfit is most ‘me’. Casual – Sporty – Edgy – with a touch of feminine. As always, we have a pair of my favourite jeans, and really great boots in the outfit.


Great Jones - The Dutches 6.75 Quart Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven + Set of 2 Blueberry Holly Sheet Pans

I was shocked and so excited to see Great Jones available in the Anniversary Sale this year. This is such a niche brand of cookwear but it’s so special. 3-4 years ago I feel in love with this dutch oven ‘The Dutchess” which I saw in some magazine (probably Oprah). It quickly went on my Christmas Wish List. It’s not available in Canada, and they won’t ship to us so it was a total PITA to add it to my list. My amazing mother in law managed find one and she bought it for me as well as the matching sheet pan. This is heirloom level special. 

You need this Great Jones Dutch Oven from the Anniversary Sale

This dutch oven is used almost every single day in my kitchen and it’s so well loved. I have a Le Creuset dutch oven as well. I love that one too. But THIS one is my treasure. It’s shape is ideal for braising meats, baking sourdough bread in the oven, or making the largest batches of soup. It just seems to fit more, and fit odd shaped things so much better. The wider shape means a more even heat distribution. 

Why The Dutchess from Great Jones is the best

I love the look of it and dare I say… I think the quality is better than Le Creuset. Even despite the large price difference. With the Anniversary Sale pricing, this is a no brainer. As I mentioned above, this is heirloom quality in my family. Because I have two daughters, I need to get a second Dutchess. lol! clearly! The sheet pans come in a set of two which is fantastic. My Blueberry Holly Sheet Pan is the best sheet pan I own. All my other sheet pans are absolute crap so I can’t fairly compare it in quality to ‘good brands’, but I really like it. Aesthetically, and quality wise. 

The picture shown here above shows The Dutchess cooking my favourite soup recipe. I actually photographed that recipe just in case I wanted to share it on the blog one day. It’s not a summer recipe so if you guys are interested, I’ll share it here closer to fall. 

Shop my favourite cookwear brand Great Jones at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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My outfit must haves from the sale - Jeans + Boots + Jacket

If you’ve been following my NSALE content from the beginning  (circa 2010), you know I have my yearly favourites. #1 is a great pair of jeans in my favourite brand. Actually, I think I only ever buy jeans during the NSALE.

The jeans that haunted me since last year

I wanted this pair of jeans  year but Canada didn’t actually get it. It was technically available here, but in the very moment the sale went live,  all sizes where sold out. These jeans never made it to any store in Canada, so I was suspicious that it was on the site but not actually available. 

The combat boots of my dreams

I love boots, and this year I especially love combat boots. This is a gorgeous pair of combat boots by AllSaints. I’ve never owned AllSaint Shoes before but I know they are on par in quality with my favourite brand Vince. These AllSaint Boots are made of cow leather, goat leather, and made in Portugal. 🤌😘

I searched photos of them to see real life photos and I am lusting hard for them.  If I must only get one clothing item this year (and I must only) it’s going to be a tough choice between jeans I need and these shoes I really really want.

Stay tuned for amazing coats and jackets this sale

There are several amazing jackets in the sale this year. You’ll see them a bit later in my next post. This is a category that Nordstrom went ALL OUT on this year. Those coats are truly ‘wish list’ pieces. I would definitely be considering the splurge if I was shopping for an investment coat this year but that’s not on my list. Such a shame since there is one particular jacket I’m especially smitten with.  

I was excited about this cute little casual jacket. It’s such a laid back sporty look which i think works well with the combat boots and jeans. 

Feminine tops and cute bags of course 

This sweet little feminine top is perfect for casual date nights. This is one I definitely want to try on. 

I’m also excited to see this duffel bag in the sale. I’m not sure if Canada will get this in but I have been wanting to check this brand out for so long. 

These gorgeous combat boots

Shop these boots here

This travel bag for my next trip

Shop it here

Jeans in the perfect relaxed cut

Shop these jeans here

Feminine and casual date night top

Shop here

Chic jacket

Shop this jacket in black or tan

nsale 2022

Shop this look from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale here

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Stay tuned for more Nordstrom Anniversary Sale looks I’ve pulled together. Let me know what you have on your wish list for this sale, and how you plan to shop this year. 

Your Guide To nordstrom anniversary sale dates for both US and Canada


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Anonymous July 6, 2022 - 5:49 am

re; the geo blocking… weird. i’m able to see the US site just fine in Canada!! (i just change the country at the bottom from Canada to USA). Maybe i;m lucky though.

Cristina July 6, 2022 - 11:51 am

Have you tried the app as well? The app is usually where it hangs up for me. Can only view Canada on the app, and then if i go to safari it will only allow me to see the Canadian site. I have to constantly clear my cache. also, when I do view the US site it won’t allow me to log in to my account which is a US Nordstrom card.

Anonymous July 6, 2022 - 12:47 pm

I use google chrome, i don’t have the nordstrom app. i’m able to login on the US site there too – i haven’t tried buying stuff though. maybe its a safari thing?


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