Sneak Peeks via the Lululemon Hong Kong Upload. The Toasty Tech 1/2 Zip will upload today and also comes in Dark Cherry. We also have tech fleece Speed Up Tights in Dark Cherry.  The Down For A Run Pullover will also be seen today (but probably just black), and new pink (cashmere or merino wool) toques and gloves.

Toasty Tech 1/2 ZipToasty Tech 1/2 Zip Toasty Tech 1/2 Zip

Motionful 7/8 Tight Motionful 7/8 Tight Motionful 7/8 Tight


Push Your Pace JacketPush Your Pace Jacket Push Your Pace Jacket

Stoney Grape Swiftly Tech LS

  1. Ooo I liking the leggings. They seem kind of strange but cool at the same time. The half zip looks pretty with the detailing. Not sure if I’d care for it on workout wear.

  2. The detailing on the half zip is lovely! Reminds me of the sort of small, decorative details Lulu used to take the time to include on their items. It does look much shorter than previous tops, though. Looks like it barely covers her high waistband. I have a long torso, which is what drew me to Lulu in the first place, so that’s rather disappointing. If we get it in the US I’ll give it a try but I won’t hold out hope.

  3. Is LLL copying Athleta now? Those motionful crops remind me of some mesh mantra crops that came out a few months back. I guess it’s fine since everyone else has copied LLL for the last 10 years. Also that jacket is ridiculously short.

    1. I just posted this exact same thing on my Facebook page with a link to my Athleta Mantra Crops review. Those are my favourite Athleta purchase and on my regular rotation.
      mantra capri

      1. Oh snap, I didn’t see that. Great minds lol. But yes, I’ve been obsessed with Athleta lately and power vita. Their stuff is just so much more appealing to me than LLL. Or maybe I’m just old now and no longer LLL’s target market. 🙁 That push your pace jacket pisses me off.

        1. Tanya, I’m glad you mentioned the age thing. I’m in the getting “older” crowd but I still find some of Athleta’s stuff too matronly although I see plenty of much younger ladies wearing it. I’m beginning to think it might be that I see too much non-athletic gear at Athleta so I associate it as more of a clothing store than a workout clothing store.

          1. Mrs. O, I’m 36 and have been buying LLL for a while and still rock it and spend quite a bit of coin there but I’m starting to buy more at Athleta. Their rewards credit card is awesome and they have sales often. I don’t think Ahtleta looks matronly at all! I think they were a few years back, but they have changed their styling and the pieces they offer are excellent quality. They do have a lot of casual stuff. But I mostly buy their active wear. I highly recommend their power vita bottoms and cozy karma items. I just bought a Luxe stronger hoodie and I’ve been wearing it everyday. It’s definitely not matronly but it’s also not short AF as some LLL items lately.

  4. Not sure the reflective is quite enough to be very effective. Probably needed a bit more…but it is cute matador kinda looking. But i want reflective for running. Has to be practical for that kind of money.
    The tights remind me of some that were released about 3 or 4 years ago with similar detail and angles at calf. I have them in black and black swan and i think the mauvy purple nightfall colour. Time to bring them out for a wear this year lol. I cant justify buying more of similar style… Yay my wallet is doing happy dance…finally i am being rational.

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