Thursday, September 29, 2022

Essential NYC Marathon runner accessories training list: the best lululemon running gear

by Cristina

Planning out your marathon training with lululemon running gear essentials.

Are you lululemon running gear ready? Maybe your Seawheeze shorts from 2021? I’ve put together a collection of my favorite running gear items. Items you need to keep you feeling comfortable, and looking good. Especially as some of you start planning out NYC Marathon training. Always in lululemon run shorts of course. And, ready to take on the marathon training you’ve been thinking about. Sadly it doesn’t look like Seawheeze 2022 is happening. But I’m still going to hope for a seawheeze collection
Seeing the BMO race day pictures on my facebook feed this past week has inspired me so much. To be honest, I’ve been feeling a little bit jealous in my self inflicted winter couch potato mood. On the positive side, I’ve been itching to start back running.  

Motivation hack! Putting on my lulu running belt inspires me to run.

Wearing my favourite running shorts, and lacing up lululemon running shoes makes me feel pumped. That’s the first step to getting off the couch. Clipping on that lululemon run belt seals the deal. 
Reminiscing about how much fun Seawheeze is, I’m missing it. Half Marathons are always great energy but the Seawheeze energy is something special. If only it they could bottle it up and sell it online. That’s called the endorphin-dopamine one-two punch.
Even if you’re running for fun and not training for a marathon, these are essential running items. I’ve relied on all these for seawheeze training. Especially that lululemon running belt and the running hat. That running belt has been the best stash pocket I’ve tried. As a matter of fact, you can pair the belt with lululemon running leggings with pockets for extra storage. You could take your makeup bag with you!

As you can see, my list covers everything you could need.  For example, the best lululemon leggings for running. And the ultra-comfy lululemon run times bra. Even underwear thats perfect for runners! There’s something here for everyone. By the time you try these items,  you will be well on your way.  With this in mind, you will probably sign up for an even  longer distance than you had planned to run.

lululemon running gear essentials
A running belt without bounce
Supportive running bra
A visor or run hat
Hydration and storage vest
chafe-free underwear
Comfortable shorts
Compression socks
These running shes
And these brightly colored shoes
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seawheeze 2021 shorts - seawheeze collection -lululemon running gear essentials
seawheeze has been cancelled

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