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last weeks Lululemon Upload, Lululemon Fit Review, and Lululemon Asia Exclusive capsule.

Before I actually write my intro to this post (I do that AFTER I finish the rest of the post) I have to say, how fricken irritating is it having all the Taryn Toomey line added to ‘What’s New’ as if it was new product and not unsold merchandise from last year? They are using the same landing page video for it that they did back in July.  The  Taryn Toomey collection was released on July 6, 2017. I get that Lululemon is doing so well right now because they are repurposing unsold merch with embossed logos, and re marketing unsold capsules, but usually when they overbuy product that product ends up in markdown or at warehouse sales. I wish they where doing well because they are making new awesome product, not recycling old product.

Anyways, on to the actual new stuff. I’m liking a lot of the new colors we are catching glimpses of. The Sheer Lemon, So Merlot, Foxglove, Light Coral and Persian Blue are all colors I’m liking. I’d love a Love Tee in Sheer Lemon, or a run tee (I would LOVE a run tee in sheer lemon actually).  The item that tempts me the most today is the In Movement Crop which was my favourite tights/crops from last year (posted here on my Best of 2017 list). I like both the Deep Coal and Dark Shadow. They aren’t at risk of selling out at all so I’m going to mull that over.

What do you guys think of today’s upload and the Taryn Toomey collection being re presented to us. Did you buy any Taryn Toomey pieces? Any of the other upload items for you today?


Ready To Rulu Wrap

Power Pose Tank – Sheer Lemon

Love this color!

Power Pose Tank - Sheer Lemon

Align Pant – So Merlot

Align Pant - So Merlot

Align Pant Full Length – Boysenberry

Back In Action Long Sleeve V

Back In Action Long Sleeve V Back In Action Long Sleeve V

Fast As Light 1/2 Zip

Fast As Light 1/2 Zip

Swiftly Tech LS – Foxglove

Swiftly Tech LS - Foxglove

Train Times 7/8 Tight – Persian Blue
Stunning color!
Train Times 78 Tight Persian Blue

Wunder Under – Persian Blue

Wunder Under Persian Blue

Love Tank II

Fast As Light Crop – Boysenberry
Fast As Light Crop

It’s A Tie Tank

It's A Tie Tank

In Movement Crop – Deep Coal

In Movement Crop - Deep Coal

  1. Honestly, I felt like I needed to refresh my browser from a year ago since it was such a repeat. Big yawn and very disappointing to see such recycled product.

  2. I was going to ask you Cristina if you thought Taryn Toomey was unsold product or did it do so well they made more, ha ha. I didn’t buy anything from this line so it is of no interest to me a year later. They probably didn’t put it in WMTM because they don’t have enough room for it. Surprising LLL numbers are doing so well when they have so much product sitting in WMTM.

    LLL went from such a bland colour story to an explosion of awesome colours in the last six months or so. So many shades of purple to choose from, be still my Viola heart. I love Boysenberry and am tempted by the new 1/2 zip but the reflective tape in front might be a deal breaker and I need to see what material it is. The new Foxglove Swiftly looks nice but will have to check it out in person as I don’t trust stock pictures to show the colour accurately. I would love something in the Persian Blue and Sheer Lemon maybe a Spring jacket, I would like to see these colours around for Spring.

  3. Lol! Good call on the Taryn Toomey relaunch!! If they had so much stock, it sure as heck would’ve been nice to see it added when it sold out immediately. Instead the usual sharks bought up as much as they could and listed on eBay.

    I agree with you about the colors, I am liking them but wish they were available in tops, in particular tops I would purchase. The Love line does not work for me, the body of both tees and tanks are too wide, plus they are too short. I wish they still offered the Yogi Racerback (with or without pocket) or Everyday Yogi Tanks and something like the 5 Year Yogini. I do love my Back in Action Long Sleeves, but the V neck version is a fail in my book, the original neckline is a feature I love. However, a V neck or scoop in the Tank would be a nice option. I also wish the Deep Coal would be released in the Aligns and Fast & Free Tights. I was not sold on the In Movement and returned them. I had purchased them in Garnet shortly after they came out. Great color, so I purchased the Fast & Free Tights in it.

    The Fast As Light 1/2 Zip tempted me for a moment, I am assuming it is Rulu even though it is not stated….. but the ruffle detail is a hard pass for me.

    I did purchased the Aligns in So Merlot. They are at risk of selling out and I want a chance to see if I like them. (Ban Island has too many options for escape). TBH, I prefer the spring-ish colors in a 21″ length (thankfully the 19″ appears to be replaced by the 21″), they fit me like a 7/8 tight. The Mystic Green, Blue Tied and Olive Green colors have either been restocked or stores have returned them to the warehouse. Blue Tied is one of my all time favorite colors and I am tempted to purchase another pair.

    1. I also could have sworn the striped and reflective gloves have already been on WMTM. The mittens look familiar too.

    2. I’d love to see the yogi racer back return. I wear the few I have sparingly. I’m loving the sheer lemon and persian blue colors. Can’t wait to see them in person. Those two colors might tempt me off the ban island!

    3. I thought the same about the ruffle. It’s not that I don’t like a ruffle detail, but they way they put it on there with the reflective strip and how it gathers a bit around the ruffle….it almost gives the illusion that the shirt is too tight in the chest area. It just not as cute as say, the way they added the little ruffle to the extra mile sleeves.

      I agree– so many gorgeous colors! I’m also hoping for more options that just the usual tights/bras. I’ll probably break down and buy the sheer lemon tank. Fingers crossed the color is as soft and pretty in person.

  4. I love Sheer Lemon but I’m too booby for Power Pose tank. I really want something in Persian blue because I am Persian. But I’m nit allowed to buy any tights 🙁

    Agree with you regarding the Taryn stuff been uploaded as new…

  5. Are some of the colours in the TT tights new? I dont remember the darker colour… I do have the awakening tights in light grey but they show sweat. I have all 3 colours in tank…it is pretty especially when tied up in back. I just need a bra to coordinate…actually i have many light coloured ones that will do lol. I do want to see the persian colour as sometimes it will be more grey than the picture. Im glad this upload didnt tempt me because i got a few city lights pieces and the seawheeze ss swiftly last week. I need a break so i thought if i bought 2 or 3 pieces a month that would slow me down big time

  6. Persian Blue Train Times look very tempting . I might get them. I didn’t buy In Movement pants or crops because I didn’t like lack of compression in that fabric so no go for me. My fave is still Luxtreme for all my workouts . I do have a couple of Nulux bottoms, but rarely reach for them due to not enough compression. Nothing for me this time, but I did order Define in quicksand last week so need a break. I wish they would make either WU or train times in quicksand . I would be all over them

  7. OT : question to those of you who in the US. I ran into my trainer who used to train me a couple years ago . He has a lot of bikini and other competitors clients therefore sees a lots of women’s workout clothes. He told me today that most of his clients wear this brand called Blessed. Especially squat pants? They are supposedly have very nice cut. I have never heard of them . He also said that the fabric is like lulu. I’m just curious if anybody heard of them ? Or even have their bottoms ? Any feedback ? Tnx:)

  8. Could someone please help me with a discussion on swiftly techs? I have only tried this top once, because it feels like it will ride up. I like tops to stay around my hips, and it feels like swiftly techs wont. That is also what I have read about this top on reviews.

    I loved the Fast As Light 1/2 Zip because I prefer raglan details. I did like the merlot colors and I will be buying it if will be released in wunder unders. Although I would say that lululemon has released a lot of colos in this similr coloway lately.

    1. I have swiftly tanks, short sleeves and long sleeves. The long sleeves are my favourite because I wear the for running in fall and winter. I wouldn’t say either of the styles ride up on me though. I find the tank a bit loser in cut but overall all three are my all time fave Lulu products (in addition to the Define jacket).

    2. I agree with ShadowLady. If you stay TTS on swiftlys, they don’t ride up. I have one I bought on a deep MD in my size up and it will creep up if I’m running. It’s okay for regular gym use though. I would also suggest wearing a swiftly on its own. I wore a CRB under one while running and I had to constantly pull it down. They do snag if not treated with care. I will admit that I baby mine as far as which activities I use it for and washing (always inside out in a bag.) They are more breathable than some of Lulu’s other tops, so it’s worth it to me to handle them carefully.

      1. I think it depends on your body type. I’m quite dramatically pear-shaped, and once I start running and those hips start moving, my swiftlys always ride up. It doesn’t stop me from wearing them though. I love them, and the fabric is genius.

    3. I don’t find that my Swiftlies ride up much. I do notice it more when I’m wearing nulux tights because it’s a bit more slippery than luxtreme or everlux or the other fabrics. I tend to favor the ls and tanks because they are more versatile for me. Generally, I stay TTS in ss and tanks but size up in ls. My issue is my shoulders and the armholes on the ls. I agree with the others’ assessment of Swiftlies.

  9. received merlot aligns today-color is really nice , looks amazing in pair with quicksand define,
    Persian blue WU-color is more green to me, my TTS fit is weired-around ankle is loose, squat test-bare pass,not keeping but might like this color in define

  10. I’m here to say that I tried on the Ready to Rulu wrap in heathered nocturnal teal in store this weekend and not only was the colour SO CUTE (and I don’t even like blue), the material was buttery soft. It’s really cute. It ties funny in the front but I can play around with it. I want it, but not at $118. maybe if it goes to below $80.

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