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Fit Review: Push Your Pace Jacket

Fit Review: Push Your Pace Jacket

Push Your Pace Jacket

The Push Your Pace Jacket in Porcelain Pink

Push Your Pace Jacket
Push Your Pace Jacket Push Your Pace Jacket Push Your Pace Jacket

Thanks to Ms. K for this photo of her Push Your Pace Jacket.

Push Your Pace Jacket


Push Your Pace Jacket – Porcelain Pink

I made the mistake of sizing up to a 12 in the Push Your Pace and I realized almost as soon as I clicked ‘order’ that I should have stuck to my regular size. I can size up in jackets like the Dance Studio Jacket and the Down For A Run, and the Define and have a comfortably roomy fit without looking sloppy or having too much material in the arms. This jacket is already a loose fitting jacket around the chest and shoulders so sizing up gave me a really loose fit and felt like it was way too big. I think if you re someone that is very busty, and you have an hourglass shape with a short torso, or if you have broad shoulders and have fit issues with jackets,  this jacket may be the ideal style for you. I’m a pear shape and have a very long torso so this jacket is visually too short, although it doesn’t feel cropped. I really liked the color of this jacket (a very soft cool pink) and I love that the material is matte and soft. I also really like the soft inside which is a brushed fleece like material. I’m definitely returning this jacket because it’s too big, but I’m really undecided on whether I’d like to order it in my regular size or pass on it altogether. It’s rare these days for Lululemon to put out a jacket in a great color that isn’t black, white or grey. This jacket feels really nice and cozy on and I do think it’s cute and nicely designed. What do you guys think?

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  • I think it’s too short! Maybe with a higher waisted pants, but I hate jackets where I can feel the breeze at my waist or I lift my arms and everything is exposed. It definitely looks ginormous on you yet so short which is super odd.

  • Thanks for this post. I was definitely going to order one today but after realizing how short it is, I’ll pass. Hopefully we see more of this color in staple pieces like jackets. The color alone makes it so tempting

  • I agree it’s too short. The colour may be cute but the jacket itself imo isn’t that great. Lulu has done better and will do better.

    I tried this in the store last week too. I’m an hourglass with very big bust. I’m also tall-ish (5’7″) and I found this jacket short on me even though most of my height is in my legs. It was fairly flattering on but not functional for running in cold weather.

  • I tried it on in my size 2 at at store in NJ. I didn’t like it. I’m 5’3” and it was so short. I like the color. I wish they made this color in First Mile Jacket or DFAR Jacket.

  • Ugh much too short! It should cover the run top at the very least! For me, butt coverage is necessary on cold winter runs! I was hoping it was more ‘down for a run’ jacket length. That sucks because the color is pretty. Is the toque pictured still around or is that a purchase from a while ago?

    • I bought this same toque a week or so ago off the website. It seems to pop in and out of stock, so check it on upload or new WMTM days. That’s what I did and I got lucky!

      I’m not really into hats, but I love this one. It’s really cute on!

      Too bad about the jacket. The color and style is something I would have been all over, but I agree with the others, it’s too short.

  • You’re swimming in the size up. I’m not sure your TTS will fit much better because of the shape. I love the color but I’m not sure about the shape or length. If it were about 2 inches longer, I might consider it because of the color. I love the Mackage pink option. I have that same jacket in black that I got at Aritzia (during one of their super sales) and it is such a flattering jacket. Hmmm…I may have to consider it. I have so many leather jackets but I’m missing leather jackets in pink and grey.

  • Ok I guess I’m in the minority here, but I like this new length . But I don’t think it was made for running . Are you planning to run in this LLM? If not then I would keep it in the proper size of course as a cute to and from jacket. It reminds me my Slash Hour jacket. It’s also shorter and and a little bit loose like bell shaped. It’s probably the warmest jacket Lulu ever made & probably too warm for Seattle area, but I love it. This jacket would look adorable with midi or maxi pencil skirts & high waisted leggings. I’m a little tired of what seems to be endless Define jacket shaped jackets like DFAR. Clothes don’t have to follow your body countours to look good. Just my 2 cents

    • I agree with you completely! When I saw it I definitely thought casual, not running and I like that it’s a little shorter. So many of my high waisted tights and jeans are pretty high and I think this would be a nice option. And I like your idea about pairing it with a skirt, maybe a nice body in midi and cute scarf. I especially like the pink, keeping my fingers crossed it goes on markdown.

  • I agree with your comments … it’s unfortunately just a little too short, except in the arms, which look a bit long. Disappointing because it is otherwise cute and a great color. Thanks for posting this – I think it just won’t work for me either, because I am 5 foot 8 and it would be even more cropped on me.

    Even with the minor issues, I do think it looks nice on you, though. Maybe you should give a smaller size a try?

  • These ladies are crazy! The jacket is super cute and the length is adorable on you! I agree the sleeves are too long…size down and I bet it will fit perfectly!!

    • To each their own. I happen to dislike it. Do what you want. Doesn’t make others “crazy” because we have a different POV. Ridiculous.

  • Thanks for the fit review Cristina. It’s too bad you sized up because I would like to see how this jacket looks on you in your tts. I agree with you that there is a lot to like about this jacket especially the matt finish and the soft brushed fleece inside. I hope the next go around of winter technical run jackets are in a matt finish like this with the wonderfully soft lining. This jacket is being described by LLL as a “run” jacket but for me it is far from what I expect in a winter technical running jacket. This would be a nice to and from jacket or a tech running jacket for those who live in warmer climate regions.

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