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Adidas Ultra Boost X Parley

by Cristina

My Adidas Ultra Boost X Parley arrived!! OMG the color is just stunning! These are a special edition Adidas Ultra Boost colab with Parley for the ocean and they are so cool because they are made of recycled ocean plastics, and each shoe is made from at least 11 bottles. This includes the laces, the cage, and the primeknit – all of it except for the soles. Adidas has made it a goal for all of their shoes to be made out of recycled ocean plastics by 2020! I’ve included parley video below in case any of you are curious about this particular collaboration. The oceanic colors of this shoe are just so gorgeous in person and they’ve done such a great job marrying the ocean theme to this shoe!

Adidas Ultra Boosts

Adidas Ultra Boost X Parley

I don’t think I’ve owned any performance Adidas runners before, only their casual street wear shoes which I love. I was really curious about some of the design details of the Adidas Ultra Boost Parley and how it would translate for me and my gym use needs. The floating arch was designed specifically with the woman’s foot arch in mind and it conforms to your foot while giving support.  This is a neutral shoe which I like, especially for multi purpose gym use. The heel lift at the back is actually perfect for me for squats, as is the way this laces up. Over the years I’ve learned that for my body, for lifting, a flat shoe is better than a built up running shoe, and a shoe with a heel lift is better for me than either. Metcon’s are just OK but they are kind of terrible for me for running in, and terrible for me for heavy lifts – great for deadlifts though and box jumps and burpees. When I actually need the heel lift for a lifting wod it’s kind of a pain to have to switch out my shoes for my lifters. So far I think these are going to be great for me.

Adidas Ultra Boost X Parley Women's

One thing I was uncertain about on the design of these shoes was wether or not I would like the sock ankle on me. I was really worried about how high up the cuff would go on my foot and if it would look weird but actually, I find it hits me in a really flattering spot. I was also worried about the flexible primeknit uppers around the top of my foot because this is an area that my foot tends to want to roll out a bit during lifts making my knees track incorrectly.  Despite the soft sock, I find the laces and the cage, as well as the heel cup keep my foot firmly in place. Thanks to the primeknit fabric, these shoes are also incredibly breathable and lightweight. I’m going to be gravitating to these for my summer workouts for sure. In the above photos you can see I’m wearing socks with them, and how much of my very low profile socks show at the top. The photos below are all taken without socks and they are equally comfortable without socks – and this is coming form someone who would never normally go sock free in a pair of sneakers.

Adidas Ultra Boost X Parleyadidas ultra boost x parley

Wearing my Nike Power Legendary Tights

If you are in Canada and you are thinking of getting these Adidas Ultra Boost Parley, take advantage of the Sport Check sale (Adidas Ultra Boost X Parley) – $25 off! I think Americans can also order off Sport Check but I’m not certain. Adidas has these in stock currently which is what my image links are below, or here.

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danika May 30, 2017 - 3:40 pm

that gorgeous color would go so well with the Nike teal t-shirt you posted about a couple days ago! did you try them on together?

Mrs. O May 30, 2017 - 6:24 pm

I’m so tempted to get them! Thanks for the review.

Ang June 1, 2017 - 12:53 am

I love these! No one has this style in my area for me to try. Are the soles pretty firm on these or are they soft and flexible? Also do the straps dig in on the sides of your feet? I have a wider foot but do not need/ have to buy wide shoes.

Cristina June 1, 2017 - 1:21 am

I think you will like them. I was just watching a video on the ultra boost technology. I would say the sole is firm, but bouncy. It’s not like the Nike flyknits where you can roll the shoe up into a burrito, but they are soft and flexible, but more than that they are bouncy. A lot of energy return.
Because of the flyknit fabric it will really mold to your foot. There aren’t any stiff areas in the toe box at all to restrict your foot if you have a wider foot. The only ‘stiff’ area is the cage on the side which is still flexible, and the soles. The straps don’t dig in at the sides at all for me.

ang June 1, 2017 - 2:52 am

Thank you for the information! Super helpful! Did you buy your normal running shoe size? I normally buy a 1/2 size up from my regular shoe size.

Cristina June 1, 2017 - 2:54 am

Yes, my regular size and they fit perfect. There was a comment in my post on these shoes from last week (‘while we wait for the upload’) and someone had some fit suggestions on the ultra boost models, but she said these ones in particular run TTS.

ang June 1, 2017 - 3:31 am

Eeep! I ordered them from Adidas website. Super excited to try them out!! Hope these fit better then the APL’s phantoms in rose gold… Beautiful shoes but just not made for me. I will be selling those soon to pay for these beauties!! Thank you again for your help! Appreciate the new look at the different brands too! I am loving a few of my new items from Athleta, the Breezy tee and the Zephyr tee!

Ang June 1, 2017 - 12:55 am

I like a more natural foot movement in my running shoes too. Thank you for the advice!


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