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Simply Wool Sweater Simply Wool Sweater Simply Wool Sweater

Simply Wool Sweater

I picked this color so you could see the detailing in the different knit stitches.  This was a very lightweight sweater that when layered would add warmth.  In this color, I thought it was a little see through — you could see the tag in the back of the sweater.  This sweater is TTS and fits like other Lululemon plain merino wool sweaters.  I haven’t had any problems with my washable merino wool sweaters from Lululemon.  I always dry flat so it doesn’t stretch or lose shape.  So, if you’re hesitant to buy a washable merino wool sweater, you shouldn’t worry too much.  This sweater was too plain for me to get off the ban island.  However, I’d like the black one to wear with dress pants and a jacket.  But I have no need for something like that right now.  I can make do with what I already have in my closet.


Sleek Essentials Jacket Sleek Essentials Jacket Sleek Essentials Jacket Sleek Essentials Jacket Sleek Essentials Jacket

Sleek Essentials Jacket

I was pleasantly surprised by this jacket.  I was interested in it because of its feminine shape and the fact that it is made from luxtreme.  The Ed told me that unlike the Define Jacket made of luon, this jacket is made to workout in, which is why it is made of luxtreme.  The length is very similar to the define jacket but I think it is slightly longer in the back than the define jacket.  I tried on both the 6 (my TTS define) and the 4 (because I’ve lost some weight and now fit comfortably in a define in a size 4).  I honestly didn’t notice much of a size difference between the two sizes.  It might have been slightly more fitted in the lower waist/hip area.  I really liked the white one a lot.  The store didn’t have a size 4 in white so that I could compare how it looked.  Sometimes when I buy white, I size up just to make it look more slimming.  Too tight white is not very flattering (for me at least).  The Sleek Essentials Jacket lays flatter and tighter in the torso than the Define Jacket.  I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve noticed that the Define Jackets seem to be looser in the torso area more than they used to be.  I feel like from the side, it billows out slightly.  The Sleek Essential Jacket doesn’t billow out.  It’s form fitted like the Contour Jacket.  I thought it was well constructed and the seam detailing, ventilation detailing and pocket placement was very flattering.  The back waist panel was a slight peplum shape so I thought it accentuated the natural waist and made me look curvier than I am.  I really think the jacket style would be flattering on most shapes and sizes.  I’m going to think about this jacket.  And if I get it, I’ll probably get the white (and in my TTS define size).  What do you think about the two different sizes on me?

  1. All outfits look good on you Mrs. O but the white Define is devine! I think both sizes work for you and I agree that the white will look better if not too snug. Just to let you know the Warm and Restore Sweater is now on WMTM if you are interested…

    1. Thanks!! That’s good to know but also a bad thing too! Argh! I’ll have to think about it . . . I really need to stay on my ban island.

  2. The sleek essentials jackets both look great. I looked at it closely in store a couple weeks ago, and agree it’s a very nice jacket. I have no need for it as I have too many formes and defines, but if i did, i would seriously consider it. Maybe if it goes on WMTM will I consider it.

  3. Thanks again for all your reviews! Are you able to post your height in your reviews? I’m also a size 4 but not sure if we are similar in height. Sometimes things look way short on the website.

    1. I’m 5’6″ with short legs, long torso and broad shoulders. I am definitely more straight up and down. (And I have big feet for my size. Haha!) I just took measurements with my trainer today so here they are: upper arm (10″), chest (33″), under band (30″), waist (27″), hips (36.5″), thigh (20″) and calf (14″). My bra size is 32D. Now you have all my secrets! 😉 Hope that helps. Before I lost the bit of weight/inches recently, I always measured a size 8 according to Lululemon’s sizing chart but it never worked for me. Even thought I measure a size 6 (at my current measurements), when I try size 6 tights, they are definitely too big with the tell, tell scrunching at hips and knees and the waist band starts to slide down. Even though many women can be the same measurements, body type makes a huge impact on clothes sizing.

      I’ll try to include my height in my fit reviews so people can make a comparison.

      1. Lol! Thanks for your reply! That really is helpful. I am 5’10” and so it helps knowing because a lot of times the tops look perfect on you… but i know then they will probably be just a smiiiiidge too short for my liking. I appreciate it!! ??

  4. oooh I love the Sleek Essential jacket on you <3 I want to check it out because I love love love Defines (I have too many to count). However, I'm already very curvy especially that there is a big difference between my bust/hips to my waist…my measurements are 40"-29"-40". So I'm wondering if it will work on hourglass figures

    1. Thanks! I think it would work for you because it has a more feminine shape to it than the Define. The bottom angles out more than the Define and I think the shoulders fit better. I think the Sleek Essentials Jacket will look good on all body types. It gives women like me more curves. And it will accentuate your beautiful curves! Also, because it is luxtreme it will mold to your shape better than luon. It’s not as stiff. Let me know how you like it when you try it on.

          1. Yes, TTS for me. I think it has one of the most flattering waistbands because of the bias cut. It’s really tummy flattening without causing muffin top. At first it can be snug when pulling them up.

            1. I tried the mineralize multi/black (like yours) the other day. I am a size 6 according to their size chart (27″ W and 37″ H). Size 4 is almost uncomfortably tight, and the fabric across my crotch looks a bit lighter because it’s stretched out. 6 fits perfectly when I am just standing there, but I am scared they will slide down when exercising. Many of the reviewers recommended sizing down while others cautioned to stay true to size. These are currently on (final!) sale for $79.00:

              1. The first time on, they are tight. But I feel that with each wear, they fit better. I don’t think you’ll have a problem with slippage in a size 6; especially if you feel the size 4 is too snug.

                1. Thank you! I checked online and these are full-on Luxtreme, which I take a 6 in anyway (I am always a 4 in regular/not full-on Luxtreme). Size 6 is sold out online now, but several Canadian stores still carry them. =)

  5. Love the “Sleek Essentials Jacket” on you. The white was especially nice and the sizing looked perfect. The black was nice too, but didn’t stand out as much. ( I’m trying to buy colors other than black because I have way too much in my closet).
    I have a couple of Define Jackets and love them because they camouflage the tummy. I’m not sure how flattering the Sleek Essentials would look on me. But that jacket is made for you! ?
    Thanks for the photos and review.

    1. I agree with Anne, loved the white on you and I think the fit is perfect. No need to size down ( and especially with white)??

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