The Lululemon Upload is up! If you were annoyed that the Camo Align Pants sold out, they have uploaded again in the slightly shorter length of 25″ which I think is 7/8 length. It’s definitely not cropped. I’m loving the Black Cherry Down For A Run Jacket II but I prefer it in the banner photos and not so much in the studio thumbnail photos. I wonder what the fit updates are on this.  I would have been interested in the cashmere items but I’m not sure if they are 100% cashmere and for the price of the scarf I’d definitely like confirmation that it’s proper 100% cashmere. The Motionful 7/8 Tight is cute but in the Nocturnal Teal especially it looks exactly like my favorite Athleta tights I got over the summer, the Athleta Mantra Capris .

Last weeks upload post, store photos, guest fit review and fit review.

Did you order anything today?

Align Pant II Camo

Align Pant II Sequioa Camo

Toasty Tech 1/2 Zip

Toasty Tech 1/2 Zip

Speed Up Tight Warp Tech Fleece

Speed Up Tight

Light As Warmth Jacket

Light As Warmth Jacket

Motionful 7/8 Tight

Motionful 7/8 Tight

Down For A Run Pullover

Down For A Run Pullover

Down For A Run Vest
Down For A Run Vest II

105 F Singlet

105 F Singlet

Double Up Pouch

Double Up Pouch

Goody Bag

Goody Bag

My Dear Cashmere Scarf

My Dear Cashmere Scarf

Wool Be Cozy Toque

My Dear Cashmere Toque


Fast & Free Stony Grape

Fast & Free Stony Grape

Vintage Grape Define Jacket

Define Jacket

Contour Jacket

Contour Jacket

Get Going Jogger

Light As Warmth Scuba Prima Loft Fleece

Festival Bag

Festival Bag

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  1. Bought the Down for a Run Jacket in Black Cherry. Everything else….meh. Nothing special.
    The Contour Jacket? Why can’t they bring back the In Stride? I wear all my old In Strides, they still look amazing.
    Also….I’ve had it with the website. Now it looks like the back button will not take you back to the original page, it just takes you one place back, which is super annoying. I can’t even scroll the products, the scrollbar locks up. I’ve complained to Lulu and they keep saying “we’re working on it.” I’m over it at this point. This company will not get it together for whatever reason.

  2. Trying to see the upload on lulu site was so unpleasant!! The clothes were all incorrectly labeled ugh!! Is it me or does the down for a run line seem shorter?

    1. I had to keep refreshing the upload page every time I clicked on an item. It was a frustrating exercise. Even though I was on the Canadian website, the prices appeared in US$. They have not been able to fix their website for several weeks now. I don’t understand why they had to change it (for the worse, as it happens).

  3. So sad, I gonna treat myself to the down for
    A run pullover…but it doesnt cuffins and a hood!! So for 20$ More might as well get the jacket!

      1. Really??? It doesnt say!!! Thanks so much! I will see what colors it comes in and maybe buy one!!! The down for a run seems so popular!

  4. Wish the embroidery on the pullover was as visible on the black cherry color as it is the black, anyone see it in store?? TIA

    1. yes – saw the black, white, and black cherry in store. the embroidery is way more visible on the black than on the other colours. from a distance, it’s hard to make out the embroidery on the black cherry and white, but it is obvious on the black. i fell in love with this on the website – but left it at the store. i tried it on in a size 2 (5’3″, 100 lbs) – my regular size in lulu tops, such as swiftlys and extra mile 1/2 zips. i find swiftlys tight in the shoulders, but this was too big in the shoulders and the embroidery added structure which made it look awkward. it’s a similar problem i sometimes have with lulu’s spacer tops (except for the front and centre jacket – that for some reason fits great). i’m sure these shirts would look great on someone with wider shoulders and it is super cute in person. it might be a size down item for those with smaller shoulders? it does feel scratchier on the inside because of the embroidery than other tech fleece tops, so probably more for out and about than exercising (i could see this chafing).

      1. How was the length on the Front and Centre? I love the look, but it looks almost comical on the models. Like they’re wearing children’s clothes.

        1. the front and centre is very short in length! i’m 5’3″ with a short torso and the size 2 barely hit my waist level. i would think it would hit above waist level on most people. it does not have as much structure as other lulu spacer pieces, and the fit is quite tight. it looked smaller than a define jacket in a size 2, but the material had a lot of give, and i fit my regular size. depending on how snug you want it – you might need to size up (that might help with the length too?).

  5. For some weird reason I can’t purchase anything on the app. When I choose PayPal it keeps on spinning and spinning . Then it says couldn’t connect with PP or something. Tried Apple Pay , same thing. Had to google lululemon on my phone and order off full site. Annoying ! 🙁 Got aligns in camo

  6. I got Camo Aligns! So happy I stalked upload today because they are gone now. I ordered the down for a run in black last week- love it! I would recommend it to anyone!

      1. I went with my tts and it fits perfect, looks awesome on its own but I also have room to layer a Scuba underneath! Very flattering on the female figure 🙂

    1. The scalloping is so cute; we have been asking for ages for it, and now they finally came up with it. I already have two kinds of blue (and yellow and Bordeaux) in 105’s, so me too, I will wait for other colours

  7. I ordered Down For A Run in Black Cherry, I was thrilled to see this colour choice and I agree with Christina and like the look of the colour better on banner and main page versus stock photos. I must have been crazy not to have bought the original DFAR jacket in Black Swan a few years ago but am not going to miss out this time. I was able to buy the DFAR vest in black last year when it popped up online out of nowhere and love it. I think this new version is going to be shorter and there is less quilting.

    In order to take advantage of the 5% ebates discount before it is taken away I ordered the rulu joggers I have had my eye on for awhile and I also ordered the Get Going Joggers for my daughter for Christmas. Their holiday return policy took effect earlier this month so it’s safe to buy gifts now and have the assurance of being able to return if it doesn’t work out.

    The Toasty Tech 1/2 zip stitching detail is a turn off for me and the length and neckline is too short for my liking. If their tech fleece is the same as last years I won’t be buying it because it just isin’t as soft, thick or warm as FTF from a few years ago. I have no interest in the new accessories here but I see there are some new pieces that haven’t come out yet in some of the product photos. There is a blue turtleneck with the wool gloves that looks really nice. I wonder when they will start their twice a week drop?

      1. I tried on my tts and for me it is a definite tts fit. I was wearing a rulu 1/2 zip when I tried it on and still had room for more layers. Due to the stretchy panels this jacket did not feel snug but I did feel a bit restricted when I pulled my arms in front of me as the down filled back has no give. I wish the stretch fabric panels and cuffins were a thicker fabric, I don’t believe it is rulu and not as thick as original DFAR.
        I ordered Black Cherry but the store didn’t have that colour so I have to wait until tomorrow to see if I am happy with that colour.

        I also tried on the Get Going Joggers and the waistband and ankle cuffs are very tight and hard to put on and take off. I won’t be keeping these. I also saw the tech fleece 1/2 zip and wow is it short and the fabric is thin and not very soft, a far cry from the FTF 1/2 zip. I don’t know why they would repeat Black Cherry in this tech fleece when they did the same colour for last years tech fleece. I noticed they did the same thing using last years colours for the Extra Mile Jacket this year. I was also surprised to see how short the Rest Less Pullover is. It will be another winter season of not buying Rest Less because the fabric just isin’t as nice as it used to be and now they are making it too short.

        1. Thank you for the DFAR jacket fit info. Let us know how the black cherry works out for you.

          I don’t mind the shorter length in general since I am only 5’2. It does bother me when lulu cuts corners in quality and details.

  8. I missed out on the DFAR half zip last time, I was IN LOVE with black swan but missed out bc my mom bought the wrong thing for christmas and then it was too late. I hunted for one like crazy last year but never found one so I caved and got the what the fluff jacket, but I am DEFINITELY getting one this time, but I’m so sad they only uploaded the black this week- has anyone seen other colors on foreign sites? Wondering if I should hold out for next week.

  9. Light as warmth scuba….I have it I my cart, and have gone to press buy about 50 times now, and haven’t pulled the trigger. Does it fit TTS or tiny shoulders and tiny arms like every scuba now?


    1. I saw it in store tonight, but didn’t try it. I was hoping it was something extra cozy, maybe some type of spacer that would be warm and light. Nah. It’s just normal cotton fleece. The ribbon detail along the zipper is very nice, but the fabric is nothing special. I think Champion uses the same stuff. Ok, maybe that was a cheap shot, but I was disappointed.

      Looked at the half zip, and thought the stitching was very attractive, but it was super thin. I don’t think it would keep you as warm as a Rest Less PO. Again, a disappointment.

      I guess I shouldn’t expect anything different from a company based in a fairly temperate region, but I keep hoping Lulu will take Winter seriously. Guess I’m a glutton for punishment!

  10. Holman is out …

    Though I have certainly not been a fan, I will concede that things seemed to be improving lately. I hope his replacement brings the brand back to its roots. Better tailoring (lots of fit issues lately), distinctive, thoughtful details, and a return of more classic pieces at the same level of quality of the originals.

    A girl can dream…

  11. I ordered nothing, but last week I got the new neck warmer with a gc and it is amazing! I commute to work and with it getting cold, I needed something like that. It’s a great item and functions exactly how I needed it to.

  12. If anyone is interested I have a black Swan down for a run pullover in size 6 that I am going to post on ebay or kijiji. (It has been worn once to be exact) It is a gorgeous jacket but have finally conceded to myself that I am never going to wear it as I have horrible neck and back issues and the pullover style is too difficult. I am kicking myself for not buying the zip up with this particular release, but broke down last year and got the run for cold in grevvy that I really like and the zip up works better. If interested you can email me at [email protected].

    I did pick up the new pointe long sleeves in the grey and blue demin which I really liked. I tried on the embroidered pullover which is gorgeous but it is cut wrong in the neck and armpits. It created weird gaping in the upper chest, even worse than the website picture. I think with the right body type for this cut it could be fabulous but not for me. I loved the cut of the old rulu star runner and am glad I own 3 of those.

  13. Down for a run vest in black cherry spotted in US stores. The color is beautiful – just like the banner photo, not the brown that appears on the website. I hope this color comes out in the pullover! I tried the down for a run pullover in black – a size up was easier to get on and off, but my tts looked so much better when on (and I have bulky shoulders). I can also confirm that the down for a run pullover has thumb holes and cuffins. Yay!

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