I’m so sorry my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Fitting Room Reviews are posted so late tonight. I had promised in my upload post earlier today that I would have them up tonight, and at 10pm I revised that post and said I wasn’t going to be able to finish the post. Now I have a bit of insomnia so I decided to make the most of my inability to fall asleep and finish up this post for you in time for the public access to the #NSALE which goes live on the 21st. Clearly coffee at 10pm while I did my Babyfoot Exfoliant Foot Peel and watched TV was a great idea.

I hope my reviews are helpful for you if you are ordering online, or narrowing down your lists. If you have any question on these items feel free to post in the comments and I will be pretty quick responding. Also, I love it when you guys also offer your own impression on items you’ve tried on so please feel free to add your thoughts too if you’ve tried something on. We all have different body types and sizes so it’s helpful getting a good, candid review from a variety of people.

Barefoot Dreams
CozyChic Lite Circle Cardigan BAREFOOT DREAMS
Size L

CozyChic Lite® Circle Cardigan BAREFOOT DREAMS
Size M
CozyChic Lite® Circle Cardigan BAREFOOT DREAMS
Size M
CozyChic Lite® Circle Cardigan BAREFOOT DREAMS
Size M

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

This was an item I definitely wanted to try on because it gets tons of hype year after year, but I didn’t plan on purchasing it at all. I was sceptical that this wrap would be flattering in addition to cozy and incredibly soft but in this version at least, I found it flattering. I also thought that it was a bit pricey even at the sale price, but that was rather foolish because I’d definitely spend that on a good Lululemon wrap. I think I also thought that this was strictly an indoor loungewear type of item, but I can see this looking chic with a nice pair of shoes and great jeans.  The shape of this actually reminded me a lot of old Lululemon designs, but with the bonus of this luxurious knit. The material is a very light and soft chenille, and this version of the barefoot dreams wrap is a lighter thinner knit then some of the other styles, which I prefer. I tried on my TTS 10 and it was large and cozy but I found the pocket over my hips a bit bulky and unflattering so I sized down to a medium and I’m glad I did. It’s a much more flattering look, but if you look at the size chart online the medium coinsides with a size 8-10 and that’s about right for me. If you where thinking of maybe getting this, I’d definitely do it. All the colorways where pretty but I gravitated to this indigo and that’s the only one I tried on.


BlankNYC Embroidered Faux Leather Moto Jacket

This is what I b-lined at the store for. I actually ordered this a few days ago after seeing all the amazing Instagram photos of it. I was so happy my order went through but several hours later my order was cancelled and it was sold out online. I love a great leather jacket but have never seen a faux leather jacket made so well, that looks so much like true leather. This jacket fits snug and I got it in a large which I would consider my size, but it is cropped and tight. I can zip it up but zipped up it looks small. Had there been an option for a larger size I probably would have ordered that, especially since faux leather wont stretch the way real leather does. That being said, I never zip up my leather jackets, and this one is supposed to look cropped. One thing I will say is that the lining on this jacket is a pretty flimsy nylon and I don’t understand why they didn’t go with a nicer, thicker, satiny nylon lining.

Rails Channing Embroidered Military ShirtRails Channing Embroidered Military Shirt Rails Channing Military Embroidered Shirt

Rails Channing Embroidered Military Shirt

I LOVE Rails shirts. I have a tough time wearing plaid shirts without them looking way too boxy or masculine on my frame, but when I tried on my first Rails shirt sometime last year I was hooked. The Rails ‘Hunter’ shirt has a really tailored feminine cut paired with a lightweight rayon which gives it a really beautiful drape. This military inspired shirt though is not made of rayon, it’s a linen cotton blend so it is slightly more shaped and less drapey, but it’s still light and airy. I typically take a size L in Rails Hunter shirts but this one I took a size M. L would have been fine too but I preferred the look of the M.

Rails Hunter PlaidRails Hunter Plaid Shirt

Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt White Charcoal Blush

This Rails shirt is the typical one I tend to buy and the most well known of their styles. Like I said above, this is a more feminine cut and it’s made of rayon. When I first discovered Rails I purchased a few plaid shirts online but they ended up being true flannel, and not this Rayon so those I keep for the coldest winter days. This is much more a fall weight shirt, or even a summer jacket over a tank. I take an L in this style of shirt. I wish you could see in this picture or even the online picture but there is so much pink in this top in person. It’s such a feminine pop.


Metallic Faux Leather Moto Jacket BLANKNYC
Metallic Faux Leather Moto Jacket BLANKNYC


BlankNYC Metallic Faux Leather Moto Jacket

This is the wildcard in my bunch. Let me tell you why I gravitated to this and tried it on. Several months ago I had a gift card for Artizia and was toying with purchasing a Mackage jacket that had caught my eye. It was a leather moto jacket in this very same pewtery, silvery, goldy color. It looked stunning on, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on a wild color that was something I may get bored of. That’s a shame with such an expensive jacket, and a shame for this type of material. If you get a leather jacket it should be something you will wear for years and year and years and not discard after one season. This BlankNYC jacket is almost identical in cut, style and color. It’s a complete dupe and just a fraction of the price. I’ve brought it home to see it on with several different outfits and if I’m certain I will wear this I will keep it. It’s definitely a brave color though.


AG The Legging Step HemAG The Legging Step Hem AG The Legging Step Hem

AG The Legging Step Hem 10 Years Beatnik

I ordered this one off the US site on the presale last week and it still hasn’t arrived to my shipping address so I wanted to try this on to know if I’d be keeping them or not. I have been really excited about these but slightly worried about fit, and wether or not the step hem would work on my shorter leg length. These jeans are incredibly comfortable and TTS and I’m happy to say that although I don’t have the long legs that make these look incredible and give that step hem it’s full glory, I still think these are pretty flattering and I love them. Yes these are a very trendy color treatment, and perhaps the step hem is also very trendy (as where skinny jeans at one point) but because I love these I would wear these way beyond the trend. They are the exact right kind of relaxed, casual and edgy look that I gravitate to in my closet, so for me it’s timeless. I really love the paint splatter print on these so much! I’m definitely going to be keeping these and glad I ordered my TTS. By the way, with the exchange rate calculated in these where cheaper for me to order online.

Rag & Bone Jeans The Dre



I liked these a lot too! I didn’t try these on last year because they had mixed reviews on sizing so I was afraid to order them online, and the store I went to didn’t have them. The Nordstrom Vancouver store today only had my size down which is what I’m wearing here, and they are fine and comfortable but the rise was slightly too low. Not so much the rise, but the length of butt seem was too short so I felt that I’d have to hike them up until they relaxed a bit on me. I think my TTS would have been perfect at that seam but I’m not sure. I’d like to try these on at the US store I’m going to on Saturday. The denim was thicker and less stretchy than the AG jeans which I also really like. My other hesitation was I wish this came in a petite length so that gorgeous hem would be cropped on me vs. full length. Definitely recommend these, but I really loved the AG Jeans more.


Vince Camuto Katrina Block Heel BootieKarinta Block Heel Bootie VINCE CAMUTO Karinta Block Heel Bootie VINCE CAMUTO Karinta Block Heel Bootie VINCE CAMUTO

Vince Camuto Katrina Block Heel Bootie

I didn’t want to buy shoes this time around but I did want to try these on after seeing them raved about from so many bloggers and instagrammers. They are incredibly comfortable for what looks like a 3.5″-4″ block heel. They actually feel more like they are 3″. The leather is incredibly soft and supple and I think these would look great with skirts, jeans, dresses etc. I didn’t get these though because I’m just not certain how and when I would wear open toe sandal booty hybrids. I see them on people all the time and they look amazing, I just don’t know when I would reach for them in my own closet over some of my other shoe styles. They are too warm for summer, but too open for fall, and not practical at all for the amount of rain with get in Vancouver in the fall.

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  1. completely agree about the AG paint splatter jeans, I bought and LOOOOVE them! Love the metallic jacket too. The Mackage one is on sale on the Aritzia site btw.

    1. I think there is a very strong chance they will be there. They sell out, but they do get restocked pretty quickly. It’s one of those incredibly popular nsale items that it’s almost like their signature piece. I remember last year when I went to the van sale a full few days after the public sale started, there where several sizes.

  2. Thanks so much for the reviews! Sorry you couldn’t sleep but WIN for us 🙂
    I’m still waiting on most of my things to arrive… which is annoying. For my first big order I paid for overnight shipping – I’m so glad I did cause I was so so excited about the sale and it would have been such a letdown to get everything a week and a half later. I am glad I had at least some immediate gratification for the things I was most excited to try.
    Anyways, in my first order I received the Mackage moto. It is completely glorious and I dunno what I’m going to do. I have never bought (kept) a $500 jacket before, but if I AM going to have a jacket that expensive, this one is pretty much perfect and both leather and moto styles are pretty timeless… plus there is something to be said for keep ONE super fabulous item from the sale instead of a bunch of little things. I have the grey suede and embroidered blankNYC ones on the way as well as the Topshop grey suede one. I kind of hope one of those (way cheaper) styles works out even better than the Mackage, but I honestly don’t really see how that is possible. It is pretty much perfect in every way.
    Another surprise from my first order: I thought the Rails shirt was just okay. Cute, but not any cuter/softer than the other plaid shirts I have and nothing particularly special (I know I’m in the minority with those sentiments)… but what I LOVED was the Free People plaid tunic top. It is just better than the Rails shirt. All around. Longer, more flattering, cuter special details (eg, buttons on the side hems that look darling partially undone), and cheaper to boot! Woot!
    Oh and my commando boy shorts are awesome. They’re underwear and not really worth a paragraph, but if anyone needs seamless undies, get these during the sale – the regular price ($28) is just ridiculous IMO.

    1. I really recommend prioritizing those higher percentage discount, staple pieces that are splurges over some of the other items like the tee shirts, or beauty items that are only a few dollars off and full of items you wouldn’t use, or cheaper synthetic material shoes. Buy fewer items and go for quality. There are some items you can find on sale year round at various retailers and are not special purchases but an item like a great leather/suede jacket will be such a treasured item in your closet. You will wear it a ton and in a multitude of ways. That being said though, if buying this leather jacket right now is not the right time, don’t buy into the ‘it will never go on sale’. I see Mackage Jackets go on sale a few times a year at various locations – Aritzia on boxing day/black friday and end of season, the end of season on mackage.com – but then you have to stalk those sites at those times.

      1. You’re totally right. I have a brown moto leather jacket that I bought in 2003(!!!!!) at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I still adore it. I am a huge purger, and don’t keep anything that I don’t wear regularly – I’m sure that jacket is the oldest thing in my wardrobe… by far!

        I have AG jeans arriving today (I think the same ones you got). For what it’s worth, I strongly believe that splatter paint on jeans never goes out of style. Lol. I mean, it may for like a year, but it will always come back. Always. 🙂

        And yes… sales happen elsewhere and sometimes they are even better than this sale price-wise. BUT, I don’t know of ANY other retailer where you can return something a year later if you never wore it, or if the quality is crappy or something breaks or whatever. I very rarely do this, but it sure is comforting when spending this kind of money. I looked at the Mackage.com sale but it’s all final sale. Booooooo.

        Did your Mackage come yet? Thoughts?

        1. That’s amazing! I wonder what my oldest most worn item is. I’ll have to look through my closet this weekend.

          I loved the Mackage jacket. I think the medium is actually better for me than the large but I want to try the two sizes on side by side. I tried both individually but didn’t get to compare. I’m definitely keeping it in black. The sepia was stunning in person, better than the website photos. I think I would wear the black just a little bit more but the jury is still out. I’ll decide by this weekend.

          You are so right about the return period. I considered getting the jacket off the Mackage site on sale but it was final sale and more expensive, and even the Aritzia items are store credit returns only. Such a pricey investment requires a better return policy.

          1. Interesting – I’m curious what you decide. I am normally a S in tops but I got the Mackage jacket in a M. It’s a little big through the chest, but comfy and doesn’t look too big and I enjoy the comfy hoodie under moto jacket look. Plus, if I can’t comfortably give a tall person a hug without removing my jacket, then I need a bigger size – I hate when jackets are tight across the upper back. At least this one has a bit of stretch. I wonder if I should try on the S!! Shoot… do I really want to put another $500 on my credit card? Hmmm…….
            Anyways thanks for your input!

            1. I think it’s worth it to temporarily put $500 on your cc to make sure you have the right size. The worst would be spending that much money and later learning that the smaller size would have been better.

  3. I’ve been trying to buy less so I haven’t gotten anything from the NSale but it’s like I went shopping just by reading your posts! I love that. 🙂 I agree I would drop the money for certain Lulu items I wouldn’t regularly spend on other brands.

    1. Cristina,

      I absolutely love the bronze colored moto jacket (BlanketNYC Metallic). Since you’re an edgy person, I really think you will wear it more than you think. It’s a good neutral color with some pop in it. I have not once regretted buying leather jackets in bright, edgy or out-of-the-ordinary colors. It just changes your outfit with one piece — you can go completely monochromatic with the clothes and add the jacket. I agree; the size down in the cardigan and Rails military shirt look much better on you. (BTW, you’re really looking fabulous). I also loved the AG Legging Step Hem on you. (LOL, I liked it on me too!) I feel like a good tailor can re-create the step hem and shorten the jean for you but as is, it still looks great. Are you keeping the BlanketNYC Embroidered Jacket? I do like the embroidery. It’s so unique! I agree with you regarding the booties. I have several peep toe booties and it’s too hot to wear in the summer. I can wear them early fall and in the spring. You don’t get as much use out of them as you think. And I live in Los Angeles where the weather is pretty much the same. I tend to think the shoe doesn’t look right with fall/winter outfits. And by the time spring rolls around, you want a lighter shoe.

      @Buggie, I agree with Cristina. I tend to pick the one luxurious item (with the better discount) over multiple smaller items. In the long run, a classic piece will last forever. The smaller, less expensive items will always pop back up again.

      Thanks for taking me shopping with you!

  4. Thanks for the additional advice ladies… I think I will do as you all advise: order the S to try just in case AND keep this jacket over the small random stuff 🙂

  5. I bought a ton of stuff! I love this sale. I basically updated my whole work wardrobe. I thought the sweater offerings were a highlight this year. Grabbed the last pair of the Kate Spade sneakers.

  6. I liked the Barefoot Dreams cardi too, but ultimately couldn’t justify the price tag for another cardi to wear around the house. It was super soft, though. Crazy how much stuff is selling out!

    Partial to Pink

  7. I’ve never ordered online from Nordstrom before so please excuse my ignorance. Do they charge duty to ship you Canada? Is it cheaper to ship to the states (I also have a shipping address in Point Roberts)?

    1. happy to answer. I’ve ordered both ways. Definitely order off the US side of their website in USD and ship to point Roberts. Free shipping and even with the conversion it will be cheaper. If you order off the CAD site the price point will be higher plus you will have to pay shipping and duties. It’s not horrible, but the USD side is better if you have an address to use. You can use your CAD credit card either way.

  8. Anyone else having trouble checking out on Nordstrom? I have a few things in my bag & keep getting an error when I try to check out. Buhumbug!

    1. Have you been able to order? if not, definitely call customer service. They had this same issue the first day of the resale.

      Also, I’ve been told that there are more restocks coming. They didn’t get to restock everything last night because the orders haven’t arrived, but there should be a big restock coming soon.

    1. I actually stayed up last night to check the restocks from my wishlist and already purchased items (for research purposes) and none of those items restocked. That seems to be the overwhelming majority on the purse forum thread. People are really angry that there wasn’t anything restocked last night as promised so several people have contacted Nordstrom and where told that there was a delay in restocking but that things would restock as shipments arrived, and returns come to the stores.
      One tip I’ve read about checking restocks is saving the page of the item on your iPhones home page so all you have to do is click on that periodically to check back, vs having to go to the ap or checking the site off your browser. Hope that helps!

    2. Hi Diane, I just checked and the AG Jeans are not searchable and they don’t pop up but if you click on this link it looks like there is a full size run of them. These have been glitchy the entire sale so I think that’s why they didn’t actually sell out. http://rstyle.me/n/cqn84fbhjk7

      Let me know if the link works for you and you are able to purchase.

  9. Thanks LLM. The link works. Are these the same colour as yours though? These look like a lighter wash than yours. I really want the skinny step up ones you got too, but they haven’t been restocked ?

    1. I’m not sure that they are the exact same color. Mine are from last years NSALE, but purchased at the Vancouver Warehouse Sale. There where only two there so I took a chance buying mine since I couldn’t try them on and was later pleased to see they where an NSALE item from last year. The Pacific Centre store didn’t have these in on Tuesday so I couldn’t compare mine but the distressing is the exact same.
      I’ll post here below your comment if I see that the step up ones get restocked.

  10. I left the Vince Camuto open toed booties for the same reason – but I did grab the Sam Edelman merton bootie. I’ve always wanted rag and bone booties and these were a pleasant look a like, and so comfortable to boot *har har.* So upset I missed on the Kate spade sneakers, but I consoled myself with the ruched pair of chuck taylors instead.

    Loved that barefoot dreams cardi but by the time I made it down there the colour I wanted (the light tan) was completely gone. I ended up grabbing the hooded cardi instead in black, but I have a feeling its going back. I grabbed a ton of lower end cardigans from Leith, halogen and B.P so I feel like its overkill and overpriced at this point.

    I grabbed the TB Frida tote and Adeline boots too. So happy with all my purchases!

    1. I also applied for their credit card this year! I wish I had known it was available to Canadians a couple of weeks ago when I could have accessed the sale early, but at least I’ll have it for next year now

      1. Did you end up using the credit card? If so, call the credit card line and ask them for the ‘no interest for 6 months’ promotion. They will forward you to an automated system where you opt in. You still have to make the minimum payment for it, and as a Canadian I would pay it off immediately while the dollar is a bit higher than it has been, but it’s nice if you can avoid the interest for a month.

    2. If you can one year, try out the Rag & Bone booties. Maybe next year they will have the harrow ones. This year they used the exact same ones they did last year so they weren’t a draw for me, but I do love the ones I have. I also love the BP knock off version my sister got last year – they are fantastic!
      Those Kate Spade Sneakers are so frustrating for a lot of people. I had no clue they where that popular.
      I went to the Nordstrom in Seattle yesterday and was shocked that they where out of all barefoot cardigans. I remember last year there where a few stragglers towards the end of the sale. I was hoping there would be a solid black – so I think you are good to have gotten the hooded black. Does it look nice on?
      They where also almost completely out of Hanky Panky underwear which is what I needed. When I was at the Vancouver location they had racks and racks of them so I didn’t think they would sell out or that there would be any rush to get them.
      I tried on the Leith cardigans and they are lovely. I really loved the light pink one but they size I got was too large on me and overwhelmed me but if I was taller I would have purchased it. I would keep the softest of the bunch, you will wear that one more than any others.
      Great job getting the boots and tote!

      1. Funny, there were tons of the cardigan here. It’s super soft and lux feeling. I just don’t need another black cardigan lol!

        I took your advice and tried to get the rag and bone booties – looks like there’s a manufacture’s issue and they didn’t stock this sale in Canada? They will honour the sale price as soon as they get stock though so it works out, just delayed. I returned the Sam Edelman ones in anticipation of getting the Rag and Bone soon – I’m sure I’m going to love and wear them much more. Oh and I managed to snag the Kate Spade sneakers from Toronto! Last 7 in Canada

  11. Cristina, thanks for introducing me to Rails. I didn’t buy a plaid shirt but I found a Rails Harrison Military Jacket (camo) that has been sold out at my local store. It must have been a return. I also got a pair of the AG Ex Boyfriend jeans (definitely a size down for me as well — it was just more flattering) and the Rag & Bone DRE Released Hem jeans (I love Rag & Bone jeans — it was also a size down for me). Alas, no AG Legging Step Hem. I wonder now if I should have purchased full price when I saw them during the presale and then gotten a price adjustment. I also bought a ton of bras. I’ve got to go through them to see which ones I’m keeping.

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