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Spring 2021 workouts with new lululemon gear!

by Cristina
Spring 2021 workouts with new lululemon gear

Thank you to lululemon for kindly sponsoring this post, and for providing me with lululemon gear for my stair climbing workout. I love this outfit! lululemon has always inspired me to challenge myself in many aspects of my life, not just fitness, which is why this is a partnership I am so proud to share here on The Sweat Edit.  

Back to Stair Climbing this Spring!

Last year around this time, inspired by the need take my  workouts outdoors,  I discovered a new favourite. Hidden in my own neighbourhood is an awesome stair climbing trail! I fell in love with stair climbing as my cardio! Stair climbing is the best at increasing your cardiovascular endurance, and it’s fun! It’s such a great core and stability workout too! I really love the feeling of getting to the top of these stairs and then being able to view my entire neighbourhood. 

Given the local wildlife (angry cougars, bears and coyotes!), and our very wet and slushy winters, I couldn’t keep my outdoor stair climbs up year round. Recently though we had a stretch of beautifully sunny weather which reminded me to hit those stairs again. 

lululemon let me pick out an outfit for this workout and I immediately grabbed a pair of the new Align High Rise Pant with Pockets 25″  which I’d been dying to try. I loved them so much that I decided to get a spare pair also in black. I love the look of run tights with the seam detailing and the side pockets but always wished they came in the soft, matte nulu fabric. These are everything I dreamed about.  They are just like my beloved aligns but with pockets! I’m able to easily access my AirPod case and iPhone from my side pockets without slowing down my pace. It gets really crowded on this trail and people get annoyed if you slow down to fuss over grabbing something from zipped pockets. 

I also selected my favourite summer workout tank for this outfit, the Align Tank, in ripened raspberry. I added a black Define Jacket. Can you believe I have never owned a black Define jacket? I have many other colors in the Define but this Ripened Raspberry tank was calling for a black jacket. I’m so glad to have added it to my collection. It’s such a classic. I really loved how this outfit turned out. It feels like such a power suit for workouts. 

You can shop my outfit here:

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