Sneak Peek: Lululemon Australia Upload. New Print! Hinshu Alpine White Multi

hinshu alpine white multi

Loving this new Hinshu Alpine White Multi print!

Tonight I have some fit reviews to share thanks to Mrs. O, from last weeks upload items.

hinshu alpine white multi
hinshu alpine white multi
hinshu alpine white multi hinshu alpine white multi hinshu alpine white multi


Sweat Times BraSweat Times Bra Sweat Times Bra Moroccan Blue

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  • I love that print and will get it in the shorts. I also think the new bra looks promising. I’m hoping that all of the WAFS alpine bottoms shown in almost every new top or bra mean we’re going to get some new ones?

  • I’m very interested in that print. I saw someone wearing a similar print from a different label (don’t know what label) and it looked great. You can pair it with so many different colors. I hope they release it in the US soon. I’m glad they are making the bra in colors/patterns other than the Chinese New Year pattern.

  • Love the print…craving colour. I would love those in speed up tights and shorts. Holding off on strava purchase for tomorrow! Other than the print the upload was light again. Thats ok… Keeps me within budget.

  • Looks like a Gap knock-off. Not that Gap did that particular style, but this is very non-Lulu. It’s generic in a sporty-means-masculine kind of way that Nike, Adidas, Gap, and so many others have been pushing on female athletes for a long, long time. I’m tired.

  • If the new print has more pink than red, I would love it in a pair of shorts. Looking forward to seeing this one in person!

  • I really hope this pattern comes in a cropped version in the F&F. Fingers crossed! Hopefully we also get some red items to go with the pretty red like color in the pattern.

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