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Lululemon is launching a brand new high impact sports bra specifically engineered for large-ish cup sizes up to 36E/38DD requiring strong support. The bra launches on May 2, but a few have already gotten the opportunity to try this bra on ahead of the launch, including being fitted for their size. What intrigues me about this bra is that it has individual shaped cups that promises to give you a more natural shape with separate encapsulated breasts. Encapsulated breasts is a big selling feature for me as I have very easily flattened breasts in sports bras. I hate sports bras that smash me down! Apparently this bra comes with bra fitting sessions which educators have been trained on, to help you select your ideal size. I’m curious to see if I size the same as my standard bra sizing of 34D.

The bra is made of Ultralu and it has bonded seams and hook closure. Initial reports are that it’s priced at $98, and that the bra fitting suggestions are not necessarily correct – so trial and error with the fitting. I’m not at all bothered by the price tag on this if this is in fact a really great sports bra. I spend a lot on really good bras and a great Wacoal or Chantelle sports bra will run you this price.

Have you tried this bra on yet? What are your thoughts?

Enlight Bra

Enlite Bra

Enlite Sports Bra

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I’m not crazy about the strap action in the back. Especially since the straps appear to be bonded seams and I find those really sharp on tight fitting bras. I have an open mind for this though and I’m eager to try it out.


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  • The pictures sure make it look like a lot of cleav for a high impact bra. Usually this leaves at least a little room for bouncing. $98…yikes!!

    • I did notice the cleavage. I wonder though if that will be the case across the board. There is such variety between dense and not so dense breast tissue, and augmented vs. not augmented. I’m glad they are at least exploring the world of technical sports bras vs. pretty sports bras.

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