Monday, March 20, 2023

Getting inspired for Fall workouts with lululemon

by Cristina

lululemon kindly sent me some brand new fall running gear to get me ready for fall running and training. I’m so excited to be working with lululemon again through the Fall and so grateful for the kick in the pants to get outside and running, and sweating, and feeling good. And so inspired!  Have you guys seen the video that lululemon released this week? This video gave me shivers. It’s exactly what I’ve been feeling this past year. From the start of the video to the end of the video. It’s incredible!

Getting Inspired for fall workouts with lululemon

 I’m in love with this Cross Chill Jacket which I had been eyeing for a while. It’s so much warmer than I expected it to be with a cozy brushed interior. It’s fully waterproof! This jacket will be perfect for fall and full-on winter running. I love that contrasting black zipper against the white jacket. 

The Swiftly Tech Racerback Tank Top 2.0 is in the colorway Pow Pink/Ripened Raspberry. It’s my favourite Swiftly Racerback Tank so far. I find the fit of the 2.0 better for me as it’s slightly looser fitting and stretchier.

I also got the Wunder Train High Rise Crop  in Larkspur. OMG I love this color. I love the combo of Larkspur with pinks, and greens. Wunder Trains are my favourites for high intensity workouts. Incidentally, they are also quite awesome for stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking which I did this summer. They don’t ever feel wet, and they dry incredibly fast from sweat or water splashes. 


I also received the Power Thru High-Rise Crops in heathered black. I love the fit of them and the fact that they have side pockets that fit my iphone. I find the seam detailing along the side of the leg really flattering. This particular pattern is so great, and it pairs with the seam details perfectly.  I love a non-boring neutral black pattern that goes with everything. 

Finishing off my outfit is the Daily Stride Low Ankle Socks in a three pack. I’m addicted to lululemon socks so I always scoop them up when they come in multi-packs.

Getting Inspired for fall workouts with lululemon

My Fitness Goals This Fall




I’ve refocused my fitness goals for this fall. I’m focusing on training my heart rate, endurance, and power. I’m targeting my training by actually using my metrics, and choosing my workouts strategically. I’m working on my mental strength within my workouts. 


This means that not every single workout should be at 100% intensity. Actually, only one workout per week should be high intensity, and the rest should be far less. Opting for an 70% intensity most of the time, and being much more consistent with workouts is such a mental challenge for me but the rewards speak for themselves. In 5 weeks my heart rate dropped by 20 beats, and I had a 25% gain in power. Most of the time my workouts have felt like I wasn’t pushing hard enough. They’ve felt comfortable, and like enjoyable sustainable work. I’m more used to the shorter, high intensity workouts that I push through than I am the long 60 minutes of comfortable steady effort. The problem with those is I burn out after a few weeks and It feels like a struggle to ‘want’ to workout. With my new method, I am actually feeling… dare I say… excited to work out? It feels good! 


Over the summer I’ve been powerzone training on my bike, but for the fall I’m shifting that training onto the trails for running. I find it hard to run outdoors in the summer heat (especially this year), but I really love fall running and I’m excited to get started with my new running gear. Now that the weather has changed and it’s gotten much cooler I’m getting outside to run more, and alternating that with my bike training.

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Anonymous August 21, 2021 - 2:03 pm

Did you take your usual size in the cross chill jacket?

Cristina August 24, 2021 - 8:17 am

Hi there, I sized up to a 12 in the jacket but I typically do that in all the more shape fitting run jackets.

lissa10279 August 24, 2021 - 3:11 pm

I had the same question — it looks awesome and for layering, was think I’d size up. Length looks good too!


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