Lululemon Store Photos: Weightless Wunder Jacket, Bonfire Wunder Under Pant, Reveal Tights Precision

Weightless Wunder Jacket

Store photos came sprinkling in today. I don’t like the Reveal Tights Precision but they photograph really beautifully. They look a lot more edgy in these photos. Bonfire Wunder Unders on the other hand, that color is just stunning. Maybe I want a Swiftly Tech LS in this color.

I saw the weightless Wunder Jacket briefly today and couldn’t try it on. I did touch it and squish it though and it’s very light weight glyde. The outer material seems really thin compared to other down jackets Lululemon has come out with so I think that must be were the lightness of the overall jacket comes from, because it’s really stuffed with down. It’s 800- fill down FYI.

Weightless Wunder Jacket, Bonfire Wunder Under PantWeightless Wunder Jacket Weightless Wunder Jacket

Bonfire Wunder Under Pant, Define Pullover

Bonfire Wunder Under Pant

Reveal Tight Precision


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Reveal Tight PrecisionReveal Tight Precision Reveal Tight Precision Reveal Tight Precision

These photos of the Reveal Tight Precision are especially great. They look so edgy! I don’t like on the web photos that the material has a slight sheen on it in areas like the rear. In all of these photos the tights look more matte and opaque.

Reveal Tight Precision Reveal Tight Precision Reveal Tight Precision

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  • I actually like the precision tights and thought the same when seeing them on upload last night. I wouldn’t buy them though, as they’re just not functional from a crossfit standpoint. I also don’t think my style is edgy enough for them. I’ll just admire from afar.

  • The reveal tights look like they would be a nightmare to get on without ripping or snagging. I don’t think I could pull them off. I ordered the bonfire WUPs last week and they are a gorgeous burnt orange IRL and completely opaque.

    • I’m so curious about this too. I have some crops with the woven ballet-type ties on the bottoms and even those are hard for me to get on. Cannot imagine getting into the reveal tights without destroying them!

  • Other brands have already done Reveal-style tights to death. Not to mention – LLL is referring to this as a “beloved” style…didn’t the first run just come out like 10 months ago? I like edgy, but this isn’t it.

    • Agree with LS. Adidas had them a couple of years ago, as did their Stella Mcartney line, only the perforations were a lot smaller and more subtle . Will have to try on in-store to see the effect, but am happy for at least some variation in Lulu offerings….

  • Agree with LS. Adidas had them a couple of years ago, as did their Stella Mcartney line, only the perforations were a lot smaller and more subtle . I myself have a pair of perforated ones from Nike special editions from about 6 years ago. Will have to try on the Reveals in-store to see the effect, but am happy for at least some variation in Lulu offerings : )

  • I tried on the Wunder Jacket today … in my TTS it was oddly tight in the chest – pushed “the girls” down in an unflattering way. I am not particularly large chested (34C), so this is not a normal issue for me. I tried a size up and it was too big and not flattering.

    It was very lightweight and cozy – the fabric and down fill were great, and the length was good. I am 5’8″ so some of the cropped styles don’t look right on me – this was definitely long enough. Too bad about the odd fit issue — maybe it was just me.

    • Both colors are great! I think I would choose cinder rose because they have a deeper color. I tend to stay away from lighter colors (in knit sneakers) because they get dirty so easily and it’s hard to clean.

      LOL; I have a feeling the opinions will be a 50/50 split. If it’s any consolation, I don’t think you’ll make a mistake with either color choice.

  • It must just be me but I feel reveal tights (or similar tights with the same fabric) are sheer on me. Did anyone else notice the brunette wearing the black reveal precision tights that when her right leg is bent, the knee is totally sheer and when it’s straightened there’s a hint of sheerness. But when her left leg is bent, you don’t see the same sheerness.

    I agree these are very similar to the Adidas/Stella McCartney tights. I initially bought them but when I took photos outdoors (because I was going to do a fit review), the butt was shiny and completely sheer. Obviously they were returned. I stay away from tights made the same way and with similar fabric.

    • I like edgy, but I’m really missing cute. I’ve been feeling nostalgic for the old Lulu sense of fun. It’s all gone. I’ve never bought anything from Athleta, because while they seem to make good quality clothes, they seem a little too generic to me. There’s not a lot of imagination or risk. They’re very mall-friendly. Not the end of the world, but I have enough basics. I want clothes I really love.

      It seems like the only way Lulu does anything interesting at all lately is for it to be edgy. I need fun back. I need bright colors and stripes and little surprises worked in, like the notes on the inner hem of Swiftlies. They would never come up with touches like that these days. I’m so sad I can’t wear Ivivva, because they seem to have kept the old Lulu aesthetic.

      Looking through eBay lately, we’re down to the dregs of vintage with tags. For some garments I don’t care, but for something like speed shorts, where (TMI alert!) I tend to go commando, I won’t buy used. (And, yes, I know, you never know what people are up to in the dressing rooms, but I try not to think about that.)

      So, who’s going to replace Lulu? I don’t really know where to turn for that old sense of fun. There are good labels out there, but none have the cheerfulness that old Lulu did. I’m glad I have enough vintage to last me a few more years, but there’s nothing to replace it. Sad.

      • I’m on the opposite end! I feel that my style changed with Lulu . I’m more into stylish more sophisticated stuff they are making now than more “fun” stuff they used to make. I’m looking at my few jackets I thought I would keep from the past years and they seem to me overkill now. Too much going on, too many details, ruffles, etc. Im not into bright colors anymore, actually desperately trying to sell bottoms and bright tops on eBay without much luck. My recent purchases are Power pose in porcelain pink, Train Times in deep coal,Push your pace jacket( haven’t received it yet though) in PP, Define in Quicksand. Hoping for Quicksand bottoms !

  • I just received the Cloud Crush Jacket in cream and wanted to love it. However, the hood is…weird. When you first put the jacket on, the hood sits fine, but when you put the hood on and then take it off, it just sticks out in the strangest way. Think horizontally straight out. I’m really bummed out as I do need a rain jacket and thought this would be it. I’ll try it on couple more times but this is the first time I’ve given any thought to how my hood looks when I take it off (you can’t see it sticking weirdly out unless you look in the mirror), and frankly that’s not something I want to worry about with a $220+ jacket.

  • Quicksand and light pink swiftlies are soooo thin! The store that I visited was selling F&F tights in vivid vision at full price. They figure no one would know since the tights are not online anymore?! This makes me very sad. I did my return and left in a hurry.

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