Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic

Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic

FYI, the black one is on sale right now, here > ‘Black Tunic‘ and even cheaper over here >> Black Tunic with additional 20% off coupon code.  

My Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic Sweater arrived!!! You may remember my Impulse Purchase post from last week about it.  I was feeling so many mixed feelings about this sweater because it is most definitely on the expensive side for an impulse purchase and I was hoping I’d hate it so I could return it. I was also feeling annoyed at myself for ordering something that would surely end up giving me a chore of having to do a return. When I picked it up I was sort of surprised – I loved it at first peek, but I wasn’t getting my hopes up. The material looks like it’s a bit rough, but it’s actually very soft and cozy without being too warm or heat trapping. This shade of pink is just magical and somehow feels very Christmasy to me, like you’d wear this while standing by a tinselled Christmas tree sipping on a martini.

I held out hope that this oddball oversized sweater would just be a nightmare fit on me, but when I tried it on it just looked so stylish and very tidy for something so oversized. I absolutely love the open neckline – I am a hater of turtlenecks and won’t even wear a cowel neck but this neckline is just perfect and didn’t’ feel like it was suffocating me. I am a size 10/12 in Lululemon and I sized down to a medium in this and it’s still very oversized. On my short 5’4 height it’s  butt-covering length in the size down, but if you are taller than me you may not get complete butt coverage in a size or two down. If you are petite I recommend maybe trying two sizes down in this. I love that this can be dressed up with jeans and heels, or dressed down with leggings and cute boots. If you are looking for a pretty yet cozy sweater to wear to Christmas festivities (and something photogenic for seasonal pictures) definitely give this sweater a try. I think it’s especially great because it’s a cotton knit and not wool which so many people are allergic to. It comes in so many pretty colors from neutrals to jewel tones. The red and the teal, are going on my Christmas wish list for sure!

Since a reader just let me know that it’s on sale and with an additional 20% off (and ships to Canada!), I went ahead and ordered the ribbed tunic sweater in black.

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  1. Damn. I have been waiting patiently for your review of this sweater (this is my definition of ‘smart’ shopping), hoping you’d hate it. But it looks adorable on you and now I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I have to hunt down a pink one in my size.

        1. hi no on the US side, I just stalked the site for a week and then became available. I spoke to someone at Nordies and they said possibly Dec 2 getting in more.

  2. So funny I tried my hot pink sweater on today (arrived Tuesday from Nordstroms) and LOVE it! I am trying to determine which size M or L as I am a solid 12 in LLL and may be able to pull off a L. I ordered the black today since it was on sale at Nordstroms, thus I will own two of these. Thanks for posting about your impulse purchase.

  3. Omg u look incredible!! I got my teal one today and love it and now I ordered pink too lol! If u guys want black whitnor red it’s on sale at Macy’s for 73or 79 plus extra 20% with code score. [ here it is on sale] Comes out to $59?

  4. Looks great on you! It was a sloppy mess on me. At 5’2, even the extra small just looked foolish. I so wanted to love it!

    1. I’ve been wearing it for at least an hour and I don’t find it scratchy. It is rough as in textured, but not unsoft or cozy. It’s sort of a very thick ribbed knit and it feels like a thermal ribbed shirt.

  5. The sweater looks amazing on you! Much better than the models wearing it. Now, I have to have it! So, I’m going to have to stalk the sweater to find it in the pink or the mink color.

  6. At first I was skeptical about this, but now looking at the pictures I have to say it looks super cute and for an oversized sweater it makes you look smaller. Great buy!

    1. I was so skeptical too. With my short stature and curvy figure, an oversized boxy sweater shouldn’t work for me. This one is perfect though because of the cut, and the structure of the fabric. I’m not sure if you guys follow Jillian Harris on Instagram but today she was wearing the same pink sweater in her insta stories.

  7. I got this in black and find it reminds me of corrugated cardboard. I thought no way will I keep this and tried it on and fell in love. It is very cute on as you can see by Christina’s picture. Looks so cute on her. I wore it with a tank top layered under and the fabric didn’t bother me as much. I sized down one ( I usually do with FP). A lot of Nordstrom reviews said it was soft so maybe the other colors are but black is not IMO. Thanks Christina. I never would have found that if I hadn’t seen it here. Wish I could have gotten the pink.

    1. I was at Nordstrom today and they had one returned black one in a medium so I got to try it on and I really loved it in black. I definitely think you are right in your description that it’s like corrugated cardboard, but it doesn’t feel rough or uncomfortable, just thickly textured. The pink is slightly softer. The black is so nice on though so I’m really glad I was able to get one at the Macy’s sale. Although I really love the pink for the vibrant pop of festive color, the black will get a ton of wear. The seaming is and structure of this material just makes it so nice and flattering for an oversized sweater.

  8. I love this on you! I have to admit when I saw the online photo, I was like NO. Seeing it on you though, it looks really great! Nice purchase.

  9. They are on sale at Macy’s for $98 CAD! I’ve been waiting since your post for to grab on on sale since it is so pricy. I bought the white one, thanks for the review!

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