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Finding Bras That Fit | Need a Bra for Larger Bust sizes? These 5 Polish Bras will change your life

by Cristina

If you struggle to find a bra that fits for larger bust sizes, you need to try Polish Bras. They are designed in such a way that they lift and separate the breast, and provide the most flattering forward projection. Find out the best Polish Bra brands that are available in the US and Canada. My list of where to find Polish bras in US and Canada is at the bottom of this post.

the 5 best bras from Poland: The Best Polish Bras

Polish Bras - Discovering the perfect bra for my new size - 34E!

Recently I discovered Polish Bras during my most recent professional bra fitting. On gaining weight, my bras were no longer fitting correctly, so I needed new ones anyway. A professional bra fitting is essential to find the perfect fit, which I’ve written about before [here]

The boutique I go to for fittings now has a variety of Polish brands. These bras were unlike any other – they seemed so intriguing! And upon trying them on- they fit like they were made just for me. I’ve never tried on a bra before with no padding, that gave me such a projected shape! 

It became immediately apparent just how special they are; They are flawless lingerie pieces designed for women like me who need something supportive but still luxurious in design. You’ll never want to wear anything else again!

Discovering I’m now a size 34E felt daunting – how do I even know what bras to buy? I felt that way until I put one of these perfect lingerie sets on. The bras where perfect! They did take some getting used to as the band was snug, and the gore fit firmly against my chest. For the first two days I had a bit of an ache in my breasts which where adjusting to sitting up higher. My back and neck felt so much relief though!

As a result of discovering these fabulous bras from Poland, I went down an internet rabbit hole researching the different brands and understanding what made them so special. Where to find Polish bras in the US and Canada was another task to research, as they aren’t commonly available. As a result, I’ve now amassed the perfect number of bras for every outfit, in my new bra size, all from Polish brands.

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Polish Bras: The Lingerie Industry and Fast Fashion North America Brands

In the former Soviet Union, Poland was the center of undergarment production for the entire USSR. The lingerie industry developed in Poland as a result of its roots in the USSR. Under the former communist regime, the initiative was subsidized by the government without being influenced by corporate interests. Because of an abundance of highly skilled workers and the capacity to produce garments at scale for the entire Soviet Union, the level of craftsmanship was exceptional. The Soviet Union collapse gave many workers the opportunity to take over factory spaces and start their own businesses. Poland is close to Spain and Italy, which provide high-quality textiles like lace. Bras are designed for narrow projected breast shapes, common in Europe, with narrow, closer-set, deep cups. 

How other popular lingerie brands manufacture bras for our market

Typically, bra manufacturers make bras for Americans in a minimal size range, with little representation of a correct bra for larger bust size. A D cup is considered large in our market, but in truth, a true D is a small breast size. 34 DD is the average breast size in the US, according to bra sales (not according to true size). Bras designed for larger busts are just nonexistent! 

They manufacture in China with the ‘fast fashion’ business model. Quickly, cheaply, and disposably. They prioritize economy of scale over perfect fit. 

Bras for the North American market have cups that are wider but shallower to compensate for a smaller size range. Each size range increases uniformly; so does the ratio increase between the cup and band size. These bras will seem to fit well enough—loose bands, breasts covered by cups—but they do nothing about the actual purpose of a bra.

Instead, a well-made bra supports and lifts you, removing the strain from your neck and shoulders. In addition, it should provide a flattering, natural-looking yet projected breast shape. 

Polish lingerie designers scale the sizing differently, too!

This narrowing range of sizes has made life difficult for many women, who find themselves wearing the wrong size. It’s especially true for those with larger busts; most often, it’s a band that is too loose or stretchy and cups that are too small on them. In addition, there isn’t enough support in the bra band- forcing the wearer’s shoulders to shoulder all this weight themselves instead. This issue affects women of all sizes and shapes. 

And when a better fit becomes unobtainable thanks to the shorter size ranges, it can be very frustrating indeed.

You can see the unique design of the narrower cup shape here, and the cup construction which creates the lift and projection.The bottom of the cups are constructed with firm, non stretch mesh which creates lift. The top of the cups are a softer, stretchy mesh and lace which follows your contours. The underwire is a narrow U shape that comes up higher in the underarm area, scooping in breast tissue that migrates outward.

bra that fits -bra construction of Polish bra brands - bra that fits
bra that fits - bra that fits plus size women- bra construction of Polish bra brands - bra for larger bust size

Why we aren’t wearing bras that fit well

Basically, we are accustomed to the feel of looser bra bands because that is all we know.  We don’t realize we have a fit problem—women wearing the wrong-sized bra for larger bust size experience chronic neck and back pain. Or, many of us dislike the shape of our breasts in our clothes. We equate a stretchy loose fitting bra with comfort. 

When we experience chronic neck and back pain, we are more willing to blame our bodies. We blame ‘Too large breasts’ for back issues. We call them ‘unruly’, and we fight with our shapes. Narrow projected breast shapes are fairly common in North America just as in Europe. 

Rarely do we realize the problem is simply a lousy bra or an incorrect size. The right bra for larger bust sizes is the key!

Fast Fashion Short Cuts vs. High Quality Fabrics and Expert Hand Sewing​

Another way brands cut costs is in cup design. They use fewer seams in the cups. That seam detailing is what builds depth: four vertical seams and a horizontal seam to construct a 3-dimensional shape, stabilized with firm knitwear

Instead, these brands make molded cups with bonded seams out of laser-cut fabrics. Less time with seamstresses means a quicker turnaround. In addition, the molded cups and padding compensate for shape and volume to create a one-size fits many push-up bra effect.

The VS ‘Push-Up Bra’ and T-Shirt Bras

Remember, larger busts need more projected cups for support and smaller band sizes! Cutting corners usually begins with fabric choices (they use cheaper fabrics) or cutting out cup seams entirely – resulting in less detailed designs.The trade-off here is a cheaply made bra with poorly constructed cups without seam details, and no support or lift. They are over-padded with foam, relying solely on molding techniques to create the appearance of fullness and lift. The push-up effect! We are not used to seeing breasts with natural shapes anymore. 

Polish designers are simply continuing on in the traditional way of crafting bras for larger breast sizes. 

These same cost constraints don’t restrict Polish designers who where able to take over factory operations. Instead, they focus on garment engineering and tailoring on a smaller scale. For example, they work to make bras that properly fit by creating a bra design that lifts and separates the bust, and keep the breasts within the contours of the body. In addition, they have ready access to high-quality fabrics and elastic from Spain and Italy. Another aspect I love about Polish Bras? The business are owned by women, who are artisans and passionate about the craft. 

This is what a fast fashion bra looks like. You can even see that the model on the right is wearing a bra with cups that are far too small. The gore of the bra isn’t laying flat against her chest!

this is not a bra that fits - bra that fits plus size women- bad fast fashion bras that fit incorrectly -bra that fits -

Where to Buy the Top 5 Polish Bras in US and Canada If You Need a Bra For Larger Bust Sizes

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The Top 5 Polish Bra Brands

This is the brand I have and it’s the most well known brand coming out of Poland.

Comexim is another very well known brand and is also available in Canada.

I have my eye on a Gaia bra from a local bra boutique. It’s a beautiful bra with lower coverage. I’ll update with my thoughts once I’ve tried it.

This is another popular brand amongst North American shoppers.

  • Avocado

This is a third brand on my list of ’must-try’. She carries the most feminine and fashion forward designs.

You can find these brands at these retailers, order directly from the manufacturer, or, find them on eBay!

Here is Where to find Polish bras in the US and in Canada.

I purchased mine from Forever Yours Lingerie in Vancouver, dirrectly from Ewa Michalak, and from SFYS in Ontario

Ordering directly from the manufacturer was a bit nerve racking, but I googled the price conversions and they where very affordable. Once all was said and done, the cost of shipping directly with shipping cost + duties, the bras where about the same price as boutiques. It did take some patience though, I believe it took 3 weeks to arrive.

Where to find Polish Bras in The US and Canada

Forever Yours Lingerie

By far my favourite Canadian lingerie boutique and one that is very close to where I live. She delivers all over the world and has a huge variety of brands. This is the place to go in Vancouver for bra for larger bust sizes, which is their expertise!The Professional Bra fitting service here is bar-non the best I’ve ever experienced, and if you are local I highly recommend it.

Secrets From Your Sister

I ordered a bra from this Ontario boutique and I was pleased that the shipping was super easy. She carried a style I really wanted to try in the Ewa Michalak brand that wasn’t available at the local boutique.

Broad Lingerie

Another Canadian store which carries a few styles.

Levana Bratique

This is the go-to online retailer from the US which carries a huge selection of Ewa Michalak bras.

Breakout Bras

This retailer sells the Comexim brand in many different styles.


Now that I know my correct fit in Polish Brands, I feel confident ordering off eBay, which has a great variety of bras.


A great resource for finding multiple Polish brands in one place

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A Note On Polish Bra Fitting

Polish Bra fitting is different from North American Bra fitting, so establish your correct size using this method if you cannot get sized at a boutique that carries these brands. Here is a good resource to find your correct bra size, with a video you can watch + a bra size calculator.

bras that fit well - bras for plus size women - bra that fits - bra for larger bust size - bras that lift and separate -Where to find Polish bras in the US

These are the best bras for plus size women

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