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Lululemon Legging Style Guide

lululemon align leggings - lululemon legging types - lululemon legging styles - lululemon legging guide
lululemon align leggings - lululemon legging types - lululemon legging styles - lululemon legging guide

A comprehensive lululemon legging and fabric style guide to answer my most frequently asked questions.

I get so many questions about lululemon fabrics and lululemon legging types that I decided to create this lululemon style guide. My aim is to help make legging shopping much easier for you. The lululemon style guide will answer all your questions about legging styles.  Answering questions such as what fabrics I recommend for specific situations, what legging is best for gym workouts, and what fabric stays up best. Furthermore, this lululemon guide will answer the most frequently asked questions. What lululemon maternity leggings are the best? What lululemon fabric doesn’t attract pet fur? And probably the most frequent question, what leggings are smoothing and compressive?

lululemon legging styles

1. lululemon align leggings

Lululemon’s best selling tight by far is the align tight,  their iconic legging style. Align tights are made from buttery soft nulu fabric which feels weightless and luxurious. These are the tights you want for yoga, or as a to/from legging that you can wear casually as your day to day wear. My favourite thing about the aligns besides them being sensory delights, is that they are matte, which makes them easy to wear outside of thee gym or yoga.

If you are looking for lululemon maternity wear, these are the tights for you. The high rise can be worn up over an expanding belly, and the light compression won’t dig in. 

Because of the soft buttery nature of nulu, these are the tights most likely to collect pet fur. 

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2. lululemon wunder train leggings

Lululemon Wunder Train leggings are my favourite workout tight of all time. I love that they are sleek and streamlined like the aligns, but the fabric is quick drying and feel weightless for workouts. I’ve worn them for heavy duty Crossfit and olympic weight lifting workouts, I’ve taken them on cold and wet kayaking trips and they never disappoint. 

Wunder Trains have a bit of compression to them which helps you feel more held in. These would also work as maternity leggings but they aren’t as stretchy as the Aligns tights and so it’s probably better for the first 3/4’s of maternity. 

This material collects the least amount of pet hair. 

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3. Instill High-Rise Tight

InStill Tights are similar to Align Tights in texture and softness, but they are a lot more compressive and the knit is tighter, so it is very smoothing. I love these tights but I find them a bit warm. I wear them mostly in the Fall/Winter, and early Spring. They perfectly marry the function of a strong workout tight like the wunder trains, with a cozy casual wear legging like the align tights. 

These also work well for maternity as long as you don’t mind compression. They would be great for the later months when your growing belly actually needs compression to hold it up, and relieve back pressure. 

The soft matte material is unfortunately a velcro for pet hair. 

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4. lululemon fast & free

If running tights are what you are after, the Fast & Free Tights are the way to go. They are made of lululemon nulux fabric, and have all the features you want for a running tight. Strategic pockets, sweat wicking, compressive, waistband that stays up and can be tied tighter. Nulux material will not attract pet fur. 

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lululemon leggings

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You can follow along the weekly lululemon upload posts here to see what lululemon leggings drop next.