I finally found my perfect backless loafers for Spring and they didn’t break the bank! Have you noticed the huge Gucci loafer trend has exploded in every fashion magazine, blog and on Instagram? I’ve been loving the look so much and really wanting to incorporate it. It’s such a cool, fresh spin on the ballet flat look, and really easy to wear.  I have had such a hard time finding a good high street version that is worth the price and has the right look.  Last year there where several options at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that were really popular amongst bloggers, but when I tried them on I didn’t love them. They either looked too masculine, my foot slid around too much or they where synthetic material. I’m pretty picky about how the toe box area looks as well since some designs make your feet look super long, and I’m also picky about the shoes being leather. Nothing cuts your feet up more than synthetic faux leather. Because I’m going to this blogger conference in Dallas next month I need a pair of flat, comfortable ‘dressy’ shoes that I can pair with skirts, dresses, slacks or pants so I decided I needed to hunt for backless loafers.

The Perfect Backless Loafers For Spring

Louise Et Cie Florie Mule

These caught my eye because I could see from far away that they were super soft leather (both inside and outside). They are less of a Gucci dupe though since it doesn’t have the horse bit, and they have the more feminine crossover strap that takes away from the menswear look, and the less structured leather. I didn’t think I’d like them on my feet though. I was after these Steve Madden Kera Flats which had more of a stiff structured look and closer to the Gucci loafer but when I saw them up close I was disappointed to see that the inside material is synthetic. Synthetic lining make my feet sweat something fierce, and that makes my foot slide around and blister. That sliding makes backless shoes pretty much impossible to walk in since you have to scrunch up your toes to keep them on your feet.  I was also looking for these Coal Haan Poper Loafers which are leather upper and lining, and more of a pointy toe feminine look, but unfortunately, my store doesn’t carry this shoe. I think they may have been a close contender.Tory Burch has this pair, but I didn’t want to spend that much. I grabbed all the backless loafers I could to try on and as soon as my foot slipped into these I was sold.

Louise Et Cie Florie Mule

Louise Et Cie Florie Mule

These are TTS for me which is a size 9. For reference, the Steve Madden shoes where a full size down on me. They are lightly padded, and the leather is so incredibly soft that they mold to your feet. These are the only mules I’ve tried on where my foot doesn’t need to grip to keep them from sliding off as I walk. I loved how they looked with my jeans, and when I tried them on at home with a variety of pants and skirts I loved each look. I also really love that they are their own take on the backless loafer shoe without being a complete Gucci knockoff. I went in looking for ‘Gucci Dupes’ but what I liked best was the least obvious dupe.  I’m really impressed with these and while I wouldn’t call $149 (the high end of the high street) ‘cheap’, the price point is quite low considering the quality. They aren’t designer shoes, but they definitely feel like designer shoes. They also come in a pretty metalic color that I may consider later on. Those are what’s linked below for you.

What do you guys think of the backless loafer trend? Have you found your Perfect Backless Loafer? Is this a trend you are trying out?

Louise Et Cie Florie Mule Louise Et Cie Florie Mule Louise Et Cie Florie Mule Louise Et Cie Florie Mule Louise Et Cie Florie Mule Louise Et Cie Florie Mule

My New Backless Loafers:

Other Backless Loafer Mule Options For You To Try:



  1. Hi Cristina!

    Thanks for sharing your review! I love these loafers on you!

    I’ve been looking for a backless loafer for a while now too. We share a lot of the same criteria! (haha!) Like you, I didn’t want a pair that was a copy of the Gucci styles that have been all the rage. I didn’t like the furry bit and I have similar feet sliding around issues like you! I’ll have to give these a try. Thanks for the recommendation!!

    1. I agree with you, Sara.

      I don’t like a shoe with a split personality. Backless and loafer just don’t go together.

      Cristina, you don’t need to follow a trend. You’re unique. Just be yourself! Besides, Dallas is hot! You’ll be much more comfortable in sandals, something where your feet can breathe.

      1. This! The “split personality” explains exactly why I can’t get on board with these. I love shoes that slide on easily, but these are just too heavy in the front (black pleated leather) and then so open in the back.

        These also seem heavy for Dallas. Agree again, go for something lighter. I’m also in the PNW and it’s hard to step away from black but the South will be different.

        Lastly, you frequently confuse “where” and “were”. You did the 3 times in this post. If you are serious enough blogger to fly to attend a blogger conference, you should be proofreading.

    2. I totally agree. When I saw them on, they reminded me of my grandpa’s slippers. They are pretty darn close!
      Not for me, but I do like the detailing on the top and they look very soft.

  2. I see the grammar police are here…but forgot to proofread their own comment, lol.

    So, I’m not a fan of this look. Too “blogger” and not super practical for real life. They don’t look that cute on many people, imo.

  3. Split personality is the correct way to describe these “shoes”. I’m not a fan, I think they do look heavy in the front. But if you like them, they are comfortable and fit you, please ignore my taste – you will be wearing them, not me. (Apart from the design, I could never wear any shoe that doesn’t have a back, or at least a back strap. I like my feet supported in every way, because I use them often, lol.)
    As to “were”, you always wrote “where”, Cristina, but I would never have mentioned it; I enjoy your blogs too much for that. Also, sometimes the autocorrect feature kicks in, and makes mistakes that we don’t notice. Not a big deal, really.

  4. Those are cute. And I think they completely suit your style! They probably look great with dress pants. I keep trying loafers but I’m not sure that style is for me. But I’ll keep looking.

  5. I’m going to check these out. I kinda like them with jeans. I think they look great on you Cristina especially with your jeans

  6. Not a fan.
    They really look like my 70 year old father’s slippers!
    If you love them, that’s all that matters though.
    To be fair, I don’t love the backless loafer look in general (especially with dresses or skirts).

  7. Not my style, but I’m not a loafer person period, backless or traditional. I think to pull that look you have to be model thin and very tall. But if you like them go for it.

  8. I like these ones much more than the ones I’ve been seeing with the “horse bit” on them. These definitely have a more feminine flair to them, which I like. I’m not as into pointy toes right now, but I do love a good quality shoe that is soft inside. I do like those Steve Madden Kera ones. These will be great for your conference!! I think you will be fine with these for Dallas in April. I can’t wait to see what you pair them with.

  9. not my style, I find them too masculine looking. I don’t like loafers in general anyways. I would rather go for a low wedge which I find to be very comfortable.
    but if people like them, then go for it!

  10. I usually like my shoes to look “feminine” as the rest of my style for everything to be cohesive. I’m usually in dresses, pencil skirts, high waisted wide legged pants and heels. I did want a pair a loafers on the slimmer side though for days I’d be walking a lot but wouldn’t want to wear casual sneakers. I also went to Nordstrom and ended up with a tan pair of Bjorn loafers, these ones:


    Looking forward for the snow to melt so I can wear these.

  11. I don’t personally enjoy backless slippers but totally understand the appeal of a shoe that is comfy for you. Since it is so masculine I’d prob pair it with skirts or florals. The metallic version is more interesting imo. Enjoy your conference! ps I always noticed the where/were errors but figured you had other priorities, eg kids 🙂

  12. Man, what’s with some of these comments? I think they look really cute on you. I have a pair of very orange loafers from M. Gemi that I love and you’ve just reminded me that I should dig them out of my closet tomorrow. Unfortunately I’m so clumsy that a backless loafer would fly off of my feet in three steps–I do it with slippers/flip-flops all the time.

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