Did you know you can follow me on the LiketoKnow.it app? You can now follow all of your favourite bloggers on LiketoKnow.It  You can download the app directly to your smartphone, or, what I love is that you can also access the app right from your computer. I hate downloading social apps only to find out I can’t access them from my computer at all. Basically LiketoKnow.It is a shopable blogger news aggregator.

Once you have the app you can also simply ‘like’ a photo on instagram of any outfit you want details on with a liketoknow it symbol on the picture and that ‘like’ will trigger the app to send you all of the outfit details right to your inbox. You can also just click on the ‘Shop My Instagram’ tab at the top of this page. Follow me here at


Another way to subscribe to my blog is by using this link to follow me on Bloglovin. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

One more thing, I recently created an icon for my blog so if you wanted to save my blog to your home page you will get a neat and tidy looking image just like this on both your computer favourites and your iphone home screen if you add it there. My blog icon is the black and white ‘TSE’ magnified in the photo below… (liketoknow.it is right below it) All you have to do if you want to add my blog to your home screen is go to my blog in safari on your iPhone (or browser on other smart phones) and at the bottom of the page you click the little square with the arrow pointing up and click +add to Home Screen. Because I have this new icon it won’t show up as a blank square. This may be basic information for a lot of you but I just recently added a lot of my favourite blogs on a separate screen on my iPhone like this instead of just having it book marked in my favourites.