Thursday, December 7, 2023

Shopping My Closet | My Old Favourite lululemon Tank Tops (vintage lululemon) Drop It Like It’s Hot Tank, Fast Lane Singlet

by Cristina

Today I felt inspired to share my favourite lululemon tank tops from  latest ‘Shop My Own Closet’ finds. I’ve been hitting the gym pretty regularity lately and it’s made me dig into my closet to find some of my old lululemon tank tops. I’ve been blogging here since 2010, so you can imagine how many lululemon treasures I have accumulated. I may just make this post a regular feature!

 I have two  tank tops in particular that I’m really loving lately: The Drop It Like It’s Hot Tank in Menthol, and black, and the Fast Lane Singlet in Pop Cut Boom Juice. They are so perfect for the hot weather since they are silky, light and airy, and loose fitting. I love the mesh inserts and the cinchable customizable waist on the Drop It Like It’s Hot Tank. Really helpful when doing burpees or handstands. 

Shopping my closet really makes me miss the old lululemon designs. They where so well made,  beautifully designed and with a lot of feminine elements. I still really love my lululemon a lot and can’t seem to find that same love with other brands, but OLD lululemon was so much more special. Makes me regret a lot of the items I’ve sold over the years. 

Maybe These Shopping My Own Closet Posts will help inspire you when browsing the resale sites. It certainly inspired me to buy a resale pair of Pop Cut Boom Juice Pave Rival Crops. 

My best lululemon tank tops from my collection

lululemon Fast Lane Singlet - Pop Cut Boom Juice, vintage lululemon, lululemon Tank Tops

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