Monday, March 20, 2023

The only workout gear I need

by Cristina

lululemon is the only workout gear I need to make me feel good

Thank you to lululemon for providing me with some new fall pieces to help inspire my Fall workouts. I love every single piece. 

What I wear to workout helps me feel prepared to move and sweat. It allows my mind to focus on the tasks I set out to do without any distractions. My body is able to do what it does, which is to move and sweat, without disruption. 

Being able to keep my mind focused while working out is as important as the workout itself. Without distraction I can notice how my body is responding to an increase in effort or endurance, or how my body is feeling at every point during a climb effort. I can allow myself to feel the discomfort in the effort, and condition my mind to be ok with that discomfort. 

It’s especially important to keep my mind focused on a gruelling 60 minute ride where my mind wants to wander, looking for any excuse to stop, or to tell myself I can’t continue. I can really focus and pay attention to my breathing. Not noticing my clothing while working out is something I’ve grown so used to with lululemon, but it’s really priceless. 

The Only Workout Gear I Need

What I’m Wearing

The Wunder Train Crops are my favourite tights to wear for workouts for exactly this reason. I know they look great on, and look sleek. They perform incredibly by keeping me dry, and they are just the right amount of compression. I love the high rise and the minimal seams.  Everlux is such an incredible fabric. I own several pairs of the Wunder Train but my new favourites are the Topography Multi and the Black Granite. 

I don’t typically wear prints on my leggings but I was so drawn by Topography Multi. The print is really flattering. I actually went back and ordered the Topography Multi Power Pívot Tank too. 

Another brand new favourite for me is the lululemon Align Waist Length Tank Top. The original Align Tank was a favourite but this new length is even better. I got it in black but I will definitely be buying some new colors. 

And the Scuba Oversized ½ Zip Hoodie in Copper Brown is the perfect fall cozy layer to keep me warm during post workout errands. I can’t recommend the Back To Life Sport Bottle enough. If you are in search of the perfect water bottle to send your kids to school with, this is it. It will keep ice frozen for an entire school day! It fits perfectly on my spin bike!

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