Thanks so much to Mrs. O for her wonderful fit review of the Glyde Scuba Hoodie II and the Warm And Restore Sweater.  I’m loving this entire outfit, but what makes it for me are the tights. I love a paint splatter print and these are just gorgeous! Love Love Love!

I have a Lululemon order due to arrive tomorrow. Reader Irina recommended the Mystic Green Align Pants, and Mrs. O recommended the Pink Paradise swiftly I had been eying. She reminded me that the striped multi color looks a lot like my favorite Nike Dry Fit Tees. I currently have the flu and a bad hand injury from a fall so I need help constructing my posts – but I’d like to post a review tomorrow if I can of the align pants and swiftly. Hopefully, I can do a try on fit review but at the very least I’m going to try and get a natural light photo of the colors for you so they are as unadulterated as possible.

Scuba Hoodie Glyde Scuba Hoodie *Glyde 2 Scuba Hoodie Glyde


Scuba Hoodie Glyde

Happy New Year!  After the rush of the holidays, I finally had a chance to pop into the store to try on a few pieces.  I was interested in trying on this Scuba Hoodie because of it’s features.  Right away, I noticed that this version is shorter than regular fleece Scuba Hoodies.  The Glyde fabric is not nearly as shiny as it looks on the Lululemon website.  There is a sheen to it but it didn’t look plastic-y.  It was really warm and the sherpa lining was soft and toasty.  The inner lining zips out if you don’t want the added warmth or something around your neck.  I thought it was well constructed.  The thumb holes on the sleeves are “hidden”.  This Scuba Hoodie is slightly boxier and has more room in the torso area than the fleece Scuba Hoodies.  I felt that the proportion between the shoulders and torso was slightly off.  It felt slightly tight across my shoulders (more so than the fleece Scuba Hoodie).  And it was baggier in the torso area than the fleece Scuba Hoodies (although I think even the fleece Scuba Hoodies have gotten a bit baggier in the torso area too).
So, I want qualify the next part of my fit review.  For those of you that rely on my sizing critique, I wanted you to know that I have lost some weight/inches, which makes some of the items looser than what my TTS used to fit like.  I am now more consistently staying TTS (4) in most tops.  I’m still TTS (4) in tights but the waistbands are slightly looser on me and easier to pull up over my hips.  In Scuba Hoodies, I size up to a 6 (as with Swiftlies and Defines).  But now, my size up is looser than what they used to be and in fact, I can comfortably wear my TTS (4) in Swiftlies, Defines and Scubas.  Even though I can comfortably wear my TTS in those items, I still prefer to size up.  (I never know if I can maintain this size and would prefer to have some wiggle room for my fluffier days).  I tried on both my TTS and size up in this Scuba Hoodie.  But given the style of hoodie, the fact that it’s a top layer for cold days and the shoulder proportion, I liked my size up better than my TTS.  In my TTS, the Scuba Hoodie pulled too tightly around my shoulders.  It felt like something was tugging down my shoulders.  A size up made the torso area much looser but it also fit across my chest better.  My size up would be roomy enough for me to wear more than thin layers under the hoodie.  In fact, I have a tank and Swiftly under the hoodie (in the picture) and I could have also layered a sweater (or Define or sweatshirt) under the hoodie comfortably.
The more I look at these pictures, the more I like it.  Since I’m on the ban island, I knew I would not be taking it home.  Besides, the $168 price tag definitely made me pause.  For that price, I think I might like something else.  If and when it goes on markdown, I may revisit getting it.
Warm and Restore Sweater Warm and Restore Sweater Warm and Restore Sweater

Warm And Restore Sweater

I liked the Warm and Restore Sweater in this colorway because you can see the detailing better than the solid color.  This is a loose TTS.  It is boxier than it looks on the website.  It hangs more straight up and down.  It is a lighter sweater than the Sit in Lotus Wrap.  I liked the length of the turtle neck (not too long) and the overall length of the sweater.  I think it would look really cute with jeans as casual wear.  I don’t know that I would pay $148 for this sweater when you can buy similar (non-Lulu) sweaters for much less.  It wasn’t special enough to tempt me to buy it.
  1. Thanks Mrs. O for the fit reviews. I think the Warm and Restore looks great on you. I agree that this colour shows the detail more than the other colours. If you were to get this sweater on markdown I think you would be very happy with it because it does look very nice on you. I bought this sweater in navy and the green and to my surprise I returned the navy when I thought for sure it would be a winner. The navy is so dark it almost looks black so it’s hard to see any knit detail and it also was a very tight fit in the arms and neck. I bought the green one and like it much better as it has a bit looser fit and the I love the colour so it is a keeper. I also had to stop and think about the price as it’s $158. in Canada so that was one more reason to return the navy.

    Congrats on the weight loss and yes being between sizes now will put you in a bit of a tight spot when it comes to deciding what size to go with. The Scuba Glyde is a such a nice jacket and you probably are right to go with the size up in this jacket, better to have a bit more room.

  2. Thanks, CT! I think you’re right about the sweater. And I love the detailing on the grey. I don’t think the US got a green one (or if we did, it might have sold out). I think I would have liked the green as well.

    For jackets, I always err on the larger size. There’s more flexibility to layer. And I think the Glyde Scuba is meant to be layered and should be a looser fit. More than actual pounds, I’ve lost inches. I didn’t think I’d lose more inches so it was a pleasant surprise. Now, the trick is maintaining.

    The shoulder width on the Glyde Scuba seemed smaller than other jackets. So, since I have broad shoulders, it’s definitely better to go a size up. It’s more comfortable to move my arms around.

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