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lululemon Review | lululemon align shorts in tie-dye + back in action

by Cristina

lululemon restocked the align shorts this week! Today I’m sharing the new lululemon align shorts 8” in the color Circulate Tie Dye Align Mineral Blue Multi and my newest lululemon back in action short sleeve. These align shorts are priced at $74 USD and $74 CAD, and are of course, made of NULU fabric. The Back In Action Short Sleeve is a brand new special edition style with an open back design, just perfect for summer! Enjoy my lululemon review! To learn more about lululemon restocks (aka the weekly upload), read this post

lululemon review: new tie-dye lululemon align shorts + lululemon back in action short sleeve (Special Edition)

My new align shorts arrived from Tuesday’s upload, along with the new special edition Back In Action Short Sleeve, and I couldn’t be happier with this outfit. I’m even wearing my lululemon slides


lululemon biker shorts are genuinely the best shorts to wear in the summer. They are so lightweight and sweat-wicking. They are the most fantastic pants I own for hot weather, and I even wear them under dresses to prevent thigh-rub.

I couldn’t resist this adorable new tie-dye print even though I typically stick to black or neutrals.

These are the 8” align shorts that are my favorite day-to-day wear. However, for workouts, I prefer the lululemon align short 6.

They are so soft and lightweight, thanks to my favorite NULU fabric, and I think that’s why they are the coolest pair of shorts I own for sweltering weather.

If you don’t already own a pair of lululemon align biker short I highly recommend them. They are my go-to workout short for year-round, and my day-to-day for hot weather. 

I’ve already done a lululemon review of the slides here and Mary reviewed them here. Today I’m also reviewing the new lululemon Back In Action Short Sleeve Special Edition. 

The best lululemon biker shorts paired with an oversized tee. A match made in ‘Swag Girl Style’ Pinterest boards!

lululemon align biker short + oversized casual short sleeve + slides ♥️

I own several Back In Action Long Sleeves and Short Sleeves, which float between first and second place for the ‘favorite t-shirt’ spot. Right now, the Sonic Pink is my absolute favourite.

The size is a bit tricky, oddly enough. It’s an oversized billowy tee shirt, so you think sizing down would be fine. For my first few Back In Action Long Sleeves, I sized down. Even though they were pretty oversized, the neckline drove me crazy. This year I stayed TTS and even sized up, and I love the fit of them this way.

This new Back In Action Short Sleeve (Special Edition) is my TTS, and it fits exactly right. The fit and design are different from the original, though.

The neckline is a standard crewneck and not a boat neck, the sleeves are shorter and more classic, and the width in the front is not as oversized. The back still has that beautiful drape, but they’ve added an upper back opening with pretty twist detail. I love that the gap is broad, but it mainly covers my bra straps.

I highly recommend this Back In Action Short Sleeve, and I hope they add many colors. I’d also love to see it in the long sleeve and the NULU version. However, my preference is cotton.

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