The Lululemon Upload is up!

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I feel really positive about this Lululemon upload. I’m especially loving all the interesting pinks, nudes and reds mixed in with teals and blue based prints. I really love the new Free To Be Serene Tank and the new Define Jacket. Persian Red is just stunning and I cannot wait to see more items in it. Last week I really wanted the Porcelain Pink Swiftly Tech LS, but since so many items uploaded today in pretty pinks I ended up ordering the Free To Be Serene Tank to try on, which is a new style for me. The Play Off The Pleats Tight is also really pretty, as are the SO Merlot Wunder Unders and the Redwood In Movement Tight.

I’m still debating another purchase so I’ll either go with So Merlot Wunder Under Crops, or Redwood In Movement Tights. I saw that the Play Off The Pleats Tights is coming in red (photos later) so if those are redwood I may prefer those to the In Movement Tights…. I don’t know. I’ve been off the gym for 6 weeks now due to this hand injury and my bronchitis so I’m looking forward to going back very soon. I am very nervous though so I’m trying to bribe myself to get back in full swing by getting new outfit.

What do you guys think about today’s upload? Are you as excited about the colors, prints and designs? It’s been a while since we’ve had a nice full upload.

Define Jacket SEDefine Jacket SE

Bring It Backbend SweaterBring It Backbend Sweater Bring It Backbend Sweater

Blissful Zen SweaterBlissful Zen Sweater Blissful Zen Sweater

Swiftly Tech LS CrewSwiftly Tech LS Crew Porcelain Pink

Energy BraEnergy Bra Crepe

This Persian Red is just absolutely stunning.

Braided Energy BraEnergy Bra Braided Persian Red Energy Bra Braided Persian Red

This is not a tank style I typically go for, but I think it’s just gorgeous in this color so I ordered it. Since I’ve been bitterly complaining at the lack of tank options and tank color releases, I thought I should at least give this beauty a chance. Maybe I’ll get a snap button added to the middle back on the bra so I can bring up that open back.

Free To Be Serene TankFree To Be Serene Tank

This was the cape I mistakenly identified last week. So beautiful in the pink color.

Forward Flow CapeForward Flow Cape Forward Flow Cape

Breeze By Hooded Tank SquadBreeze By Hooded Tank Squad Breeze By Hooded Tank Squad

Spring Bloom Multi Wunder Under Hi RiseSpring Bloom Multi Wunder Under Hi Rise

I really like the rushing at the lower leg on these pants, and the seam detailing. I mostly love a nice solid pant without mesh inserts all over the place. I believe some stores have this pant in a dark burgundy color (merlot maybe?) but for some reason it wasn’t uploaded. I’d love it in that reddish color.

Play Off The Pleats TightPlay Off The Pleats Tight

Spring Bloom Multi Sculpt Tank IISpring Bloom Multi Sculpt Tank II

Wunder Under Crop Hi RiseWunder Under Crop So Merlot Wunder Under Crop Spring Bloom Multi

Scuba Hoodie
Light Cotton Fleece
Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece
Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece

Festival Bag Misty PinkFestival Bag II Misty Pink

    1. I saw that they re released them in that gorgeous red and I was going to post about it. So gorgeous!! I want a hoodie in that red.

  1. I really love some of the colors (Redwood, Dusty Dawn, Persian Red, Nebula) and hope more products will be available in them, especially since some of the bras show matching pants or crops. I like the Spring Bloom Multi print but it looks like its the type with white backing and the white backing shows when stretched… maybe I can grab the towel. I’m tempted to give the In Movement Tights another chance in the Redwood but not sure on size and how well they’ll hold up. Did anyone try the Garnet as well as other colors? Did they fit the same?

    I ordered the Aligns in True Navy. I have been hoping they’d be released in the 7/8 version since I really do not need full length. The Align Crops in Nebula are tempting, as well as the Bring it Backbend Sweater (missed trying it last time) and the Blissful Zen Sweater (wonder how long, or short it is), just hesitant because of the fabric and price.

    1. I have the Speed Up tight in the Spring Bloom Multi print and it’s not really see-through! It is backed in white and as always with prints it can *look* sheer when the print stretches, but I did a test with these wearing black underwear and couldn’t see the underwear at all even in a full squat. Not sure about the Wunder Under version since I got the Speed Up in this print, but I imagine it’d be similar as they are both Full on Luxtreme. Hope that helps!!

      ps. I am debating the Scuba in this print but I’ve bought 3 already this year… ugh. Does anyone know if the printed Scubas tend to fit the same as the solid colors?

  2. I was hoping for hinshu print too. I am not sure about this floral print…reminds me of another print they had a year or two ago. The touch of peach pink is nice…maybe speed shorts…but like the peony i am not super excited about it. I am trying to keep pieces down to 4 a month so this upload helps. The red bra may have a brownish cast to it so thats a no go for me. So for this month i have city lights print and crystalline… Oh and lemon yellow bra. Thx for your blog…

  3. Cristina – I’m loving all the pinks and red too!!

    Damn Lulu and calling colours Persian!!! I’m Persian and red is my favourite colour so I’m definitely getting the energy bra.

    US girls, did any of you see the light pinky long sleeve swiftly last week? we just got it now in Canada and I want to make sure the material is soft and not scratchy.

    1. I got one but it is going back. It is soft but the color is not great in person. Not as pink as I had hoped. Almost like a white top thats not so white anymore.

    2. I love it. It’s muted and nice. I’m not looking for a thick Swiftly LS since I’m not wearing it to keep warm. It’s a workout top for me. I’ll buy a Rulu top if I need something warmer. This top is not too thin either. I think it’s a great color and different than the colors lulu has vein putting out.

      1. it’s a workout top for me too. I live in cold climate and wear the long sleeves all winter in the gym to lift. I also wear them under my Fleecy Keen to run.

        I just want to make sure it’s soft and not scratchy and the colour is more pink than peach. I really cannot pull off warmer pinks and peaches

        1. it’s not scratchy to me and i am very sensitve to itchy fabric. it’s also not a PEACHY pink color. it’s more like a very pale pink. i can’t do peachy pink as i’m very pale. I also wear LS swiftlys under First Mile Jacket and Fleecy Keen. It’s perfect weight under those jackets. I think it’s worth it to go try it on in the shop.

    3. Porcelain pink matches so many bottoms I have. I ordered it right away and very pleased when I got it. It was exactly what I was expecting. Very pale pink. I’m waiting for the ss version. I’m going to snatch that up also.

    4. hmmmm the responses on this are so divided. I may need to drag my butt to the store in person to see it.

      Thanks ladies.

  4. I am really liking the pastels coming out. I’ve been avoiding going to the store because I will be so tempted. I’m trying to save money for a big ticket item so it’s only window shopping or try-ons only for me. Nothing strikes my fancy so much that I would buy. I’m just going to have to wait and see if things get marked down.

  5. Snatched up the swiftly tech racer back in quicksand. If they had come out in a LS I would have got that too. Happy it did come to Canada I have been watching for it since it released in the states a couple of weeks ago. Great colours out, some things tempting but I am saving money and will only buy things I really really want…?

  6. I find it frustrating that they release new colors in bits and pieces. I love the Dusty Dawn color, but we just get a bra this week. They should’ve released the matching bottoms at the same time. I miss when you could get an outfit at one time verses a top one week with coordinating bottoms the next.
    My store hasn’t been getting big shipments either. They are supposed to get a lot for Friday’s opening, so I’m hoping they’re finally getting some good stuff.

  7. I am absolutely loving the colours just not the designs. I am finding more reasons these days not to buy something than to buy no matter how wonderful the colour is. Even when it comes to staple items I really have to love the colour otherwise I will just hold out, patience is a virtue! I have been wanting a light pink swiftly for ages now but porcelain pink is too light for me and pow pink too bright, I want something in between. There is a new l/s knit pullover being shown in new product pics of the baller cap and 2 different bags that looks nice and could be merlot or redwood that hasn’t been released yet. I am not much of a print person but really liked the look of the hinshu print, it looks promising. What I don’t like is how they speckle the background of some prints, like the new Spring Bloom print. The speckle aspect of the print makes it look too muddled and would look so much better without it, imo. With flower prints being big this year in fashion it will be interesting to see how LLL plays off this trend being that they have rocked floral prints in the past.

  8. Does anyone know what tank is pictured with the Wunder Under Super Hi-Rise in So Merlot? Is it something that has been released and I just can’t place it or perhaps something forthcoming?


  9. So glad to read that you are well enough to head back to the gym. It’s so tough being out with an injury or illness. Cute new workout clothes are definitely in order!
    I love the new “happier” colors too. I am particularly interested in the Persian Red and hope it will be released in a tank or tights. It’s hard to tell what a color looks like from stock photos. I was hoping that when you receive your Persian Red bra you might be willing to take photos of it with some basic colors (black, gray, blue) to see what kind of red it is and what it can be paired with.
    It’s a bit of a trip to go to the LLL store, so I really appreciate your reviews and photos!

  10. They finally made a nude colored sports bra! Yay! Now I can wear it under my light colored tanks. I also ordered a few things from Ivivva as well!

    1. Been looking for nude color bras also and ended up ordering 3 of them. I love them for under light colored tanks also. Yay Lulu!

  11. Ugh Lulu got me this week! Pretty pinks…ordered the pink Bring it Backbend sweater, forward flow Cape in mink berry and So Merlot Wunder Unders. Very nice pastel colours this upload! Now to get myself back to workout mode…

    1. I got 3 colors of back bend sweater and so merlot wu. Expensive week for me. Those sweaters are gorgeous and looks great on

      1. Saw it as well as the store and it looks almost like a “dingy” white rather than pink. Had is been slightly more pink I would have purchased it for sure.

        1. I was able to see it, too, although I walked right by it initially, thinking it was white. It’s a nice shade – sort of a ballet pink – but too pale. I tried it on, but left it in the store. A little more intense, and I would have loved it, but it was too pale for me.

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