Lululemon has come out with another Lululemon X Central Saint Martins colab for 2018. They last did a collab with the school in January of last year. This collab was a project of Lee Holman’s, the former creative director of Lululemon and alumni of Central Saint Martins (a leading art and design school in London) along with concept director Anoosha Foroughi.  It’s really interesting to me that this collaboration has continued even after Lee Holeman left the company (or rather, abandoned his job and ghosted Lululemon altogether according to this racked article). 

I believe the last Lululemon X Central Saint Martins was a success and sold out very quickly so it’s great to see more prints this year. Hopefully, we will see this line come to North America.  I’m especially loving this first print.

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    1. Totally agree with this. The blue ones look super tacky, like something that would take 3 months to arrive to your doorstep from Amazon. Both of the pink toned ones are somewhat interesting, but probably not enough for me to consider buying them. I like patterns, but they have to be very particular otherwise I fatigue of them quite quickly.

      1. Yep. But they used to pride themselves on not churning out the same generic, late-to-the trend stuff as everyone else. Those days are gone.

  1. Colour….yay…everyone should be happy. I am loving first two prints…now I may be more interested in a crop version…and def speed shorts. Love it! Hope cda gets them too!

  2. I like the second print. It reminds me of the bottles filled with sand dyed in different colors I used to make as a kid. There’s something serene about that print. I might switch out my hinshu print for one from this collaboration. The first print is pretty and would probably look flattering on all shapes and sizes because of the illusion of bringing the eyes to the center of the pattern. Can’t wait to see it in person.

    1. I like that second print too. It reminds me a little of that beachscape print that was popular a few years ago. I like the colors and how they are laid out on this one better though. I would buy those pants or if it comes in a tank.

  3. I like the idea of the collab with art students making the prints, but I wish they’d release speed shorts with the prints. Personally I like my fun crazy prints in smaller doses. Every time I get a pair of full length or 7/8 of a colorful fun print, i like how it looks in my drawer but always reach for solid black. 🙁

    1. I agree. I am intrigued by some of these prints, but would likely only go for the bra if I had coordinating colored bottoms. I would for sure snap up speed shorts in most of these patterns, but pants are just a bit much. The first pink one reminds me of some of the fun stuff Ivivva has come out with.

    2. I agree 100% I like having a tank or shorts in fun patterns over full length pants. It’s just too much for me unless it’s a darker more subdued print. Call me boring but I just don’t end up wearing them as much. At least with a top you can throw on a jacket to adjust how much of the pattern you show off. It will be a bigger thumbs down for me if these are backed in white because white backed luxtreme just seems lower quality to me overall. I do like the color scheme in the second pair and would consider it in a crop.

    3. I would love the first print in a short! It’s a little much (for me) in a full length tight.
      I would get the second print in a tight.

    1. I’m with you. No interest at all. As others have suggested, they look like the $9.99 leggings you can get from mall kiosks. Maybe they’re better in person, but I’m not looking forward to their arrival.

      As for Holman, he probably did initiate this collab, don’t you think? He was still around 6 months ago, and it must have taken that long to get the prints selected and made into garments.

  4. Afterthought- The collab has already Uploaded to Australia and Hong Kong so I’m gonna assume they’ll be in North America tomorrow. Last year they were only in the UK initially and the two that didn’t sell great came to the US a couple months later. I do like this year much more than last year!

    1. I find nulux wu slide down so i have to size down and end up with whiting out on bum. The speed wunders are so much better…so are fast and frees. Not to mention i can use them for running.

      But i am sure i will get one or two of these…but if they come in speed shorts that would be my preference with these bright prints.

  5. I am liking the first print the best but doubt I will buy any of these. I am loving the new pearl pink Swiftly I saw on the HK site. I have been waiting forever for a true light pink, not too light, not too dark. I also really like the look of the Stress Less Crew on the UK site. Why are these sites getting new drops so much earlier than us?

    1. I bought the pearl pink swiftly in store this weekend. It is super pretty if you like pink. I also saw soot hotty hots in 2 way. Wonder if soot will appear in more products.

  6. I actually like printed leggings and wear the ones I have a lot. I have quite a few print leggings too from Lulu, Teeki, Alo and Liquido. I just don’t like Nulux fabric slides down so I know I won’t be wearing these.

    Too bad as I do like the first and second pairs.

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