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Cute Dresses For Spring (one is on markdown, one is just really cute!).

Cute Dresses For Spring (one is on markdown, one is just really cute!).

Club Monaco Loalla Ponte Knit Dress

Yesterday I had to go fancy outfit shopping for some upcoming special events and I found these really Cute Dresses For Spring. First up I have a conference coming in April that I get to travel to, and I needed several proper fashiony ‘outfits’. This conference is a really huge deal for me so I really want to get the outfits just right and feel my most confident.  I’ll be telling you much more about this trip soon.

The second event is a wedding we are traveling to in Muskoka in the summer. I’m not in a huge rush to find this outfit but since I was already out shopping I was also looking for summer wedding appropriate wedding attire.

Club Monaco Loalla Ponte Knit Dress


Loalla Ponte Knit Dress

I really wanted to share this first dress with you especially because it’s currently on steep markdown with an additional 25% off, and the quality of this dress is amazing. It’s so structured because of the ponte material (think the winter City Trek Trousers material from Lululemon) but it’s incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. I love how sculptural the sleeves are. I also really love that I can wear a regular bra in this and not feel really exposed or restricted so this first dress was a no-brainer. I’m actually going to go back to the store tomorrow because there were a few more items I liked that have since gone on sale online and they are sold out in my size. I’ll post them below.

Speaking of this brand, I’m having major nostalgia over this tee which I wore in high school. If you were in high school in the 90’s like I was, was this tee or hoodie with the crest huge at your school? The hoodie was the ‘IT’ thing to wear at my school but my family couldn’t afford it so I stole my sister’s tee shirt which she purchased herself with her own money.

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Aritzia Sunday Best Raleigh Dress Aritzia Sunday Best Raleigh Dress Aritzia Sunday Best Raleigh Dress

Aritzia Sunday Best Raleigh Dress in Irish Hills/Peony

This dress from Aritzia is just so cute. I gravitated to the contrasting pink and green print and I had to bring it home. I’m not entirely sure I love it for this wedding since it’s a very casual dress, but I love how comfortable it is, that I can wear a regular bra (my theme with dresses) and that the length is safely modest. I think I could probably dress this up more depending on the shoes and accessories, but If I can’t, I think I’ll keep it anyways for a fun BBQ party or dinner out. It is a ‘cottage’ wedding though so it’s probably fine. I’ll just wear these LK Bennet Sledge Heels with it.


Shop These Cute Dresses For Spring Here:

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  • I absolutely LOVE the black dress on you! I’m going to have to revisit Club Monaco. It’s been years since I’ve made a purchase but I still love the stuff I have. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Thanks!! Definitely do. I’ve actually been checking them out a lot lately and tried on some items in their January sale which I loved. I didn’t buy any of them at the time because I found what I was looking for at Loft for the January wedding (needed long sleeve and very modest for a religious wedding) but I regret not getting this super cute bell sleeved cotton tee shirt I really liked.

      • To this day I regret not buying a beautiful bright blue mid length wool coat from Club Monaco when I was in law school. My friend “talked” me out of it because we were poor law students. In hindsight, the sale price of $200 was a bargain for that coat. I still haven’t found a blue wool coat yet!

  • OMG, you are making want that black dress. Are you getting the black dress??? It looks FAB on you. 😀 Get it!!

    • Thank you!! I highly, highly recommend it. If you like Lululemon dresses that are sort of sculptural and tailored like the Power Date Dress, then you will love this one. Although the Club Monaco is way softer and stretchier because it’s Ponte fabric. I did buy it, and then this morning I went back and ordered this dress ( and this dress ( which I think makes me all set for my trips, except for a pair of trousers (I think I’ll wear my City Trek Trousers) and a couple of blouses. I’m not 100% sure I will keep the Aritzia dress. I love it and it’s fun but I don’t think it fits the purpose for any of the occasions I’m shopping for.

  • I thought I’d post my follow-up responses to my fit review on a newer post so you see it. I don’t always check back when there’s been back and forth conversations.

    @Gymmie: I agree with Janice’s assessment re the hinshu print being more vivid in F&F than WUPs or Train Times. I think it’s the difference in material. I hardly saw any fading of white in nulux or luxtreme because of the pattern itself. I really had to pull my fingers through the fabric. Also, because of the double panel of the side pockets on F&Fs, the print looks different along the pocket and the pattern on the leg to look more “vivid”. It’s like that for my other F&Fs in prints.

    @Janice: The mesh on the Train Times Hinshu Print is black but the seams are navy.

    @Suze: The light grey Train Times weren’t sheer. If I were to rate it, I’d give it a 9.5/10. The color sort of washed me out. I think I like grays with more color saturation than these grays. But it had a nice pinkish tone to it.

    • Thx for feedback…on hinshu…i still havent detagged the speed crops….i thought colours were a bit different. Not sure if ipay the extra $38…but i also am not crazy about slight fading on bum compared to side pockets of f and f.

      • That’s always my dilemma too. Do I live with the slight fading or the darkness of the side pockets on the F&Fs. I didn’t think there was any fading in the Train Times in the hinshu print.

    • Thank you. I’ll order them to try! They come in a 21” crop version now. Better for my shortness (5’2”).

  • The black dress looks amazing on you. I love floral prints but i am not loving this dress…to heavy…or frumpy…too busy….not sure what it is.

    • Thanks! I think I agree with you on the green dress. Love the print and color but the cut is just a bit casual. I think it’s perfect for a beach vacation kind of vibe but I’m not going on a beach vacation so it’s probably going to go back Monday in favour of one of the other CM dresses I ordered today.

      • I think it might be the ric rac on the chest that’s distracting from the pleats in the skirt and the ruffles around the neck. I like your other CM dresses better. But the color combo of the green and pink is really nice.

  • The black dress looks great on you. It’s classy, stylish, and fun. I’m not sure about the print. The cut is good on you, but I don’t love the colors.

  • Hi. Just wondering what the size of the aritzia dress was (if you remember)? I’m short and sometimes the dresses come way longer than intended on me. I’m also looking at getting one in black for a wedding but wasn’t sure if it was too casual for a semi formal wedding.

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