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Lots of pretty items from Lululemon today! I was surprised to see the Central Saint Martins items uploaded this week. I figured they’d lag a few weeks behind the UK. I purchased the Memoir Print Time To Sweat Crops and if you follow me on Instagram  @the_sweat_edit you will see my try-ons of it and that they fade to white quite a bit on my knees and butt. I have several pictures up so you can scroll through. I think I would have been really tempted by the Pearl Pink Swiftly SS or LS, and the Dagonfly SS which only the US got. The Dragonfly Swiftly has been released before but I missed out on it and later decided I liked it a lot.

Did you order anything today?

Lululemon Central Saint MartinsWunder Under Tight Hi-Rise X CSM kascade wunder under multi Wunder Under Central Saint Martins Tulle Wunder Under Multi Wunder Under Hi Rise Tight Central Saint Martins Quartize Wunder Under Nulux Multi Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Central Saint Martins Nulux

Time To Sweat Crop Memoir Multi Purple
Time To Sweat Crop Memoir Multi Purple
Time To Sweat Crop Memoir Multi Purple

Align Pant IIAlign Pant II

Swiftly Tech Hooded 1:2 Zip
Swiftly Tech Hooded 1:2 Zip
Swiftly Tech Hooded 1:2 Zip

Pearl Pink Run Times Short IIPearl Pink Run Times Short II

Goal Crusher Jacket
Goal Crusher Jacket
Goal Crusher Jacket

Swiftly Tech LSSwiftly Tech LS Pearl Pink

Swiftly Tech SS CrewSwiftly Tech SS Crew Dragonfly Swiftly Tech SS Pearl Pink

Mix & Mesh Long SleeveMix & Mesh Long Sleeve

Back Into It Long SleeveBack Into It Long Sleeve

Stress Less Jogger
Stress Less Jogger

Stash N’ Run Bra
Stash N' Run Bra
Stash N' Run Bra

Free To Be Moved BraFree To Be Moved Bra

Hotty Hot Short II Memoir Multi Purple:Black
Hotty Hot Short II Memoir Multi Purple:Black

Speed Wunder Tight
Speed Wunder Tight
Speed Wunder Tight

Time To Sweat BraTime To Sweat Bra

Wunder Under Hi Rise Tight Shibori – Vert Shibori Pop Persian Red
Wunder Under Hi Rise Tight Shibori - Vert Shibori Pop Persian Red


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  1. I ordered the Tulle Wunder Under Multi. Would love to see some more short and tight options in Memoir Multi Purple. Really like the Goal Crusher jacket too. I might have to pick that one up at my local store later this week!

  2. I do like the memoir print but think it’d look better on pants without all those seams. I like the green that the US got too! Yay for color and pretty designs but too little too late for me. I think I got too aggravated with lulu in the last two years to want to even give them a try. Lol saves my wallet anyway but still pretty to look at!

  3. I like the Goal Crusher jacket but I do own two run rain jackets already so I don’t know if I can justify it.

    Anyone here has a Free to be Serene tank? I’m tempted by the new pink colour but wondering what the support is like for DD+. I would only wear it to yoga and already own a few Free to Be Serene bras.

  4. I would love the Goal Crusher Jacket in the new Pearl Pink. Nothing for me this week since Canada didn’t get the Pearl Pink Swiftly.

  5. DRAGONFLY!!!!

    Sorry, Dragonfly CRB has been a personal unicorn that’s been eluding me for the last two years, so I’m pretty excited to get a SS Swiftly in that color.

    Also ordered the LS Swiftly in Pearl Pink. I think I’ll need to see the color in person. It looks sheer on the model, but it might not on me. Hard to tell what it’ll do to my skin tone. Still, it seems beautiful, so definitely worth a try.

      1. 8. I’ve been able to get one in Pistachio, which is pretty close, so I’m not sure I can justify the Dragonfly at this point, but I really love the color. Hopefully, they’ll be using it more this Spring.

    1. I picked up pearl pink last week in store :). It’s beautiful! I have a loooot of lulu pink and it’s not very similar to anything else I own. I wore a neon yellow bra under and you could see it, but it’s solid enough that if you had nude or white you’d be fine. Anywho that’s my opinion ^_^.

  6. Are the Swiftly shirts always so long? The colors are beautiful and the long sleeve 1/2 zip hoodie looks so cute, but I HATE a shirt cupping my butt as I run. That is just so uncomfortable to me.

  7. What is going on with their skirt game? They haven’t come out with anything decent in sooooo long. They took a half-hearted run at bringing back the Pace Rival – but no good colours. This new pleated one is just a mess, doesn’t sit nicely and hangs too ow at the back. It’s funny because I see a lot of ladies playing tennis or running in LLL skirts and they are always the older styles…

    1. I keep waiting for them to bring back the Pace Setter, but it doesn’t seem likely at this point. That was the only Lulu skirt I’ve really liked. The Pace Rival is ok, but nowhere near as flattering, in my opinion.

  8. I picked up a dragonfly swiftly at a warehouse sale in hamilton…i was in search of that colour and finally found it by chance. I am ordering the wu in tulle and the other pinkish pattern…love them though if they come in speed shorts i would prefer those. I see that some of the other prints are in speed wunders….which i prefer…doubt they will release any more styles of todays prints. Love the colours! Finally.

    1. I had no idea they did this. I have a ton of them I would like hemmed. Has anyone tried it? What does bottom hem end up looking like? Is it noticeable! TIA

        1. Will they hem DSP 2s that I bought last year? Or would they only do it for new purchases. Do u lose your Strings? TIA

          1. I’ve brought much older items in to be fixed or hemmed and it wasn’t a problem You will lose the drawstring on the bottom. They won’t add it back in (at least, not at my Lulu.)

          2. They will hem and repair for the lifetime of the item. Stacy is right, you will lose the drawstrings on your DSP 2s.

            1. Thanks for response on hemming swiftly will def try it. I stopped buying them for this reason but caved on the recent 2 pink ones. Now I am glad I did!

                1. I totally agree.

                  When I first got the current version DSP, I kept them since I sort of liked the slightly less billowy leg. However, I soon realized that the new cut looked like the DSP version of mom-jeans on me. I never reach for them and only wear my old DSPs now.

                  I LOVED the Scuba 2 as well. So form-fitting and flattering. I have not bought a Scuba since.

                  I also miss the original CRB. Luckily, I have a ridiculous number of them, including the new Desert Teal one. I really dislike the back of the new version. That being said, I appreciate some of LLL’s new florals, but have no hope of their being made into anything but bras and tights. I have enough bras (I am not confident enough to wear them solo.) Plus, I have learned the hard way that I never wear patterned leggings. (I love them on others, but not myself.)

                  Whatever the case, thanks for the awesome blog. 🙂

  9. Disappointed in the fading of the crops you mentioned. It just seems like many cute patterns have been ruined by this. This is expected when there is so much contrast between the dark color and the white behind it. Why they keep making them this way is beyond me. It’s not an issue of sizing because even at a size up the knees will still fade in a deep bend. I know nulux usually has less issues with this but I prefer Luxtreme. I went a little crazy on women’s day so I only may pick up the tulle patterned leggings. I want to try them on in store since I may need them hemmed.

    1. I agree 100%. I’ve passed on many cute prints based on this issue. Thank you LLM for the review. It’s a super cute print!

    2. You are right. Also I don’t like Nulux at all; I find that leggings made of Nulux slide down a lot. Even during yoga.

    3. I agree!!! I have been complaining about the white backing for years. why are they keep doing it? is white fabric cheaper since they don’t have to dye it?? is it worth the cost savings when people don’t buy the product because of this reason?

    4. The white backing helps the lighter part of the print show up. If the backing was black, you wouldn’t be able to see it as well.

  10. Hi LLM, just wondering if you thought the memoir print will be coming out in different pant styles? I know we haven’t seen the green downloaded yet. I’m torn between the 2 colors. I was team green all the way until I saw them on you, very nice!!
    Also if anyone notices different styles in this print or the green pop up anywhere please let me know. So grateful…..

    1. I hope so. I want to try different styles to see if there is less print fade. Perhaps if it comes in nulux it won’t fade as much. I do really like the style though and love the print. My vote is the blue because it seems to have more contrasting colors in the print which gives it depth.

    2. Looks like Fast & Free’s will be released in the green Memoir print! Pretty sure that’s what is being shown with the green Memoir Energy bra.

  11. LLM, Wondering if u think we will see other style bottoms in this memoir print?? I know we haven’t seen the green downloaded yet. I was team green until I saw ur try ons, so nice. Also, if anyone sees these prints in store please let me know. TIA

      1. LLM was also wondering if you still sell some of your stuff on eBay? I don’t have a Facebook account so I miss so much. Thanks again for everything?

        1. I definitely do. Not often these days but I do. I find it’s the best for selling and prefer it over facebook.

  12. Lulumum I saw your review on instagram of the waterbound hoodie. It looks great. Did you go with your usual size 10? I am interested in it but routinely wear a size 12 and wouldn’t want it to be really tight fitting. Thanks.

  13. It was a very expensive night for me ugh. Total sucker for that pink. Bought LS in store now ordered SS too )plus dragonfly. I have a LS scream green one that I love so hoping this will be a bright SS. Bought speeds and new skirt and bra in pink. I tried on the skirt in store this weekend and thought it was cute but waist is definitely tighter than pace rival so keep that in mind if between sizes. I didn’t buy then but only because it was black but pink is a done deal. I also ordered tulle leggings because I like the print but I would prefer in shorts so not sure on those.

  14. I would love to see how pearl pink compares to pink shell from 5ish years ago. I <3 pink shell. I'm debating the LS swiftly in pearly pink, but I already have so many LS swiftlies and don't use them that often. That color might make me cave though.

    I bought the regular hotty hots in the memoir print, the quicksand FTB wild, and the all tied up tank in so merlot (both of those have been restocked!).

    1. I have a pink shell CRB and it is different than this pink. I can’t recall a pure light pink like this in several years. Pink shell may have slightly more peach tone than this and vintage pink slight lilac if that makes sense. I love both of those as well. This pearl pink is really a pretty pink. I saw and purchased the swiftly in person so at least in that material.

    2. I have a Pink Shell CRB and the Pearl Pink LS Swiftly and they’re different in intensity. The Pink Shell is strong and vibrant; Pearl Pink is softer and lighter.

  15. I’m really tempted by the pearl pink Swiftly LS too. The more I look at this upload, the more things I want. Everything is going in the cart and then I’ll edit.

  16. Reason for using white backing on tights…someone explained that the light colour is selected for inside tight as they then print the darker colours onto it. If the inside was black they cant do that. It would be like printing black ink in your printer onto dark purple or black paper…or printing dark colours onto navy paper compared to white. It is not possible. That explanation seemed very logical. So i try to avoid the super dark prints if i am sizing down as with the wunder under….as it is much more noticeable. I had the fast and free in the dark ugly sweater print and stayed tts but the black in them whited out so bad…especially with double lined side pockets to make it noticeable how much fade was on bum. … And that was tts. I also found that the crystalline print faded out depending on style…so i went with speed up tights as they had more seams on bum that helped cut down on stretching on bum like wu style. Hope this helps….i have yet to try cascade and tulle prints to see how bad fading is.

    1. I try to stay with prints that do not contain white in the pattern. Like the Japanese floral LLM posted for comparison on her Instagram. The backing matches the lighter blue color, the lighted color in the pattern. I understand they have to use white for the light colors to show but it obviously doesn’t work perfectly or people wouldn’t be complaining about it. Whatever the reason they use white for their darker patterns really doesn’t matter to me because it doesn’t change the fact that the fading makes the item look cheap and of poor quality. It seems to me that this is something they have been doing much more frequently than they used to. I know not everyone likes thicker bottoms but I really miss jacquard and reversible Wunder unders that were thick and opaque.

      1. I agree with you. Altho I understand now the reason why, unfortunately it simple does not translate well into production. and it annoys me to no end because some prints are simply gorgeous until you actually put them on. and I am the kind of person that sizes up quite often as I don’t like compression clothing too much. regardless, the fading still happens and it is bad.

  17. This was a good upload. I found and bought a few items with the new prints and colours, except the Central Saint Martins prints, which are not my taste.
    Thank you for @Gymmie for the explanation regarding printing on white background, that was very educational! I have only one pair of Wunder Under tights that have a white inside, and the print on them does fade when stretched. I’m not going to buy any more of those.

  18. I received both the Kascade and Tulle prints. The Kascade is so pretty and vibrant. It looks great with the pearl pink swiftly. They are keepers for sure! The Tulle print is beautiful in person. But when I put them on, the fade was terrible across my booty. Did anyone else have the same problem with them? I tried the size up in my store and it was too big. So sad. I may buy the bra just because the print is gorgeous. It would make a lovely tank top, but I won’t hold my breath on that one. I bought the memoir hotty hots and I can’t wait to wear those. Loving all the girlie prints!

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