Thursday, September 29, 2022

5 reasons why you should get a lululemon wallet

by Cristina

1. The reason you need a lululemon wallet? Because It’s safer!

Everyone knows I love my luxury handbags and SLG’s but I definitely don’t want to leave one in a gym locker. I’m always scrambling for somewhere to hide my valuables, such as under a towel.  I hate having my fancy wallets with me at the pool or beach. Simpler wallets provide what I need for those days. Usually I need my cards with me but don’t want to bring my fancy wallets or handbags. A lululemon gift card holder was my old standby. Now, I’m loving my little lululemon True Identity Card Case.

lululemon Now and Always Pouch
5 reasons why you should get a lululemon wallet - lululemon true identity card holder, now and always pouch, lululemon logo pouch, city adventurer backpack nano

2. Remember using a lululemon gift card holder as your coin wallet? This is your upgrade.

Do you remember the little red pouches lululemon gave customers with gift card purchases? Didn’t we love those so much? My collection of them was well loved, and then lululemon discontinued them. The last one wore out long ago. Realizing how very functional they were, I always hoped lululemon would bring them back or design a wallet. 

3.Use a lululemon coin pouch to protect your luxury wallets.

Putting dirty coins in your nice leather wallet is so nasty. There is no quicker path to gross and grimy leather. My solution to this used to be using lululemon’s gift cardholders. After discontinuing the gift card holders, I started using a little zip lock bag in its place. Not cute!

4. Because the true identity card case from lululemon is the ideal gym pass wallet.

This little wallet holds a gym pass, swim punch cards, and community centre swipe cards. My daughter loves hers for her bus pass and school ID card. Cute functionality is my kryptonite. They are also such cute little gifts for friends

the luluelmon true identity card case in multiple colors still available. 

5. A cute wallet lululemon style will match your cute lululemon purse or lululemon fanny pack

Of course, you need a little purse and wallet set from lululemon. Or a lululemon belt bag and wallet set. Besides completing an adorable activewear outfit, the functionality combo of the duo will make life so much easier for to-and-from errands and the gym. And if that idea wasn’t tempting enough for you, I’m also suggesting you may need a lululemon keychain like this one

all night festival bag micro - lululemon belt bag - lululemon purse
all night festival bag micro - lululemon belt bag - lululemon purse
lululemon city street card case - lululemon card case

You can shop lululemon’s wallet collection right here

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Anonymous May 3, 2022 - 5:31 pm

Thanks for this helpful post! What’s the black card wallet called in your last photo? I searched all over the US Lululemon website and can’t find it, but perhaps if I have the name, I can still locate one.

Have you seen the Sherpa nano backpacks in the model photos? They’re super cute! I hope we’ll be able to get them one day!

Cristina May 3, 2022 - 7:01 pm

Hi, so sorry about that. It’s the Now and Always Pouch. I didn’t realize I had the wrong link in there. Yes I love all the sherpa accessories. so adorable!


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