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Guest Fit Review: Extra Mile Hoodie, Cut Above Hoodie Expression, Speed Up Tight Radiant Multi

by Cristina

Another great Lululemon Fit Review thanks to Mrs. O!

Extra Mile Hoodie Extra Mile Hoodie Extra Mile Hoodie Hang Tag

Extra Mile Hoodie


I wasn’t sure if I’d like the hoodie version of the Extra Mile LS.  I actually liked it.  It’s a nice length, very soft and I liked the details of the ruffles, thumbholes, cuffins and the gathering at the back of the hoodie.  The Rulu was very soft unlike the black Extra Mile LS.  The hoodie is TTS and had plenty of room where it was needed.  The sleeves were not too long and it draped well.  The gathering at the bottom hem was a nice touch and made the hoodie fall/drape nicely from the back.  But I’m not sure if it’s worth the $108 price tag.


Cut Above Hoodie *Expression Cut Above Hoodie Expression Cut Above Hoodie Hang Tag

Cut Above Hoodie *Expression

Earlier this year, I did a fit review for the cut above hoodie cropped version.  I didn’t like it.  This hoodie is better because of the length and the side slits started at your natural waist and fell to your hips.  For those ladies that have narrow shoulders but wider hips, this hoodie might work well for you.  It fit better than I thought it was.  However, the fabric wasn’t as soft as the cropped version.  It was a little scratchy underneath.  This hoodie was TTS.  Although I liked it, I would not buy it because of the “expression” across the back.  But for those of you that like that sort of thing, I think Lululemon placed it just right.  Just so you know, if I were to get a sweatshirt like this, I think I prefer the Press Pause Pullover better.  The shape and length is very similar.  Only difference is there’s no hood.


Speed Up Tight in Radiant Multi Speed Up Tight in Radiant Multi

Speed Up Tight Radiant Multi

When I walked in store today, I saw this pattern on a mannequin and loved it.  The color scheme is very similar to aura dark chrome and frozen flourish.  The radiant multi had the best colors from the two other prints.  I tried the print in the Speed Up Tight (even though I don’t really like Speed Up Tight).  I didn’t initially see it in the WU.  The fabric in this pattern in the WU is much softer than the Speed Up Tight.  For some reason, in the Speed Up Tight the fabric was stiffer and not as soft.  The print is printed on a medium gray and there was very little fading unless you did a very deep bend test.  But it also depended on whether the lighter colors were placed on the butt rather than the legs.  It wasn’t fading enough for me to worry about it.  In Speed Up Tights I size up.  In the WU it is definitely TTS.  I’m hoping it will come out in a WU crop or 1/2 tight or some other crop tight.  I really like the fact that this pattern is abstract.  As much as I like florals, I don’t like them on me (but I love it when I see others wearing florals).  The only floral print I’ve gotten recently, is the Japanese floral print, which is subtle enough for me.  This pattern is definitely going on my wish list.  I think I like this pattern more than the aura dark chrome I bought in the train times 7/8 tight.  It’s different enough for me to justify a similar pair (once I lift my spending freeze).  I may have been tempted to buy this print if I had tried on the WU (which is why I tried it on in the Speed Up Tight because I would be less likely to buy it).  Just doing fit reviews is not as much fun as doing fit reviews and buying the things I like.  LOL.  I think many of you will like this print.


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Sam November 5, 2017 - 12:01 pm

I want to know what kind and colour of nail polish Mrs. O is wearing. It’s so pretty.

Mrs. O November 5, 2017 - 12:09 pm

Thanks! I painted my nails orange for Halloween. It’s China Glaze. The color is Accent Piece. It was part of a three piece set with Truth is Gold and Royal Pain in the Ascot. I got it when I went to the LA Beauty-Con.

Sam November 5, 2017 - 1:18 pm

That’s amazing thank you for sharing. It’s really pretty.

LS November 7, 2017 - 7:44 am

I returned my radiant multi WUs. Seriously underwhelming. They just didn’t pop in person.


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