Loving these photos of the new Shape Up Pullover and New Form Coat. I was hoping to see store photos of the new Dark Olive Down For It Vest because I received mine and it’s actually a much darker richer color and I love it so much more in person. The web photos are very unfortunately photoshopped so there are patches of washed out dark olive where the light reflects, but it’s definitely a darker more wearable green in person.

Store photos from Lululemon Western Chicago Suburbs.

New Form Coat New Form Coat Shape Up Pullover Shape Up Pullover Shape Up Pullover

  1. I saw the Down for It Vest and Jacket in store and liked the color so much more than the photos. I don’t really need another cold weather vest/jacket but I might consider it. I’m going to have to trek out to the LLL store I dislike to try on the Shape Up Pullover and Rulu Define. I want instant gratification so ordering it isn’t an option. LOL.

  2. Hi, wondering if the vest is tts or size up for wearability? I usually size up in my defines and sometimes scubas if they are tight in thr shoulders….TIA

    1. I just got the green one in a 6 my tts and have the black from last year in a 6 and the gray in a 4. If you generally have some tightness issues in the shoulders I would stay tts. I wouldn’t go a size up!

    1. Thanks LLM! I am no where near a store and want to order a vest. I wear size 10 across the board in Lulu. However I size up in my defines and scubas. Should I stay with a 10 or size up for layering? I am on east coast Canada where it gets cold! So would like to layer my sweaters etc underneath. But I also don’t want to look like I borrowed my mom’s coat if u know what I mean….any input is appreciated. Thank you

  3. Shape up pullover in navy, green camo SS, coco pique Kitsilano LS from the upload came yesterday. I am size 4 in top and sometimes size up to 6, e.g. in define and swiftly, because I don’t like my clothes tight. The pullover in size 6 is a bit broad in shoulder area, very tight in tummy area (not as tight as in the picture above ). It is an odd fit in my opinion. The nulu does not feel soft. Easy return. The Miles Ahead SS is very nice but huge on me. I exchanged for a size 2 in the store today. I wish it were crew not scoop neck though. The coco pique LS is fitted like in the stock photo even in my size up. It is soft but pretty plain. I am undecided but $68 is a great price. No Rulu define in the store that I visited yet.

    1. I love that coco pique top. I bought TTS. I’m a 2 and got a 2. So soft and stretchy. I have broad shoulders and sz2 fits perfectly. I love that Miles ahead as. I got a 2 and it’s a little big but I still love it

    2. I agree with your assessment about the shoulders being broad in a size up in the Shape Up Pullover. I didn’t think there was much of a difference in length or torso fit from my TTS or size up. If I were to get it, I’d probably get a size up so I could wear a ss swiftly under it.

  4. Does anyone know what top, I’m assuming a swiftly, but what colorway the model is wearing with the dark olive vest released this week? TIA

    1. I think it might be a sneak peak but I recall seeing a similar swiftly in store last week. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the color code.

  5. It always gives me a kick to see these store photos from a Mall i used to work at and a Lulu store i go to! Good Old Oak Brook Mall in IL

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