Thanks to Mrs. O for her guest fit review of the Water Bound Hoodie, Move With Ease Jacket, Mix And Mesh Tank, and City Trek Trouser II. I’m especially glad I ordered the Water Bound Hoodie with the Women’s Day discount because it looks adorable on her.

Mix & Mesh Crop, Mix & Mesh Tank Mix & Mesh Crop, Mix & Mesh Tank Mix & Mesh Crop Long Breath 2 in 1 Tank hang tag

Mix & Mesh Crop, Mix And Mesh Tank

On the off chance Lululemon was offering the same 21% off promotion for International Women’s Day this year, I stopped by the store.  I was happy to learn that they did have the promotion.  I showed a lot of self restraint and only bought two things!  One of those purchases was the Mix & Mesh Crop.  I was drawn to these because of the color combo and the different mesh pattern.  I just wish some of the mesh came to the front so it didn’t look so plain.  (It would have been nice if we got the same color combo as Australia did because I think green is more neutral than navy).  This tight had several pockets along the waistband.  It was a comfortable fit and TTS.  The waistband was comfortable, just the right width and didn’t pinch in.  Although I didn’t move around much, the waistband stayed in place.  The length of the crop is mid calf on me so for you ladies with long legs, it’ll probably hit your calf at just the right place.
I was pleasantly surprised by the fit of this tank.  It was very flattering and feminine.  From the front, the straps cut in like a halter (which works for most women) and the color blocking draws in the waist.  It’s fitted on the top to the waist and then there’s some room near the bottom.  So it would be forgiving for not so flat abs.  The back criss-crossing straps hit the right spot.  This is TTS for me in tanks with a built in bra.  So, get your usual bra size.  But for the price, I would have purchased it.  Now that I’m looking at these pictures, I probably should have gotten it with the discount.  I’ll just wait until it goes on markdown and I’ll get whatever color is left in my size.
*On a side note, I noticed today that the Train Times Crops are longer than previous versions.  Probably about 3 inches longer.  So, for those of you that thought the crops were too short, the new ones might work for you.  Now, the crops come mid calf on me like these crops.  I actually prefer the shorter length like the half WUPs.


Lululemon Move With Ease Jacket Move With Ease Jacket Move With Ease Jacket

Move With Ease Jacket

I really liked the detailing of this jacket when it was uploaded and the colors offered.  The length wasn’t too short and I have a long torso.  (I don’t mind cropped jackets).  My big issue is how slim fitting it is.  It’s made from Nulu which wasn’t constricting.  It felt comfortable zipped and unzipped.  The Nulu was buttery soft.  But I don’t know when I would wear such a tight fitting, lightweight jacket.  Also, I’m only wearing a bra underneath.  If you were to wear a looser tank or shirt, it would definitely bunch up underneath.  This is definitely a size up jacket.  You could probably size up twice but I’m not sure how the seams would look and the length of the sleeves would probably be too long.

Water Bound Hoodie Water Bound Hoodie Water Bound Hoodie

Water Bound Hoodie

This was another item I was interested in from this week’s upload.  I thought the length might be too short but it wasn’t.  I really liked the length of this hoodie.  It was a very lightweight fabric, which provides UV protection.  On warm days, it will probably still feel cool enough to wear long sleeves.  It was very comfortable and not constricting.  I was really drawn to this hoodie because of the color.  My pictures doesn’t do the color justice.  The website photos are an accurate depiction of the true color.  I thought I saw the hoodie in a different color (lavendar-ish) that’s not online.  But I can’t be sure.  This hoodie is meant to be slim fitting and is TTS.  Personally, I have so many Lululemon items and don’t really have a need for this type of item.  If I got it, I’m almost certain I wouldn’t grab for it very often.  It’s something I will mull over if it goes on markdown.  For those of you that have the older version, how and when do you wear it?


Mix And Mesh Tank Mix And Mesh Tank Mix And Mesh Tank

Mix And Mesh Tank


Please excuse the bad bra I’m wearing for this tank.  I was too lazy to go find a bra that would work.  The Ed told me someone tried it on with a Free to Be Zen Bra and it looked good.  This tank is made from a lightweight fabric — probably swift — which is not delicate (like the Taryn Toomey collection).  I wouldn’t worry about snagging this tank.  I think this tank is a re-do of the Anew Tank but better because it doesn’t have the side slits and billow out in the front.  I really liked the delicate and feminine shape and feel of this tank.  It is TTS.  This is a tank I will consider on markdown.


City Trek Trouser II City Trek Trouser IICity Trek Trouser II Hang Tag

City Trek Trouser II

I know the City Trek Pant has been around for awhile.  I’ve always been interested in a dress pant from Lululemon along the same lines as the men’s ABC Pant.  I prefer a more structured, flat front pant with a button and zipper for business casual.  I don’t know why they don’t offer more business casual items for women like they do for men.  (Hey, many of us work in offices in order to afford Lululemon!  LOL). I finally got to try them on because my store got so many returns that they almost had a full run of sizes in black and gray.  (I didn’t feel like ordering multiple sizes online then returning what didn’t work).
Please excuse my top; I wouldn’t pair it with a swiftly tank in real life.  I tried on my TTS and size up.  The picture with gray pant is TTS.  The picture with the black pant is a size 6.  I think my TTS fit better overall but I could also wear the size up.  I prefered the waistband in my size up because my TTS felt a bit snug.  I’m not sure how it will feel with a dress shirt tucked in.  (I had to order the black in my TTS at the store to get the discount so I won’t know if it will work with a dress shirt tucked in).  I think the size up had a little too much fabric around the knees; especially from the back.  It was also a little too baggy in the seat and did nothing for my little bum.  (I need all the help I can get!  LOL). I can’t wait to get them to try the pant on with a dress shirt/blouse and heels/booties.


Shop older color options on Ebay:

    1. That’s so sweet of you! Thank you for your kind words. I just like trying things on for the fun of it. I just wish I could get everything I wanted. I’m sure we all do!

  1. I like the Water Bound hoodie but I hate that it has a hood! I’d prefer a Water Bound crewneck as I’d like to wear it for running. The hood slapping my back doesn’t feel great after about 15k.

  2. I wear the Water Bound Hoodie from 2 years ago as a rash guard shirt. It’s so light, but UV. Perfect! I wear it swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking. The hood is great too because when I’m in the water it protects my neck and head from the sun. I bought another one this year as a back-up. I love the light blue color, prettier than the boring black and white.

    1. You’re definitely an outdoor in the water girl! I’d use it like you do, if I did any of those things. I’m not a strong swimmer. I had a very bad childhood experience at the pool (almost drowned when I was learning how to swim — very bad instructor who got fired) so I tend to stay away from water sports.

  3. We’re going on vacation to Mexico in a few weeks, and I’ll wear my Water Bound Hoodies non-stop. Ok, maybe not to dinner, but all day on the beach, in town shopping, or checking out the ruins. I have pale skin and hate wearing sun screen.

    In summer, I wear them by/in the pool, like a rash guard, but can use them to go from pool to hiking (which we tend to do spur-of-the-moment) or to lunch. If I’m at the pool and have to run to the grocery store, I still feel like I’m dressed.

    I wouldn’t wear them for running or yoga, but they’re a terrific lightweight cover up.

    1. By the pool as a cover up is a great way to use it. I really like the blue color so I’m very tempted to buy the water bound hoodie. Thanks for the great use ideas!

  4. The Move with Ease Jacket looks really nice on you, Mrs. O, and the color is so pretty. It might not be flattering on a lot of body shapes though.

    1. Thanks! I really do like the jacket but I know I wouldn’t grab for it often. It wouldn’t be worth the money for a 2-3 times a year wear. But if it goes on markdown, I will revisit whether I should get it.

  5. FYI, the first tank with the Mix & Mesh Crops is the Long Breath 2-in-1 Tank in Midnight Navy/Moroccan Blue. It’s $68 USD. I’m wearing a size 6, which is my TTS for tanks with built in bras.

  6. I keep THINKING about buying the city trek trouser, but even though I’m a TTS 8 in EVERY pair of pants I’ve ever bought at lulu, I needed a 12 in those pants for the waist to feel comfortable (like I wouldn’t mind sitting down in them for a while) because it was so tight, while the hips/butt/low belly ballooned out. The 8 LOOKED good except that I felt like I had to suck my stomach in the whole time and felt the waistband digging. It’s a shame bc they are SO NICE otherwise, if they could just adjust the fit on the waistband I would snatch them up in a second.

  7. That’s my dilemma. The waistband is snug in my TTS, which I suspect will be even tighter with a dress shirt tucked in. But I felt the size up was too baggy in the legs. Mine just got delivered today so I haven’t had a chance to revisit the issue.

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