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Statement Sweaters For Spring

Statement Sweaters For Spring

Loft: Textured Boatneck Sweater

I’ve been really into Statement Sweaters For Spring lately as you know from my Free People purchases, which is a strange thing for this tee shirt and jeans wearing girl. Statement sweaters have been really catching my eye and unfortunately, the #1 statement sweater that I’ve been lusting after is completely out of reach price wise. I’ve been lusting hard after this Bella Freud jumper but sweaters are just not investment pieces for me so I can’t bear to spend that kind of money, especially on something I can’t try on first. Enter these beautiful options from Loft. I’ve never shopped Loft before except a few weeks ago I had to hunt for a particular style of dress to wear to a wedding (post to come on that!), and I found beautiful options at Loft for insane markdowns. I was amazed at the gorgeous prints they have out lately! I found a dress that I loved, and it was $34! Anyways, I was hooked and came back to Loft this week and noticed they had all new Spring merch.

This ‘Love’ sweater was the first thing to catch my eye. I’ve seen similar ideas elsewhere but either couldn’t figure out the retailer that sold the sweaters, or they just didn’t live up to expectations in person. This one is a really beautiful pink that isn’t bubblegum pink, and it’s a very soft cotton knit. It’s such a lovely soft knit that isn’t hot or overly warm. I love the cropped sleeve detail.  The price for this sweater is a steal at $59.50, but I just realized it’s on sale for 40% off online right now as are all the other sweaters in this post.  I purchased it in store at full price but I’m actually going to return these to take advantage of this sale price. This is a size L on me and it fits just right. long enough to cover my hips, and not boxy.

Love Sweater Love Sweater Love Sweater

Another sweater statement I’ve had a thing for is bright yellow knits. I saw a woman the other day wearing the most intense yellow sweater and I was so in love with it. It wasn’t a spring yellow though. Something about it was just a touch cool and so nice with her skin tone which was so similar to mine. Yellow is a hard color to pull off and you have to get exactly the right tone. I could tell immediately that this was the right yellow for me. I have cool skin tone but I also have a lot of redness on my skin so yellows are especially tricky and I need one that has a slightly cool undertone.  At Loft I saw this sweater and realized it was the same yellow, which must be the color of the season. It’s not the same sweater she was wearing (hers was a fuzzier knit) but it’s the same tone of yellow.

This is a size L and I purchased it in this size but I actually think I need it in a medium. It’s nice and oversized but I think there is too much material in the arms and chest area.

Loft: Textured Boatneck Sweater Loft: Textured Boatneck Sweater

It also comes in this pretty pink which we’ve been seeing everywhere. I liked it a lot too and I think it looks nice on as well but I was attached to the yellow.

Loft: Textured Boatneck Sweater Loft: Textured Boatneck Sweater

I tried this one on as an afterthought not thinking much of it on the hangar, but this one is actually my very favorite. I love the whipstitch detailing on it. I love whipstitch the same way I’m loving splatter paint prints lately. I love a black and white stripe, I love the feminine sleeve detailing and I love the fit. It’s also a cotton knit and very breathable, soft and not stuffy and hot. This is a size L and I’m quite happy with the fit of it. I will be wearing this sweater a ton – as much as my Free People Sweater.

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Loft: Striped Whipstitch Sweater Loft: Striped Whipstitch Sweater


What do you guys think? Do you shop at Loft? I’m excited to find a new store I love along with my usual Aritzia/Nordstrom/Zara/Club Monaco/Lululemon stops in the mall.

Check these sweaters out here and my favorite that jeans are still on sale!

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  • I love the yellow on you. I’ve always loved yellow. I think it’ll look much nicer in a size down for you. I don’t think I’ve shopped at Loft for at least 18 years! I’ve been obsessed with all teddy bear style jackets and the fuzzy faux fur. Still shopping around because I think those are such trendy pieces, it’s not worth it for me to spend a lot of money on them. I keep missing on the sales because I wait too long and then they’re sold out. If I can find a reasonably priced faux fur jacket in pink or beige, I’ll leave the ban island in a heartbeat. LOL!

  • I am a long time Loft shopper—but it’s a hit or miss for me, as is every other place I’ve ever shopped, including your beloved Lululemon. I’m interested in the “love” sweater since you pointed it out. Never pay full price—too many 40% off days to take advantage of. And if you miss out, there will be something else coming soon.

    • I’m with you! i buy all my work wear from Loft. I find most things to be modern yet classic at the same time. Never pay full price and always try to get sale on sale. Christine – all the colors look great on you, as per usual!

  • Ooo I don’t own any bright sweaters except a holiday red one. The brights look so good on you! I may have to try on some bright sweaters.

  • It’s funny coincidence because I placed a Loft order last week. First one in probably 8 or 9 years (when I started staying home full time.) I have so many cute work clothes and pretty dresses from there. I guess a few of us had Loft on the brain!!

    I bought a fuzzy peach star sweater for $20, a fuzzy blue ruffle one for $14, an oatmeal colored cardigan and a grey open hoodie. I ended up returning the cardigan because it was shapeless and itchy, but noticed that Love sweater in store right away. The pink was such a nice shade, I bought it too. Also, I love, love the yellow on you! It really pops and goes so perfectly with your hair and skin tone.

  • This is off topic, but did anyone sign up for the lottery for this year’s Seawheeze?
    I did and the suspense is killing me!!!

    • I signed up for Seawheeze and recieved an email to proceed with registration this evening. They gave me until tomorrow evening to complete the registration otherwise I would lose the spot. I just completed it – it took 5 minutes and was much less stressful than the process last year.

        • So sorry! That truly sucks. Hopefully you can buy a bib at a later date.

          seeing the commenting on facebook I think they may have prioritized new entries this year vs. returning entries.

          • Did you gt in Cristina?
            Did you hear about some people using other people’s emails (so switching names) to sign up for a spot? Do you think that Lululemon will actually run a check to make sure that the names match the emails from when people originally entered the lottery & disqualify those who switched?

            • I didn’t register. I opted to go to a blogger conference this year and it really pinched my budget.
              I suspect Lululemon is trying to ‘expel’ certain resellers and get their numbers of actual racers up vs. bibs sold but not picked up. It seems like Lululemon may be cross referencing emails and prioritizing people that have not run before in addition to legacy runners. I also suspect they have a list of certain resellers that they are doing their best to deter – however, this was a problem of their own creation. For too many years Lululemon has catered to these groups and neglected genuine runners.

              • Good to hear. I always wanted to do a Seawheeze, but thought I would get too upset by running and being boxed out of the store. Hearing about people lining up overnight just killed the whole idea for me. I was sure the whole experience would be stress filled. If they’re going to deter that, then I’m all for it. Next year, I’ll enter the lottery.

              • Someone suggested on the Facebook page that they should ban people who register 2 years in a row & don’t have a finish time. That would probably eliminate a few re-sellers.
                Enjoy your blogger conference 🙂

  • Maybe I’ve just had bad luck at Loft, but many sweaters I’ve gotten from there have worn pretty quickly….a couple washes and they are faded/pilled/losing shape, etc.

  • I finally found the free people ottoman sweater in black on a sale rack at Macy’s. It was 40% off plus an additional 25% so I got it for around $70. I was not sold on the oversized fit but once you put it on it just drapes amazingly. I’d never have looked for it if it wasn’t for your posts, so thanks!

  • I’ve been mulling over this post for weeks. Finally pulled the trigger and bought the yellow sweater. I love it, I also have dark features and think it compliments them so nicely. Thanks for posting or I never would have considered this purchase.

    P.s. love your blog. It’s my favorite fashion blog that I follow!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments! You’ve encouraged me to do more fashion posts! I’m glad you love the sweater.

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