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Lululemon Asia Exclusive For Lunar New Year

Lululemon Asia Exclusive For Lunar New Year

CarmineTrue Red Black/Black

Lululemon Asia Exclusive For Lunar New Year uploaded to the Hong Kong site tonight! A few weeks ago we see an Asia exclusive capsule from Lululemon which was very different from this. It was a beautiful red, but heavily branded capsule. Comments, including mine, where generally negative about the heavy branding but also positive about the bright red which has been lacking at Lululemon for a long time. Some of you speculated that first capsule may be for the Lunar New Year. Hong Kong just got this magnificent upload for the Lunar New Year and nowhere does it say it’s exclusive, but it does call these pieces SE (special edition). I assume these will only be sold in asian markets, but perhaps some locations in North America will sell these. I can see this being a huge hit for the local Vancouver market so I’ll be keeping an eye on the Robson St. store. What do you guys think? It’s a very small capsule with just two items but the color blocking with black and the beautiful subtle red floral print is just stunning.

Lululemon Asia Exclusive For Lunar New Year

CarmineTrue Red Black/Black CarmineTrue Red Black/Black CarmineTrue Red Black/Black

The print is so beautiful. It’s such a subtle floral. I think the flower they used here is the Narcissus which represents good fortune and prosperity and is a very auspicious flower for the Chinese New Year.

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CarmineTrue Red Black/Black CarmineTrue Red Black/Black CarmineTrue Red Black/Black

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  • Surely Lululemon knows western markets are dying for a true bright red. Why are they delivering the color to Asia only?

    • My question too! I have been wanting a true red from Lulu for a long time in some of their classic pieces. Not a cranberry, not a purple, pink, maroon, brick brown or orange-red, not a red heathered with black, just a pure red. Not sure why it is that hard for Lulu – it is the color of their logo. They do release true reds for their men’s collection from time to time, but everything they release for women as a red is somehow off from a true shade of red. I would have bought the red scuba they released in Asia in a heartbeat if it was issued here and without the huge branding on it.

  • Thank you for the extra research into the flower/print (I totally geek out on that type of info ?).

    I like the print, but another one I’d like in a bag. The bra is super cute (probably not for a 32/24 E/F). Color blocking the pants like that is just not flattering though.

    Thank you fir keeping us up to date with the non North American markets!

    • Is this really a funny statement or do you even understand what this means? No need to be derogatory…figure it out

      • I didn’t care for the comment, myself. I don’t moderate comments (within reason) but wanted to let you know I am keeping a close eye on things and I read every comment that comes in.

  • I’m totally a black n red type of girl so I would buy at least one piece from this collection if it ever came to Canada.

    I was in Shanghai last year during the lunar year celebrations and bought a beautiful red coat from Club Monaco that was Asia – New Year exclusive. I think generally the Asian market gets some nice things from various brands.

  • I love this! The floral print is so pretty! Would totally purchase if it came to Canada. Disappointed that it’s an “Asia exclusive”. There are plenty of PEOPLE everywhere that celebrate Lunar New Year. Or appreciate pretty floral prints. Give me a break.

  • I’m not a fan of true red or florals. Not sure I like how the tights are color blocked. But I do like color blocking in the bra.

  • Not into these pieces at all. Oddly generic, and strange pattern and color choice – I think a more selectively applied floral design would have looked better.

  • I love the color and print. I’m not sure if I’d purchase it in these pieces, but it would have made a lovely original CRB!! I really miss the beautiful prints they used to do for CRBs.

    • I agree I would buy this print in a crb or bra but not for leggings. I would love a solid red scuba without the large logo. I hope we get that eventually!

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