Wow! Have you guys seen this near identical dupe? Victoria Secret copied Lululemon’s Enlite Bra! Victoria Secret released a new bra called the Angel Max Sports Bra and it has the same encapsulated cup, seamless laser construction and sweat-wicking spacer fabric and it’s overall the exact same design. The main difference here is the price. Victora Secret is priced at $49 while the Lululemon Enlite Bra is priced at $98. Lululemon will sure be angry about this considering the resources the spent marketing and developing this bra and how invested they were with product reviews. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know that I never took to the Enlite Bra despite trying several sizes. I took a fair bit of grief for not having a more positive review about it. Part of the barrier on this bra for me was the price did not match the quality, and with my cup size (DD) I didn’t feel a personal need for re-engineered sports bras. Larger cup sized women certainly need better more supportive options, but this bra didn’t go beyond DD/E cups.

I plan on checking out the Angel Max next week to do a fit review

Victoria Secret copied Lululemon’s Enlite Bra

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In related news, Lululemon is suing Under Armour for allgedly copying $52 Energy Bra.


Comments about the new bra from The Sweat Edit Review Group.

The fabric feels the frigging same and its constructed the same (actually VS version fabric is a little less stretchy but just as comfy).

I just tried it on. Oh my goodness. Its the same thing to me.

That’s so exciting considering it 1/2 the price of the enlite.

Actually, I think it gives a lift whereas there none with enlite.

Thanks to Ms. C for sharing these detail photos.

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  1. That’s crazy! I’m sure there will be another design patent infringement claim against Victoria’s Secret like Under Armour (copied Energy Bra patent).

    1. It’s always easier to make things cheaper and improve them when you copy someone after they spent the money and time to do the initial research and development. I suppose that’s how innovation begins. If LLL didn’t start it, I wonder if the copycat companies (VS, Gap, Adidas) would have developed it as quickly as they have now.

      1. LLL “R&D” is kind of a joke. The Enlite bra itself had horrible reviews from many people – not sure how much of their “R&D” involved actual women. They used reflective technology for those Seawheeze items and tried to pass it off like it was their own intellectual property when it’s clearly not.

        1. I agree with your comment on lulu’s R&D even though u don’t support VS bring copy cat here. Lululemon wanted to make a supportive bra for larger chested women but their bra only goes to a DDD? In my book that is not really large chested. I had high hopes for the Enlite and was disappointed.

          1. I guess the good thing about this is that these companies are finally realizing that there are women out there that need more supportive bras for performance. With the R&D budget Nike has, you’d think Nike would have done something sooner. I know Nike has some supportive high performance bras but I think it’s limited to DDD.

            This is when I realize I’m very fortunate to be well within the usual range so that I have many options.

  2. I don’t believe this is the first time VS copied lululemon. It is stil disgusting though. F21 copies other athletic brands all the time too.

    They Enlite bra didn’t work for me, I’m a 32G/H. I tried to squeeze in a smaller size but no go. Either way lululemon or VS are not places I go to get a sports bra for high impact. I just order Panache’s sports bra…only thing that works for me.

  3. I tried it on and really liked it. They had a promotion where you can get tights for $25 if you purchase the bra. The only reason I didn’t buy it was that I had just over-spent at Athleta.

  4. Whether they copied them or not, VS offers a larger selection of sizes than Lulu, not as many as Panache though. I’m also pretty sure I’ve seen the encapsulated cup option before. Other than their fabric, how is this bra innovative? I have not tried this bra, mainly because there are companies who specialize in bras that I think are more reliable because all of their resources are going into bras, and I’ve never been impressed with Lulu bras to begin with, so there is no way I’m going to pay over $100 while they try to break into this market (the Tara Tamer is a joke in my opinion– not meant to offend). I have options that I know work.

    On a different note, I wish Lulu would make cute, low impact bras for large busts. Something that opens in the back, doesn’t come up to my chin or give me a uniboob.

    1. Re – low impact bras for large boobs, have you tried Free to be Serene? I’m a 32G/H and wear the Serene size 6 to yoga. They are cute and I have 3 so far. I like that it’s cut a bit higher on the front. It does give me a bit of uniboob though. I just blame my boobs for that -_-

  5. A little update that some of you might find helpful- I purchased one of these today and I’m wearing it as I type this. Interestingly I paid 59.95 CAD plus tax (a little different than the CA price in the pic above!). I bought it in exactly the same size as my Enlite bra and so far they feel pretty much the same on. I haven’t worked out in the VS bra yet. I am usually completely loyal to Lululemon, and quite frankly would have paid the additional 40 dollars for a second Enlite bra, but there was no stock left online in my size – either online or in the store. Plus – the colour selection in the Enlite bra was all darks, and I am quite happy with the pale pink VS one I just bought.

    1. Super helpful, thank you! I’ve had the Enlite and loved it but haven’t been able to afford another.
      VS is doing 40% off all sports bras at the moment so it’s good to hear they fit about the same before I order.

  6. In all fairness lululemon copied Victoria’s Secret Knock Out bra first. Victoria’s Secret has had encapsulated sports bras for years I know this because I own 8 of them so when Lululemon came out with their version I had to try it and lululemon’s has better fabric but they’re actually the same.

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