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The Wool Coat + Statement Blazer Edit: The best things to buy from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale  

#NSALE Selfies | Best of 2022 Picks

by Cristina

One of the Best Things To Buy from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is an investment Wool or Cashmere coat. It will last you years!

Continuing on with my Top Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 series we have my favourite category of all. Wool Coats + Statement Blazers. This is the best place to splurge during the sale. I know some of you already splurged on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Reiss Coat.

 A great wool or cashmere coat is really an investment and something that will last you years. Additionally, a quality statement blazer will elevate any outfit. 

 This years selections of wool and cashmere coats is truly impressive. I think I gasped when I first saw the Max Mara wool coat in that dreamy teal blue. 

The elusive Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Reiss Coat that many missed out on

The hottest Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 Picks this year has to be the Reiss Coat which sold out immediately, and the stunning Max Mara coat which I believe also sold out shortly after.

How to pick the best wool coat I can afford to invest in? 

There are really so many to choose from in every price range this year.  This post serves as inspiration for you. The main thing you should look for is the fabric composition. I would stick to wool or cashmere, either 100% or blended with high ratio of wool. Any other fabric will not drape, or wear well over years. 

I’ve seen higher priced coats in this sale that are 50% wool/50% polyester and others that are sub $200 and are 100% wool. Always go for the higher wool content. When you have a higher polyester content, you will get pilling under any area of friction (under arms and sides, around the belt area, on the seat). That high poly coat is a one trick pony because it will not drape well and will look really worn down pretty quickly.  It also won’t be great at temperature regulating. 

You need to decide what length of coat suits your body type the best. For me, a very long coat swallows me up. Ideally a wool coat will hit me either above the knee at mid thigh, or just bellow. 

You also want to decide what button and collar style frames your face the best. I like a slightly wider lapel and I prefer single breasted. 

The Reiss Coat Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 was the first item I heard that had sold out during this sale. 

The best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale wool coats this year are selling out fast. Because they are MAGNIFICENT!

The Fleurette Wool Coat Lineup is splendid. So many options! This is an under the radar brand but I promise you it is understated luxury.

I was thrilled to see a couple of brands in the sale this year which I’m not sure I’ve seen at the NSALE before. Max Mara is the pinnacle of wool coat brands, and Fleurette is a lesser known luxury brand with very high quality construction and fabrics. 

The Fleurette coats are made in the US with the most luxurious wools imported from Italy. My Fleurette Coat seen here is made of Loro Piana 100% wool. That Loro Piana tag (shown below) is definitely something to look for in wool coats or suiting. 

Loro Piana is an Italian brand that sells their own line of outerwear, but they also sell their fine wool fabrics to other luxury brands. I got this Fleurette coat years ago for a steal.  I had been hunting for one in just the right cut and color, for the right price. Finally I found it and it is perfection. The wool on this coat is silky soft and has the most beautiful sheen. 

Why this wool coat silhouette works well for me:

As you can see here, the length of this coat hits in the ideal spot for my height. The lapels frame me but aren’t so large that they overwhelm or add bulk. Three button single breasted is the perfect streamlined shape for my body type. I have to be careful with coat silhouettes since I am a stockier shape – certain overcoats can overwhelm my body or look too frumpy, and add volume. 

Best Things To Buy from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Here are the Best Things To Buy from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Reiss Coat
Reiss Wool Coat
Max Mara Wool Coat
Fleurette Wool Coat

Shop the best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Coats here:

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The best wool coats under $200 from the NSALE

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Statement Blazers from Veronica Beard, Smythe and L’Agence

I’m a very casual dresser but I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good statement blazer (like this one!). Heck, I would even pair a statement blazer with an upscale pair of joggers and the right pair of shoes. Maybe a slide on loafer.

I think I love blazers so much because they add structure in a way that my casually inclined outfits need in order to feel ‘pulled together’ and intentional. It helps frame my outfits. I also find them the opposite of uptight formal – they can be just as edgy as any leather coat. Depending how you wear it of course. 

My rules for wearing blazers informally are as follows:

Buy Blazers that make visual impact. Embrace the statement colors and patterns!

My favourites are blazers by Veronica Beard and Canadian brand Smythe. Of these two brands, Smyth has the more edgy statement prints. The cut of their blazers are focused on femininity with princess seaming in the back. Veronica Beard blazers are usually more oversized, sometimes boxier fits. VB has a really great shoulder padding in just about all of their jackets that is very flattering. 

Find unique designs, or feminine silhouettes

Smythe is know for their very unique Dutchess Blazer with the cut out notch in the back and princess seaming. It’s the most flattering, sexy blazer style. Veronica Beard Blazers have zip in dickies that you can mix and match to get a layered look. One of their greatest designs is the blazer with a zip in sweatshirt dickie. You get the look of layering over a sweatshirt, without actually having to wear a sweatshirt. 

Rolled up your sleeves if it feels to formal or stuffy. 

A rolled up sleeve on a blazer is a classic laid back look. Not all blazer sleeves can roll up. You need to find ones that have what’s called  ‘Surgeons Cuffs’ or ‘Placket’. This just means the cuffs have been finished by adding an overlapped opening with buttons that can be undone. 

Pair them with graphic or plain tshirts. Or whatever. 

Seriously. Wear a blazer over any top, no matter how casual. Wear it over a thin sweatshirt. I guarantee you that at least 50% of your tshirts or sweatshirts will work under a blazer. You just need to experiment and see what works. And pair it with a nice pair of shoes of course, or the ubiquitous white sneaker. Like this one from the NSALE.

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Statement Blazers under $150 from the NSALE

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Shopping for shoes? You should check out my post on the best shoes from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which includes these pretty Paul Green Booties I’m showing you here. 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Smythe Blazer almost identical to this older version I got a few years ago in the NSALE

This is another Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Smythe Blazer from a few years ago. It’s the Smythe Birken Blazer. which is available again this year. This is a  Smythe style I love, and this year the same cut is available in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale only it’s a slightly different print. 

If my recommendations are helpful to you and you decide to make a purchase based on my shopping guide, I am most grateful if you shop through the affiliate links on my blog. The Sweat Edit earns a commission based on referrals through outbound affiliate links. This monetization allows me to hire writers. It is my dream to grow The Sweat Edit into a team of full-time writers ❤️

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