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The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload

Porcelain Pink Swiftly Tech LS

The Lululemon Upload is live!

Last weeks posts: Push Your Pace Jacket Fit ReviewThe Lululemon UploadGuest Fit Review.

This is another rather boring and very light upload. There are a few items that I’m interested in though, as always. The US got that gorgeous porcelain pink swiftly and I’m certain I would have ordered that one had Canada gotten it. I also really like the look of Stop Drop & Squat Tight in Boysenberry. An interesting thing about the Yin Poncho is that Canadian stores got it in a really gorgeous Mauvy pink today and I’m surprised it didn’t upload in that color. I didn’t try it on because I’ve learned the hard way about the jacket + poncho conundrum. If I where to purchase one though I’d hold out for that pink to upload, or check your stores for it. The So Merlot Aligns are very pretty as well. Worst most ‘so extra’ design of the year so far are the Reveal Tight Precision.

Did you order anything? Any try-ons of the new items to report?


Weightless Wunder JacketWeightless Wunder Jacket

Weightless Wunder VestWeightless Wunder Vest

Reveal Tight PrecisionReveal Tight Precision

She’s wearing these shoes in case you are curious. I will post bellow as well.

Wah! I want this swiftly but it’s US only.

Swiftly Tech LS – Porcelain PinkPorcelain Pink Swiftly Tech LS

Yin PonchoYin Poncho

Ms. K’s photo of the new pink Yin Poncho in Canadian stores.

Wunder Under Crop BoysenberryWunder Under Crop Hi Rise Boysenberry


New material in this Split Out Hoodie called ‘LuForme’ I believe this is that cotton/polyester blend that is sweat wicking in the Stop Drop & Squat SS. I wish they would actually put in the fabric content under ‘fabric’ vs. the vague ‘sweat wicking material’. Isn’t every item they make varying degrees of ‘sweat wicking?’. I want to know if it’s polyester.

Split Out HoodieSplit Out Hoodie

These tights are really cute and especially tempting in boysenberry (ban island for tights ??). Why are they online only though? that is so annoying because I am instantly suspicions when something is online only and retailers don’t want me to experience this product in person, in store first. It’s like they try to manage first impressions.

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Stop Drop & Squat TightStop Drop & Squat Tight

Stop Drop & Squat CropStop Drop & Squat Crop

Faint Lavender Cool Racerback IIFaint Lavender Cool Racerback II


Refresh Hot/Cold Bottle

Before you take the plunge on trying out the Enlite Bra, you should check out the Victoria Secret version. The Angel Max Sports Bra is virtually the same bra and significantly cheaper. Here is my original post of the Angel Max Sports Bra.  That being said, I was no fan of the Enlite Bra when I tried it on last year.  Some people love it and swear by it so I’m glad they have a bra that fits and works for them. For me it was a bust (?).

Enlite BraEnlite Bra

Heathered Auburn Vinyasa ScarfHeathered Auburn Vinyasa

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  • Wow, first time in awhile I’m not even tempted by one new item. Tbh, those Precision pants kind of horrify me. There’s so much going on, but I’m not seeing the logic behind the detail placement. Both Lulu and other brands have used perforations, they usually function as ventilation and/or a cute pattern….. these just make my eyes hurt. I do like the Redwood color of the poncho and hope we see more of it. And I’m glad you said something about the fabric, that would be very helpful.

  • Waaaa I wanted the pale pink Swiftly too. Why is it that Lulu always forgets us Canadians?

    Nothing for me this upload either. And ITA on the Enlite bra. But because it only goes up to a size E or F. I stick to Panache for my H girls 😛

  • Poncho and Dash and Splash 2 are – for now in the US- listed as online only. Not happy about that for the reasons you cite, plus the Lulu rule that hats are not returnable. I need to know what they changed from the Dash and Splash, but, as usual, they’re keeping that a secret. Not worth the risk. IMHO hats need to be tried on prior to purchase.

    Really like the look of Faint Lavender on the website. Hope it’s as pretty in person. Same with Redwood.

  • Nothing for me! I’m liking the rosy and pink tones coming out and that’s about it. Nothing is a must have. Thanks for your posts! I always look forward to them.

  • The problem with the laser cut/perforations stuff is you will catch one of those holes on something, no matter how careful you are, and end up tearing them. It’s inevitable. just totally impractical. $128 for something I’m probably going to rip a hole in within weeks? No thank you.

  • I am so delighted that I don’t need anything. The holy tights are pretty busy ugly and cheap looking. I am trying to limit the number of items I buy in a month …so far tights and speeds in city lights pattern this month and the yellow bra. Hoping nothing else good comes out…though I do like the persian blue tights… I have the 25 off that I waited for upload before buying. I do have some items that I will return so I can rebuy with 25 off…and looks like not too much new stuff to add to purchase.
    I am not sure I understand logic behind no returns on hats. So it would be ok for people to try on tights with no undies or a thong….and return but not ok with hat…I would rather risk lice lol. Love your blog!

    • LLL has changed the policy on hat returns, now it is ok to return them. I have had no problem and if you look on the website it is not listed as one of the non-returnable items. Hats are so finicky for sizing (on my big head!) that I would never buy a hat without being able to return it.

  • I’m not seeing the pink swiftly on the US site either. Is it possible they uploaded it early by accident and then removed it? We may see it next upload on both sides of the border…

    • It’s still on the US website. Full run of sizes. That swiftly is the only thing that interests me from the upload. But I can wait until I see it in person. If I miss out, it’s not a big deal. Thank goodness I’m not really interested! 🙂

  • I think I’d like to get the So Merlot Aligns from last week. Anyone try them on? Do they have good coverage? Or is the color unforgiving (like every imperfection shows)?

    • Color is beautiful and more subdued in person. However they showed every little lump and bump on me so it was a big no for me!

      • Oh bummer! That’s what I was afraid of. Thank you for the reply. Saves me an order plus trip to the store to return!

  • I’m not liking these particular Reveal pants, but the ones they released few months ago are now hot item on eBay and I had to pay $130 for them 🙁 even though they went on md. Nothing for me either, but I’m debating if I should return Game point crops in deep coal I got last week and buy Train Times instead also in deep coal ? I ❤️ Train times !

    • Personally I would return the Game Point crops in favor of the Train Times. I tried on the GP crops last weekend, and it somehow made my butt look very long. I liked the crop otherwise. I think TT are very flattering from every angle.

      • I laughed when I saw your “long butt” comment because I said the exact same thing to my husband when I tried on the Game Point crops! The only tights I wear are the “Fast and Free” and the “All the Right Places”. They both have two seams above the butt. The GP crops have a single seam in the back and I didn’t think it was flattering to the butt. They were cute otherwise, but not a keeper.

    • How to wear a jacket over a poncho. You can’t wear a jacket over a poncho so you have to choose one or the other. In raincouver it means you have to carry your jacket, and when you want to put it on you have to take off the poncho first. Just seems fussy and complicated.

  • What are the crops in the Split Out Hoodie? The close-up doesn’t look like the Wee are from Space. They almost look textured.

  • Absolutely nothing tempting for me. Which is a shame because I was waiting for this upload before using my 25% off coupon from the Strava challenge and in the time I waited the Swiftly Wool 1/2 Zip I had in my cart sold out. Really bummed about that. I did manage to nab some higher-priced items at a great discount (Sleek Essentials Jacket, Down For a Run Pullover, In Flux Jacket) for less than what they’d likely be in WMTM so I’m glad I was able to use my coupon wisely.

  • Just wondering if Anyone else is having sizing issues lately. I’ve always been a size 6, but lately finding that the waist bands especially in the WU are too loose and I’m constantly pulling them up. The luxtreme just feels different.

    • I’ve found that lately, too. They’re making big, fat, single depth waistbands that you can choose to fold over. End result: they don’t stay up. I’d rather have something with key pockets that really hugs you and take a risk of muffin top than have pants where you’re constantly hauling them up.

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