Lots of store photos today. The Weather Or Not 1/2 Zip is really interesting. It’s made of spacer luxtreme fabric and really soft, but I wonder how it creases in this light color and how unforgiving it might be in TTS. I love that it has cute writing details at the 1/2 zip and inside the pocket. This is a cute touch Lululemon used to do all the time. I’d love to try this one on in a size up when it uploads because I suspect because of the fabric and cut it may be unforgiving. I do love the look of it though.

Weather Or Not 1/2 ZipWeather Or Not 1/2 Zip Weather Or Not 1/2 Zip Weather Or Not 1/2 Zip Weather Or Not 1/2 Zip

The Blissful Zen Wrap is so gorgeous in So Merlot. I really want it but I hate that it has the sides completely open. If it was just a regular cut cardigan like the Sit In Lotus I’d be all over ordering this one.

Blissful Zen Sweater ‘So Merlot’, Spring Bloom Multi WU Blissful Zen Sweater
Blissful Zen SweaterBlissful Zen Sweater, Sculpt Tank II, So Merlot Wunder Under 
Blissful Zen Sweater Blissful Zen Sweater Blissful Zen Sweater

I ended up ordering the Redwood In Motion 7/8 Tight, and then later saw in store that the Play Off The Pleats Tight which I’m curious about also comes in Redwood. I think I prefer the material of the In Motion, but I love the pleat design on the lower calf of these.

Play Off The Pleats Tight ‘Redwood’ and Braided Energy BraPlay Off The Pleats Tight

Play Off The Pleats Tight Energy Bra Braided, Play Off The Pleats Tight

  1. I must be the only one that doesn’t really like so merlot. I like redwood more than so merlot. When I saw it in person, I didn’t think it looks as rich as it does in photos. I agree; I think the 1/2 zip is very cute with the detailing (especially in the back) but the light color and fabric may show tons of wrinkles. I worry there would be creases in the back flaps if you sat on it wrong.

  2. Redwood looks like Garnet on these pictures so I won’t need it. I wish So marlot looked lighter like on their web site IRL instead of more dark.

    1. I don’t know; in some pictures it reminds me of a slightly redder Marvel, which was a favorite of mine. I might have to pick up some leggings in it.

      Cristina, I’m with you on the slit sides sweater. An unfortunate thing to do to an otherwise beautiful sweater.

      Weather or Not looks really good, but I’d like to see how the model’s size up would look. She looks uncomfortable to me, like she’s sucking in her gut because the top is so tight!

  3. i tried on the weather or not in store today – the color is a really lovely pale pink. the fabric is like the front & centre jacket (soft and kind of squishy). it fit snugly but didn’t feel tight in the shoulders and waist in my regular size 2 (100 lb, 5’3). i don’t know that it was the most flattering cut though. spacer has quite a bit of structure and the bottom flared out in the front and back quite a bit on me. in the front, i could feel a draft coming up the bottom and my stomach felt cold. i’m not sure if that would be a good think if i was running with it on? in the back it stuck out even more. this might just be a problem with the size 2 (or my figure) as it doesn’t look like it flares out that much on the model in the pic above?

  4. The Weather or Not looks cute but I’d really like it in a different color (dark green, black). With the fabric I can see the pale pink being unflattering on some people (me included).

  5. Is the weather or not half zip in Canadian stores yet??? I need to try this one on! I think it’s going to be one of those pieces that’s either a “wow” on, or a complete fail….. but the style and thoughtful details are pulling at me to try on and I would live a pale pink half zip as pale pinks work for me….

  6. I tried on and picked up the weather or not half zip in pale pink ( or pink pink is the code) I absolutely loved it! The half zip was the perfect neck length ( sometimes the are too short and loom weird) I normally am an 8 or 6 in define, I tried in a 6 but it was a bit too big in the shoulders but the 4 fit perfectly! (5’4, 34b, 117lbs. The kale salads are working!) I loved the slight flare, fabric is as described in other comments above. They had it in black too at my store london, On. Also got the swiftly LS in the pink and the backbend sweater in the alpine white. So goes my New Years no spend ban. It was a pricy evening! What was more horrifying was that I was discussing the cute details on the half zip with one of the senior ed’s About old LL cute details and she said to watch for spring. We would see more and more of that old LL come back. I’m not sure I was pleased, scary for my wallet!!!

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