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About The Sweat Edit

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How It All Started

In 2010, awake in the middle of the night nursing my newborn baby, I began this blog on a whim.

I was ready to get back to working out and feeling normal and more myself again. While on my quest for inspiration, Google landed me on ‘what to wear running.’  Even deeper down that rabbit hole, I discovered the lululemon Facebook page, where I found my community. Thousands of women like me, who love lululemon, want to know how to get fit!

Everyone was discussing anything tangentially related to lululemon and working out, night after night, with the same familiar faces. Finally, after a few nights of participating in lively discussions during middle-of-the-night nursing marathons, I got the idea.

I got to work building this website (Formerly lulumum), and before I knew it, the conversation about what’s dropping today in the lululemon upload’ was happening on this website. So many of those original community members are still here today!

Who We Are Today

Though The Sweat Edit has grown into a lifestyle and fashion destination, its core values remain the same. We are a community of women who share a passion for fitness and active living. We explore fashion and style together, we inspire each-other, and we commit to wellness and health. This value informs every aspect of how we express ourselves in our daily lives. 

About The Sweat Edit
The Sweat Edit

About The Sweat Edit

The Sweat Edit is the daily destination for women who want to feel and look their best. A platform for the driven woman to aspire & inspire each other, and connect to female community.

Here we cover fitness, fashion and wellness. With a culturally informed voice, and a finger on the pulse of society. The Sweat Edit gives women the content we crave.

TSE is a fun, informative site full of info about living your life looking and feeling awesome.