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New Favorite Alert: cool retro sneakers | Rag & Bone Retro Sneakers

The coolest retro sneakers for Fall 2022

by Cristina

Trust me, you need these Rag and Bone Retro Sneakers in multiple colors for Fall 2022

Rag and Bone Retro Sneakers are the coolest sneakers for Fall 2022. They are the perfect travel and work shoe to elevate the most casual outfit. The coolest retro sneaker style will be the one I pack for my trip to Spain this Fall 2022. 

The cool new Rag and Bone Retro Sneakers you need for Fall 2022

These are the absolute coolest retro sneaker style shoes for travelling, work, or to elevate your style. If you are shopping for stylish sneakers that you can wear to work, or for travel, these are the ones. And they are on sale right now! Do you feel limited with options of stylish sneakers with good arch support? These fit my Birkenstock orthotics perfectly. The retro running shoe style is huge for 2022 and I have no doubt this is the very best iteration of the trend. 

The cool new retro sneakers you are going to need for Fall 2022

Run, don’t walk. These are the coolest retro sneakers I have ever seen. They are almost sold out at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. You’re my frens, so I needed to alert you immediately. Shop them here (CAN) and here (US). And I’ll be back shortly with a full blog post review on these beautiful Rag&Bone Retro Sneakers (Rag&Bone Retro Runner) and some much better mod shot photos. SO good I ordered them in two colors! I have the delicious camel orange color coming as well. I originally showed them to you here in the big NSALE 2022 Try-On post in the color Tobacco Suede. 

Before I carry on, do not size up! Get your TTS as they do run slightly long according to reviews. 

Shop the Rag and Bone Retro Sneaker while they’re on sale!


I’m so sorry.. I just checked and the US is fully sold out 9.5 just restocked! Save them to your wish list though because this year Nordstrom is sending out alerts when wish list items come back in stock. Otherwise, Rag & Bone has this really pretty color on their website, and Nordstrom has these colors on sale (Not part of  NSALE) right now and they are actually priced even lower because they are not suede. 

Canada still has inventory, but it’s moving fast today! 

The coolest retro sneaker style for travel works just as well with my ultra casual joggers. These are my favourite Vuori Joggers and the sneakers really elevate them. These stylish sneakers will pair beautifully with my dressiest jeans and my coolest blazers

How do the Rag&Bone retro runners fit?

These are my TTS 9 and they are the perfect fit. A lot of reviews on line are saying that they run large. They are slightly larger but this accommodates my inserts really well. My foot isn’t sliding around because they are secured in place with the curved footbed. they are narrow in most of the foot, and then the toe box has a bit of extra width to it which I think contributes to the extra room. 

I have pretty narrow feet but my toe area is a little wider than the rest of my foot so these don’t fit ‘big’ on me. They fit a nice, roomy, just right. 

I love the retro running shoe style details on these shoes from the shape of the ridged soles that wrap around back, to the rubber stripe design. The aesthetics of these running shoes are the perfect graphic impact for any outfit. The Rag&Bone Retro Runners ore retro done right!

This leather running shoe is very high quality. The outer shoe is full suede, and lined on the inside with supple leather. The insole is foam to provide support and extra cushioning. The quality of the suede is divine. Nice and plush, and soft. The black pair and the tobacco are my favourite colors in Rag&Bone Retro Runners. The blue pair is also very beautiful but I don’t think they where ever available in Canada.  

Search no more for stylish sneakers with good arch support.

Finding stylish sneakers with great arch support is a tough task, so I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot.

Usually the styles with the best arch support are not the most elegant, and they don’t have the right ‘cool’ sneaker aesthetic. 

I was so pleased with the comfort of theses shoes. They feel really comfortable and supportive while walking around and have a lot of cushion. The insole is a nice cushy foam that comes up the side of the shoe to hold your foot in place. I love my Birkenstocks for this detail too. The curved insole really keeps your heel supported. 

I need very firm arch support so I checked to see if i could pull the insoles out to replace them with my blue Birkenstock arch support inserts. While the insoles do not seem to come out, the orthotic fit inside overtop very easily and didn’t make the shoe feel tight. I actually prefer this because it allows me to keep that nice curved insole detail that adds extra comfort. 


I love all the sneaker aesthetic details

Besides having the most luxurious suede, this shoe is really elevated by all the design features. The tall pull tab at the back, the wedged heel with spiked treads that wrap up the back heel, the label at the tongue. It’s all perfect. They are really unique and that’s what makes them so cool. They are also nicely slimming on the feet. Don’t ask me why some shoes make your feet look slim, or why that matters, but these do. 

Please excuse Zelda. She is suspicious of anything new that doesn’t belong in her environment. She will take time to adjust to a new pair of shoes in the house.

Shop my favourite retro running shoe style in all the colors

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