Yay for Lululemon Store Photos! I got to the store yesterday and did some try-ons (post up later today), but just to give you a brief idea, the Fleece & Thank You Pullover was surprisingly short and on the snug side. My preferred Rest Less Pullover was the clear mint one, not the nile blue. I was a bit stunned at the price of the Rest Less Pullover – $98 ($109 with taxes). Wasn’t it around $78 last year? Yikes!

Rest Less PulloverRest Less PulloverRest Less Pullover

Fleece & Thank You PulloverFleece & Thank You PulloverFleece & Thank You Pullover

Rest Less Pullover

All Days Vest, Rest Less Pullover, Meant To Move 7/8 TightAll Days Vest Meant To Move 7/8 Tight Meant To Move 7/8 Tight

Slush Hour ParkaSlush Hour ParkaSlush Hour ParkaSlush Hour ParkaSlush Hour Parka

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    1. the teal one was definitely shorter and tighter. The material is different and has a slight sheen and less stretch. I can double check the length of my clear mint one with my grey one from last year.

    2. I just checked and you are definitely right. The grey one from last year is slightly longer in the back than the front but the new clear mint one is shorter than even the front by a few inches, and about 6 inches shorter in the back. The new ones are the same length all the way around.

      1. Did you like the fit of the clear mint even though it was shorter? I have the black one from last year and wanted to put the clear mint one on my wish list. But I liked the length of last year’s.

  1. Got my radiant multi WUs in the mail today. Pattern is just bland bland bland when on. I didn’t find them sheer but the grayish backing just makes them look boring and faded when worn. And of course there was a huge pink splotch right on the butt seam. Get it together, Lulu!

  2. Omg it’s already snowing somewhere ! ?
    Re post: I’m thinking about ordering Full freedom jacket . Has anybody tried it on yet? Is it tts? TIA!

  3. Just got my fleece and thank you pullover- I usually wear a 6 or 8 in LLL jackets . Purchased an 8 for my 5’2″ 130lb frame. I found it to be a good fit, but there really isn’t much stretch to the fabric, which made it difficult to get on and off. I also wonder if the outside will snag easily. I think it’s well made looks great. I’m returning it and sizing up. Definitely will keep me warm and cozy. Anyone know if it’s prone to snags?

  4. I bought the clear mint and blue Nile restless pullovers yesterday. I have bought them for four years and this year I decided to size up. I tried my regular size but the clear mint shows every little lump and bump. I sized up in the blue Nile as well just because it appeared smoother in the back view however my tts would have been fine. I loved both colours equally well. The material pretty much feels the same as the gray and black ones I bought last year.

  5. Got my Nile Blue Rest Less PO and I’m happy. It probably is shorter, but it’s still hip length on me and I’m 5’9″ with a long torso, so it’s not exactly short. Definitely a personal choice, but I have no complaints. It also seems pretty soft, but I don’t have one from last year, only the year before, so maybe I don’t know what I’ve been missing! 🙂

    Color is dark and rich. It’s shiny, but I like that in this color. Makes it look very jade-like.

    The only thing I don’t like is the squiggly line texture. I liked some of the previous years’ like the sweater one from two years ago better. Overall, I’m very happy with it.

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