My kids had a dance competition downtown today and so afterward they indulged me a few minutes at Nordstrom to try on some things for my upcoming trip. You saw yesterday my finds from Club Monaco and Aritzia and I’ve since decided I’m returning the Aritzia dress although I think the print is super cute.  I tried on several more pieces at Club Monaco and some tops and dresses at Nordstrom but those items I’m going to save for another post. These two items are time sensitive since they are on sale and I really wanted to share them with you in case you wanted to snatch them up too. I’m especially pleased with the Chantelle Babylone Push-Up Bra.

By the way, the skinny cargos I’m wearing here I got on sale at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago. They are still on sale here but some are listed as Houlihan’s and some are listed as just cargos. The cargos are cheaper at 70% off and come in a beautiful army green. I posted the image link below if you want them.

Free People Rainbow Thermal Tee Free People Rainbow Thermal Tee

Free People Thermal Rainbow Long Sleeve

This top caught my eye when I first saw it in November but it was full price so I didn’t bother trying it on. I loved the rainbow stitching on this white one but figured it would be too form fitting and the color wouldn’t suit me. I then saw it on sale at Nordstrom Rack and was so tempted to order, but I really didn’t want to deal with shipping + duties for something I hadn’t tried on and they only had the red and grey ones available. Today I finally saw it on sale at my local store and so I grabbed it to try it on. For some reason, I thought this off-white would look terrible on me but I think because it’s framed in this bright rainbow stitching it looked really nice. I don’t think I would have ever paid full price for it but the markdown price is just right.

I got this in an L and as you can see it’s oversized. You can safely size down in this if you don’t want it too oversized or scooped in the neckline but I liked it. In my experience, thermal knits usually shrink on me anyways so I’d rather err on the size of oversized.

Chantelle Intimates Babylone Bra

Chantelle Intimates Babylone Underwire Pushup Bra

I think I’ve mentioned before on here that my favorite brand of bras is Chantelle. I have a few other go-to favorites so I’ll probably share them with you in a post soon. Chantelle is my #1 though because they just fit me perfectly and are extremely comfortable, and I love the design details on them.  The cup shape especially is exactly the right proportion for me so it looks the best under tee shirts.  They are a bit pricey so I like to snag them on sale, which is usually only the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale  or NWT on eBay (resellers from outlets).  A few months ago I saw this Chantelle Babylone Push-Up Bra and just fell in love with the ribbon detailing at the bottom. No way was I going to splurge on it full price though so today when I saw it marked down I snatched it up immediately. This particular one is a push-up style which I don’t already own so this makes a good addition to my bra collection. I was pleasantly surprised at the ‘lift’ this gave without feeling squished.

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  1. That bra is so pretty. I love Chantelle bras. Also Natori. Those are my two favorites because they work so well for me. Like you I always get on sale. Thanks for the heads up on the cargo pants!

  2. Cristina – what size does this style of Chantelle goes up to? I have a few of their bras but I recall I tried a push up one once and it wasn’t offered in large cup sizes

  3. I have the Free People Rainbow thermal in the white and the hot pink. They are so comfy and look cute with jeans. The rainbow stitching is pretty and has that FP lived in look. I thought the thickness was good for SF Bay Area cold days. I bought a Small, but could have done XS. The fit is a little bit imo. They were also recently on MD at Macy’s.

    If you like the FP thermals, the Laguna style is my favorite. Also, a bit oversized, but the trim is so fun!

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