I have become OBSESSED with Nike Dry Knit Tanks and Tees. I first did a review of the Nike Dry Knit and then this week I have gone back in hunt for more. The obsession started after trying them on but I was especially obsessed with getting the rainbow colorway you see below which was online in one size, but not available at the Nike store. I also hadn’t tried on the short sleeve version yet because I was worried it would be too clingy. I hit the jackpot this week when I found the rainbow in a tank and a tee, on sale at SportCheck. If you are Canadian, check out SportCheck this week because they have an addition discount on purchases over 150 (24 off) or 300 (75 off). Such a great time to stock up on sneakers as well if you’ve been meaning to get a pair, or stuff for your kids. I purchased all of my items on sale but honestly I would love them at full price.

Nike Dry Knit Short Sleeve

I first hit the Nike store and tried on the knit tee for the first time in this gorgeous teal blue. I was so tempted to get it but it was full price and I decided to wait on it. I asked the sales associate how often they get new product and she told me they get ‘new season’ items every two months, but they get bits and pieces of items every day. She said in July these tanks and tees will be gone except for one or two neutrals, and they will have their cold weather run gear in – and they are expecting a lot of colors for fall/winter. The Nike website has a much larger inventory so the product they have there (and colorways) are older seasons, which is why the Nike store didn’t have the rainbow one I wanted. This is a size L and I’m very happy with the fit of it. It is similar to a swiftly tech SS, but the material is thicker and more flattering, yet it’s much softer and cooler. I love that I don’t have to size up in these because they are so thin that they expose every lump and bump. You definitely do not need washboard abs for this top. I have a hard time wearing swiftly tanks or tees in hot weather because they seem to trap heat – but this knit for some reason doesn’t even though it’s thicker. I also feel like this top is much less prone to snagging.

Nike Dry Knit Short SleeveAs you can see, the cut of this tee is very feminine and contoured, and the length is nice and long for  us long torso people. 
Nike Dry Knit Short Sleeve

I’ve put this one on my Nike wish list and the moment it’s on sale, I will be snatching it up.

Nike Dry Knit Short Sleeve

After leaving the store I decided I would just go ahead and order the rainbow colorway I wanted since there was one size left online. As soon as I ordered I went in to the Sport Check flag ship store and there it was, on sale no less. I quickly called Nike and explained what happened and they where happy to cancel the order for me. The Sportcheck had the tank and the tee shirt, as well as several other colorways. This one is by far my favourite though. I love that all of these breeze knits are marled multi color knits. They are so vibrant in person!

Nike Dry Knit Short SleeveNike Dry Knit Short Sleeve

Nike Dry Knit Running Tank

I wasn’t planning on getting another knit but I really loved this marled blue one. It has light sky blue mixed in with a pretty darker blue.

Nike Dry Knit Running TankNike Dry Knit Running Tank

My new collection. These have completely replaced CRB’s for me, which is making a huge statement. According to the sales associate I spoke to, this is a repeating style for Nike but this years version is a new cut. The double strap detailing is new, and they are more contoured and long.

These have completely replaced CRB’s for me.

Nike Dry Knit Running Tank

Nike Dry Element 1/2 Zip

Another item I tried on and loved was this half zip. It’s incredibly soft, like old heathered RULU circa 2014. I loved this heathered menthol color as soon as I saw it so I snatched it up. There where other pretty colors like a heathered peach and a heathered light blue, and the Nike store had a really pretty heathered purple and heathered maroon. I loved this color though and I love that I got it for $36. I would not have otherwise purchased a full on winter top at full price at the beginning of summer. It’s not as detailed with feminine features like, the Inspire Pullover I have which has contrasted mesh, cuffins, cute reflective sayings on the cuffs, rushing at the neck etc. etc. but this is a nice streamlined feminine cut in an awesome color, and the sleeves and torso are nice and long. The top lengths where always an issue with me over at Nike. I used to find their tops way too short on me, but they seemed to have really updated the fit.

Nike Dry Element 1/2 Zip

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  1. Wow what a score. It has been ages since I have been in a Sport Check, not since I started buying Lulu over 10 years ago. I absolutely love everything you bought and everything looks great on you. I like that the heathered blue tank is mixed with a lighter blue instead of white. I am so done with LLL tops and tanks that are heathered with white especially the luon fabric ones. Gone are the days of special details at LLL so I think the 1/2 zip pullover you bought at $36. is an awesome buy and just not for the price.

    1. Thanks!! To be honest, not all Sport Checks are so great. The smaller suburban ones don’t even have a quarter of what the bigger stores or online has. I went to the one by my house and there was one tiny rack of Nike stuff, and the quality wasn’t the same as in the Nike store. This flagship store though had all the higher end Nike stuff (and Adidas and Under Armour) and the Adidas ultraboost runners in many colorways so I will definitely be making it a regular stop at the mall from now on. I haven’t purchased for myself at sport check in years but I do get my kids sneakers and jackets there, and their soccer gear.
      I agree with you. I’m so bored of the black/white/grey, variation of spacedye white and grey. I’m finding the muted colors are so hard to match with my older Lululemon items. The jewel tone and bright colors pair together much easier.

      I had that pullover in my Nike wishlist online thinking I’d get it closer to fall, but when I saw it on sale in the color I wanted I couldn’t resist the sale price.

      1. LLM – I bought that same half zip pullover at Lord & Taylor a couple of months ago (also on sale) and absolutely love it! I’m beyond obsessed with that color – pretty soon I will be able to do an entire load of laundry in it! The fabric is super soft and the fit is fabulous. Also wanted to add that these pieces are far more flattering on you than some of the Lulu you’ve posted… you look great!

        1. Isn’t it wonderful? It’s most definitely menthol. I’d love to find a breathe knit tank or tee in this color. The nike site has a mock neck pullover in it that I’m eyeing but I’d like a breathe knit in a long sleeve.

          Thank you!!

        2. Agree. The menthol color and cut look great on you. As for length, Nike has always run longer on me ( which is a plus, since I like to have some of my ass covered during cooler temps) . As for the Dry Knit tanks, I have a bunch for the short sleeve and long sleeve ones that are standbys for days when I don’t feel like wearing a Lulu swiftly. I find the fabric to the Dry Knits smoother and less scratchy. And I have never had an issue with snagging on them.

  2. Nice work! I love the rainbow one but it seems to be sold out on the (US) site. And it looks like you stopped using the LLM as your signature, so nice to meet you, Cristina!

    1. Thanks! Nice to meet you too!
      If you have an outlet near you, you may be able to find it there. Or the Nike outlet online on the US site may have it. It’s an older season so it’s bound to be floating around somewhere.

      1. Oh, I didn’t realize they were from a previous season! I’ll try to hunt it down. Thanks for the information!

  3. Those shirts look really good on you, but those tank tops are wow!!!
    They are so flattering and look so darn good! I wanna go and buy some now. Thanks for showing us other brands.

  4. everything looks amazing on you!! may I say most items fit you better than LLL ones!
    I especially LOVE the Nike Dry Knit Short Sleeve in that gorgeous teal color, definitely going to a store to check it out. quick question about this item, is it also stink-proof? What I like about the Swiftlies is that they are stink resistant, does Nike have a similar fabric to the silverscent?

    1. I don’t believe these breathe items have the silverescent threads in them but honestly I’ve never found the silverescent truly stink proof – I find I get a metallic smell to them if i let them sit without laundering right away.

  5. Everything looks awesome on you! Do you know what the colour code is on the half zip? Is it heathered Electro green? It looks darker on the website than yours. Thx

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s the electro green. The tag on the one I purchased doesn’t have a color code on it, but electro green is grouped with the same colors mine was in store.

  6. These look really nice, thank you for the reviews! I am wondering “how” similar they are to swiftly’s? I can’t wear swiftly’s because the bottom band is too tight on it and the tank always rides up on me. When you lay the swiftly flat, it is straight up and down (not good when you have a small waist with hips – the tank ends up sitting at my waist). I’d love to try these if they have a bit more feminine shape with the mid section more )( like that lol.

    1. Thanks! They fit me way better than a swiftly. The Swiftly items roll up on me too because I have hips and a waist, so that is why I size up in them – but they are still not great around hips.These breathe items are contoured and slightly a-lined though which is why they don’t roll up on me and are more flattering. Definitely try them out!

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s the electro green, but I’m not 100% certain. It’s paired up in a grouping on the site with other colors from the same season so it is probably the correct one.

  7. Thanks for posting. The rainbow gave me life too! I bought one on the sort check web site. I can’t remember if it was you or not but there’s a 3% cash back on ebates as well so that’s a good incentive to get more colors. These really suit you. The blue was fantastic on you.

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