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My Best Of 2017 Finds

My Best Of 2017 Finds

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi

2017 was a wild and unpredictable year for me and overall pretty awesome. I had no idea at the start of the new year in 2017 that after a peaceful winter and spring we would catapult into the chaos that is selling, buying and packing and unboxing a home, and then purchasing furniture for that new home. That’s sort of how these things happen though. We went to Las Vegas for our anniversary and spent a week there peacefully unaware that a week after arriving back home we would fall in love with a house enough to list our home for sale. Fortunately (but at that time, unfortunately) we lost that first house we fell in love with due to the crazy housing market, and we found another house to fall in love with which actually suits our family much better. We moved in September and these past few months I’ve been in a fog of settling in, painting and furnishing and turning an empty house into a home while still keeping pace with the rest of our lives.

Other major changes for me this year was a complete rebranding of Lulumum into The Sweat Edit, and a renewed and refreshed focus on blogging. I was scared TO DEATH of the leap into a different platform for my blog, and making the switch with my old content and everything that entails. I had years and years of content and work that I was so scared of losing, but in the end with the help of a very patient web developer, we moved everything over to this new home. There were a few hiccups with the physical move from to WordPress and google is still finding my old content and making the connection, but I think in the last two months those issues you guys helped me identify have been solved. I’m really glad I made the move, and the branding changes but I’m also glad I had the help I had because it was every bit as complicated as I worried it would be, and not nearly as expensive as I worried it would be.

One thing that unfortunately went to the wayside this year was my fitness routine. I loved and kept mostly consistent with my olympic weightlifting classes, but really lost momentum with my crossfit classes in July once the chaos of our move began. I expected that once I moved into our house in September that I’d be able to get back to my routine, but that just didn’t pan out thanks to constant roadblocks. I am nervous to start in January because it’s going to be a real ass kicking, but I am starting back 3x per week of crossfit + 2x Oly lifting.

Before I share my list of ‘best of 2017 purchases’, I have to say that the things I am most grateful this year are for the health and well being of my family and loved ones, and my health and well being. I am grateful that I have had another year with my senior dog (she’s 13!) and I hope I have a few more years with her, I’m grateful at the opportunities we’ve had and the experiences. I’m grateful for a happy home. I’m grateful for all of you and I hope that you have a wonderful year with many things to be grateful for.


Best Of 2017

Free People Ottoman Tunic

This was a sweater I had seen on a blogger and was immediately in love with the vibrant pink color. I had no clue on whether or not I’d like the material (it was mysterious, thick and nubby), or if it would be a flattering fit (it’s pretty large and sack-like), or if it would be way too hot to be practical. I ordered the pink and fell absolutely in love with it and then found the black one on sale so I purchased that one too. I’ve worn these darn sweaters so much this winter because it’s so comfortable and stylish. I probably wear them three times per week, and then also around the house when I’m lounging. This is my first Free People item and I am sure I will explore this brand much more this coming year.
Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic

Adidas Ultraboost Parley

This running shoe was a frivolous purchase because they aren’t specialized for Crossfit, and I can’t wear them to Olympic Weightlifting. They are my most favorite running shoe purchase of all time though. If you are going on vacation, and you need a really great running shoe to walk miles and miles in that will look really great with jeans, or leggings, this is your shoe. If you run 1-6 miles and don’t need ankle stability in a running shoe, these are perfect. I’ve worn these for travel and I’ve worn these for a crossfit style workout that didn’t involve barbel and they are just the most comfortable shoe ever. I have many running shoes but I always grab these to wear out the door.
Adidas Ultraboost


In Movement 7/8 Tight

I’ve made several Lululemon purchases this year but as I look back, not many of them are very remarkable or special (or they are wonderful items brought back from previous years in the exact same colors). I classify most of my Lululemon purchases this year as basics. Lots and lots of tights, a few swiftly tech LS’s and not much else. There have been years where I’ve had a favorite item for each month or a few per season, but this was such an odd year for Lululemon and an extremely odd winter season for them. I really liked the peony floral print that came out in the fall, and I sort of like nulux, and I like aligns but they are not durable at all. The stand out for me was the In Motion 7/8 Tight and In Motion Crop. I got the full length tight, and the crops in black and Aeon and I’ve worn them on rotation for Oly lifting. I love the material which doesn’t slide down on my like nulux does, I like that they are more matte than nulux, they don’t have strange long butt seam details.  I like the seam detailing down and across the legs, and the lack of mesh inserts. They are subtle, and functionally perfect, flattering and stylish enough for streetwear.
In Movement 7/8 Tight

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi

I don’t share luxury items on this blog and I’m sort of torn on whether to include such things here, but I did share these very magical princess shoes. They are my first pair of luxury shoes and I’m still so in love with them. I had a hard time choosing between a couple of pairs I looked at (but these where the winners for me and they were absolutely the right choice).

Manolo Blahnik


Diptyque Philosykos

I love perfumes and have a nice collection going. I wouldn’t say that I’m a monogamous perfume wearer though and I don’t have a signature scent. I wear certain fragrances for a season and then switch, or I switch between a few. I like to keep fragrances associated with specific things. For example, I wore Tom Ford Noir when we traveled to Paris and now I don’t wear it except for when I want to remember that trip. That scent is now eternally associated with that trip.  I am a huge fan of buying little purse spray bottles instead of full size even though the full size is more economical. Because I switch scents so much it would take me a very long time to finish a fragrance, and it’s cheap and cheerful to buy a little $30 spray. If I only ever purchased full size perfumes I wouldn’t discover as many different scents as I do.  My most recent find was this Diptyque Philosykos spray. I love figue fragrances but had only ever known them in candle or home scent form. This is such a summer scent but I wore this all fall and now I think of moving in to our new home with this scent. I’ve put it away for now because I do really want to wear it in the summer, but so far this is my favorite scent in my perfume collection.


Nike Dri Fit Knits

This year I discovered Nike’s amazing Dry Knit tanks and tees. These are comparable to Lululemon Swiftly, but it’s softer and thicker and more durable.  These also come in long sleeves, short sleeves and tanks and it’s an item they carry year round in different colors and patterns. I love how vibrant these are and the fun contrasting color combinations. I think these are the reason I haven’t made many Lululemon tops purchases.


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Athleta Powervita

Athleta isn’t very accessible to Canadians so my only opportunity to try new items from them is on our occasional trips to the US, or if I feel like ordering to my US PO box and paying the exchange rate. I took a chance on these though because of the color, and because they are a new material from Athleta called Powervita. Powervita is a lot like nulu but it’s thicker and more durable and so far these haven’t pilled on me at all. My align crops look absolutely hagard after a few wears so I’m not sure why this blend of similar fabric compostion (its just thicker and has more lycra) isn’t pilling in the same way.

Athleta Powervita

Barefoot Dreams Cardiga

I finally splurged on a barefoot dreams cardi this year after reading rave reviews of this brand every year during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sales. Although this is a very casual cardi that verges on a housecoat, it’s perfect for travel, at home and on casual errands and if you opt for a neutral color like black or beige, it can be dressed up a bit with jeans and nice ballet flats. The cost per wear on this cardi makes it totally worth it, although I prefer to wait for the next Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to come along to get another one. Hopefully, this same style comes out in solid black next year.
Barefoot Dreams Cardi

If you are a long-time reader of my blog you know that although I’m an activewear aficionado, I do love my designer jeans. I rarely wear leggings outside of the gym or home and I almost always opt for a casual pair of jeans. Finding versatile designer jeans on sale is my hobby and I love scoring the best jeans on serious markdown. My best finds include a nice dark skinny jean by Hutson at Costco for $69 CAD, recently my J Brand Houlihans for $89 at Nordstrom Rack, and this past year I found my first pair of AG Jeans for $30. I discovered that my favorite is the AG Jean, but unfortunately, they are the hardest to find on sale. This year I got lucky though and I paid a little bit more for these distressed AG Jeans than my first find of $30.
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Fitting Room Review

Amika Straightening Brush

I won’t drone on about this hair straightener because I literally just posted my review of it here. It’s a new hair tool for me but one that has become an absolute favorite.

That’s it for me for Best Of 2017! Now time to celebrate a year well done and a great year to come! I’d love to know what you were grateful for in 2017, and then I’d like to know what your best purchases and discoveries have been.

Happy New Year!!

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  • You are so awesome Lulumum- thank you for the fab context you always consistently provide ?. I wish you and your family a Happy New Year! And Happy Blogmas to everyone!

  • Thx for all you do and hopefully things calm down and you can get back into your routine. I have heard the ultraboost shoes are top rated for runners. I have yet to try them as i have invested in several other brands which are in top rating category with ultraboosts. Looking forward to your posts in 2018.

    • Thank you!!
      I can definitely see how they are top of the list for running and I think they would be perfect for me for that but I can also see how someone with ankle weakness may not like the knit top. Picking running shoes for long distance running is a very fussy thing.

  • Love this sweater! Just about to order it and reading the size reviews. Does it run really big? I usually wear a medium – large (like things baggy so usually large) but was going to go with a medium…..

    • YES go with medium, it will still be oversized. I take an L usually and occasionally an M and the M is perfect. I could go down to a small easily but I still wanted length and oversized, just not billowing around the armpits.

  • Love that sweater. Is it scratchy or itchy? or super soft. I keep getting disappointed with the sweaters I am purchasing and they ALWAYS end up going back 🙁

    • It’s not super soft but I did not find it scratchy or itchy at all. I suppose it depends on how sensitive your skin is. It was softer than it looks like it will be. I love mine too and wear it all the time.

  • Happy 2018!

    Is there a difference in sizing between the In Movement 7/8s and the In Movement crops?! I could barely squeeze the 7/8s in size 4 over my hips without hearing some fabric splitting sounds in the waist lol. However, the crops go on easier. Like my Align crops, I needed to size down from my usual size 6 to a size 4 in the In Movement crops otherwise they’d slide down constantly.

    Where in Coquitlam did you relocate to? I’m right smack between Como Lake Park and Mundy Park! Love it.

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