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The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload

Push Your Pace Jacket

The Lululemon Upload is up! Last weeks Lululemon Upload, fit review of Mystic Green, Simply Wool Sweater and Sleek Essentials, Free People Sweater Markdowns.

Guys! So sorry for my missing upload post this afternoon. I had an unexpected appointment late in the afternoon and wasn’t able to prep a blog post or email beforehand. I’m really liking the pink Push Your Pace Jacket, and The Gatekeeper Jacket. I ordered the pink jacket to try on late this evening, but I ordered a size up to gain length and now I’m reading reports that it may be a looser fitting TTS. Oh well. The US got a really pretty quicksand swiftly that Canada didn’t get. I’m also really loving the Sheer Lemon Free To Be Serene.

Did you guys order anything? Did the Push Your Pace Jacket in a pretty color excite you?


Push Your Pace Jacket

Push Your Pace Jacket Push Your Pace Jacket Push Your Pace Jacket


Gate Keeper Jacket

Gait Keeper Jacket

In Flux Jacket

In Flux Jacket

Define Pullover

Define Pullover

Cloud Crush Jacket

Cloud Crush Jacket

Free To Be Serene

Free To Be Serene Bra

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  • I look forward to your review (please review), of the Push Your Pace Jacket. I really like the pink color and the cut of it but can’t justify a $200 Jacket right now. The Gate Keeper has a peplum like flare, definite pass. I’m interested in the Game Point Crop but doubt it is at risk of selling out so I’ll wait to see if my store stocks it. Nothing else caught my interest ??‍♀️ A rare, no order Tuesday for me!

    • I think that the peplum like flare is kind of cute on the gate keeper jacket. It’s not an item that I would rush to order, but something that I will definitely be looking to try on the next time that I am at my local store.
      I’m just not entirely sure how “water repellent” it would be…

      • I think it could be cute on some women, but not me. I have a longer torso and returned an Athleta jacket for this very reason. Good call about the “water repellent” claim, it will be nice to have some reviews about the fabric. It seems to be hit or miss.

  • Thx for all you do! I like the yellow bra but the serene is a bit big on bust as i am only 34 b/c. I kinda like the knot. Tank and at 38 it will sell. I am trying to limit the # of items i buy in a month so this upload helped. I no longer get fomo. I also have returned some things i had held onto for a long time…my store is excellent with returns…and i will make someone else very happy to find the sold out items…lol.

  • Love the idea of the pink Push Your Pace, but the jacket looks absurdly short. I don’t get the whole “unrestricted” spin they’re putting on it. It’s not like the only alternative to a cropped jacket is a knee-length parka. A run jacket doesn’t need to hit you at the waist to be unrestricted.

    I’m liking a lot of the colors and prints these days, but the garments themselves are problematic. They killed off nearly all of the good, old designs, and the replacements just aren’t cutting it. Take tanks, for example. CRB – gone. Power Y – gone. All kinds of cute, drapey styles – gone. Yes, there’s the FTBSerene tank, but that’s kind of it. I’m not buying CRB II and I’m not buying the Power Y replacement, and I have enough Swiftly tanks, so … there’s just nothing for me to buy. Hoping for better once we get past the backlog of Holman designs.

    • I whole heartedly agree with this. If it is cold enough for me to wear a heavier weight jacket like this to run, I also will definitely want my midriff/hips covered as much as possible, a 10 degree draft isn’t fun!
      I did try the define pullover this weekend since an Ed argued with me that it had “never been released before” although it was obviously the same as last year.
      Hoping some other items in the pretty lemon colour are released this spring 🙂

    • Seems like I’m in the minority on this, but I have a short torso/long legs and often find run jackets too long, so I’m excited about the cropped length! I hate when I have a jacket zipped up all the way and it gets “pushed up” by my legs when running. That said, I haven’t tried on the Push Your Pace yet so it might be too short for even stunted torso people like me

    • You are not alone Helen ! Im not very tall, 5”4 and my legs are about the same length as my torso, but I love shorter length in jackets and tops. I’m not a runner though. I wear jacket ( like Forever Warm or Slash Hour) casually. I’m also really liking shorter length in tops because longer ones cover your whole back side and there’s no way to show off your hard work ! 😉 I work hard at the gym and feel that there’s nothing wrong with it. Therefore I’m glad Lulu being on trend with shorter styles now days. Otherwise I have to tie my tanks. Plus longer ones look kinda dated imo

      • It’s funny because I was thinking the other day that all the shorter “at the waist” tees/tanks I have from the early 2000s were considered “dated” two years ago and now they are all back in style. And the longer stuff is now considered dated. It will all come back around though! And several years from now, everyone will be wearing longer stuff again and rolling their eyes at the shorter lengths. At one time, it was super hard to find those sweats with Pink or Juicy printed on the butt because they were so popular, then they went out of style big time, and now it’s back again. I saw lots of velour items this season too. Fashion is cyclical.

        I don’t mind the shorter styles, but I do have a problem with the variety. It seems like everything they are putting out is cropped. It would be nice to have a few other options, like some cropped jackets for the shorties who like to run “unrestricted” or girls who want to show off their hard work, some mid-length jackets for us taller women who don’t want to jacket hitting right below their bellybuttons (no bare mid-drift with my jackets, sorry), and maybe a longer option for those loosing for more coverage or casual usage. I’m just saying it would be smart on their part to offer a few different options, instead of just the one length on repeat for everything. If you scroll through the “what’s new” and the WMTM, there’s almost no difference in the length and styles offered. They are supposed to be an athletic-wear company, so it’s interesting the focus seems to be on staying trendy and less on functionality.

        • I was looking at WMTM and had a similar reaction. I follow Lulu pretty closely, and I can’t tell you anything about the individual pieces that are out there. There are so many of them, yet they’re pretty much all the same. Why? I think they feel pressured to follow the fast fashion model, but I really don’t think that’s a winning strategy for them. People who are looking for cheap trends are going to H&M to buy a t-shirt in this season’s color, and they’re willing to spend $15 on it. That’s not what people go to Lululemon for. Sure, stuff should look modern, and a few trendy pieces help with that, but they don’t need so many different options that are really just the same. Pick a few pieces and perfect them.

          Interestingly, they have the same problem with colors. They must have offered about 5 different versions of teal over the last year. Enough! Find two really appealing shades and stick with those. Same with purples. And dark reds. Pare it down, and focus on quality, and I think customers will react more positively.

  • I agree with everything Rise and Shine had to say. The Push Your Pace jacket is not only very short but it is also open at the bottom which will allow cold air in so not a very good choice for people living in a cold winter city. I guess not all winter jackets need to be designed for Edmonton winters. A cropped jacket marketed as being “unrestricted” for running is not a plus for me, I like my rear covered in the winter when I am running and do not find that I am restricted in my stride when it’s covered. I just have to wait out another year of short cropped jackets. The only positive is it’s nice to see this jacket in the pretty porcelain pink.

    I am surprised to see the return of the In Flux Jacket and the Sweat Date tank. After only a couple of months from their original release, version ll of the Press Pause Joggers are back but I can’t see what’s different about them and they don’t mention any change in the description.

    Nothing for me this week but I might check out the Stony Grape Define Pullover.

  • I love the porcelain pink color! I despise the cropped length jackets. I want something that covers my midsection and at least partially goes over my hips. I ordered the bonfire WUPs. I’d prefer luon but I”ll take the luxtreme. I love the color!

  • I liked this upload. I prefer shorter styles. I ordered Swiftly in Quicksand even though I don’t wear Swiftlies ( they ride up on me), but will keep tags on for now in case if CRB or another tank will come out in this gorg color. I also ordered Awaken right in dark shadow . I finally broke down and bought these bc I like the color, but really hated having to pay $118 for a pant that should be $98 like Train Times. Hopefully I won’t like them . I also got Shaped expression jacket off wmtm in black. I’m not a fan of logos , but I saw the black jacket at the store and it’s not very visible on black compare to blue . Really hoping to see Luxtreme bottoms in Quicksand!! Please Lulu ! I’ll buy them in a heart beat

  • I like the pink push your pace jacket but not at that price. I also like a variety of jackets in a variety of lengths. Not everyone is tall, not everyone lives in Canada/cold weather locales etc. so variety of styles is important. I agree with Rise and Shine on style issues and would also add that the color story is a bit all over the place. For instance this week’s newish colors: Lemon, Pretty Pink and Bonfire. There is a bra, a jacket and a pant. Not sure if there will be more or not. I passed on stony grape crb because it seemed like a one off and now there’s a define. But I can’t get a stony grape crb because they are all sold out now. This dribbling out of color palettes means I end up buying none of it.

  • I might be in the miniority but I didnt like the persian blue. I like colors that make more of a serious impression. Im hoping that lululemon will make a color for leggings that is in between military green and capers. Like this color on these leggings:

    Since I only like colors and leggings that look like they could be regular pants that I would wear outside of the gym. And I actually think that lululemon have released so many wine-red-like leggings that Im waiting for something new.

  • i bought the yellow FTB Serene bra as I’m loving the colour. FTB Serene work great for large busts, I wear the ones I have to power yoga all the time.

    I saw Push your Pace in store today and it is REALLY short. Hard pass on that one for me. If I buy a cold weather running jacket it needs to be actually warm as I live in Ottawa. I’m sticking to my old Fleecy Keen and Down for a Run Pullover for running this winter.

  • I like some of the new colours that are out, but not the style they are offered in. Like the gait keeper jacket as I love anything with a peplum flair but not the colours offered. The quicksand swiftly would have been snatched in a second if offered in Canada. Hopefully it will reach here!! The other jacket I would never buy WAY to short for me but pretty colour. With the exception of picking up a few aritzia sweaters on good sale, my spending ban holds !

  • I just received the Cloud Crush Jacket in cream and wanted to love it. However, the hood is…weird. When you first put the jacket on, the hood sits fine, but when you put the hood on and then take it off, it just sticks out in the strangest way. Think horizontally straight out. I’m really bummed out as I do need a rain jacket and thought this would be it. I’ll try it on couple more times but this is the first time I’ve given any thought to how my hood looks when I take it off (you can’t see it sticking weirdly out unless you look in the mirror), and frankly that’s not something I want to worry about with a $220+ jacket.

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