I did a fit review yesterday of the Athleta Striped Relay Capri and told you I was very happy with that purchase. These Athleta Mantra Capri are next level though. What I love most about them is this new signature material by Athleta called Powervita. Powervita is a high stretch lycra based material that feels very familiar to other ‘naked feeling’ athletic fabrics, only it’s thicker and more compressive. You get what I’m saying…? It even comes with a ‘lycra sport’ label on it which is where most high end athletic apparel brands have their fabrics manufactured. When you pick these pants up, they are weighty and silky and feel cool to the touch. I love the high waist on these and the fact that they are very smoothing and don’t feel hot on. I don’t think I have any negatives about these crops to offer you other than I wish they where called ‘crops’ and not ‘capris’. Doesn’t ‘capri’ sound so dowdy? these are not dowdy. This color is divine too. I’m very much a teal lover so the fact that these came in teal sealed the deal for me. If you where to try one pair of pants from Athleta, start with these, or really any of the Powervita tights.

Athleta Mantra Capri

I took an L in these and I’m a size 10 in other brands. I prefer a broader numbered sizing range because you get (or maybe it just feels like you do) a more precise fit. These fit perfect but I can tell that they are ever slightly more generous than a size 10, and in contrast, my Nike Power Legendary tights fit ever so slightly smaller than a 10, but not quite an 8. I would not have sized down to an M in these. The color is gorgeous, they fit well and they feel amazing on!

Athleta Mantra Capri

Athleta Mantra CapriAthleta Mantra CapriAthleta Mantra CapriAthleta Mantra Capri

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  1. I loved these so much that I ordered them online and then saw them in the store and double bought them so I could wear them immediately. I did find the white pair to be quite sheer on me sadly or I would’ve kept those. These and the black were a keeper for me though!!

      1. I got the teal and the black. I thought that with the fabric being so nice and thick the white wouldn’t be an issue but it was. Too bad because it’s gorgeous!

  2. Powervita is incredible! I just received the grey tie dye 7/8 pant in the mail today and I totally agree with your assessment of Powervita, LLM. Your review is spot on! This was my first Powervita purchase from Athleta. After I tried them on, I immediately went on the website to see what other styles I could order! I would say for me they fit TTS (2 in Lulu, XXS in Athleta).

    1. Yes exactly what i was thinking…i have the black grape…black and nightfall …love the look at ankle. Thx for review…just too pricey to ship to canada. Lol probably a good thing.

  3. Hi ladies, I’m a solid 6 in Lulu, would you say Small in Athleta? I think I’m going to order online and not sure of the size TIA

  4. Hi lulumum, i would like to ask about the new sizing guide for bras in lululemon’s website. Im a 34a and normally a size 4 but the new chart suggests i should get an 8? Does that mean lululemon’s new sizes for bras have gone smaller? You see i live internationally so returns are difficult and very expensive. Would love to hear your input on this. Thank you very much! ?

    1. Hi there, I actually hadn’t heard of this change. My numbered sizing for the bras has always been 10, and that’s still what I would go with. What bra are you looking at specifically?

      1. Hi lulumum thank you so much for replying to my message..I was looking at the invigorate bra and i clicked on the size guide and that was where I noticed the changes..the chart was bigger now compared to the one before where it just showed 32″ 34″ 36″ and so on and the equivalent sizes but now it had the cup size and band size as well

        1. That is very strange. Your best bet is to join my reviews group (linked at the top of the nav bar under ‘follow) and there you can ask the group. You should get feedback pretty quickly there.

    2. Gayle, for what it’s worth, the sizing chart still says I’m a 6. But I’ve noticed with the newer bras, like the anew, lean in or arise bras, I’ve had to size up to an 8. I’ve always been a solid size 6 in bras (and tanks with bras built in). I’ve been noticing that I’ve had to size up for better coverage. I’m not sure where you are located, but the US sizing chart looks the same to me. If I were to order the invigorate bra, I would get my usual size 6 because of the style of the bra. The anew, lean in and arise bras are cut narrower across the chest, unlike the invigorate. I hope this helps but I fear I may only be making your dilemma worse. I haven’t tried on the invigorate bra so I can’t give you a first hand impression.

  5. I’m trying to decide between black and the teal. I prefer the teal, but have you done a sweaty workout in the teal yet? If so, did they show a lot of sweat marks?

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