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I’m listening to the Lululemon 4th Quarter and Year End Earnings call simultaneously to writing the upload post.  I can’t lie,  I was titillated by the Laurent Potdevin scandal and hoping to hear more gossipy snippets (spoiler – there was none). I have to say though that this earnings call hosted by several Lululemon executives was much more compelling to listen to even during the boring financial stuff which I rarely understand.  Glen Murphy (the interim CEO) uses much less corporate jargon than any other previous CEO.  Lululemon had a miraculously phenomenal year, specifically on e-commerce which went up 42%! They had a growth of 1 million new guests! Customer side, we may not have loved the website redesign but it’s obviously been very successful for them, which ultimately is very good for us. We will be seeing some new features on the website such as order online and pick up in store, some new search functions and customer customization on the site.

A few items I liked from this upload and am mulling over – the Just Pleat It SS, Cool & Collected Jacket, Low Key Long Sleeve, Efflorescent Define Jacket, Round Two Tee. I like the look of the Silver Fox burnout material. The top contenders for a ‘check -out’ are the Just Pleat It SS in pink, Round Two Tee in Silver Fox and the Low Key Long Sleeve in Blue. I really want to try n the green Cool & Collected Jacket.

Did you order any Lululemon this Upload?

Non Stop RomperNon Stop Romper

Cinch It Dress Cinch It Dress


Define Jacket Define Jacket

Speed Up Short
Speed Up Short

In Movement Crop Efflorescent Nebula BlackIn Movement Crop

Fast & Free Tight Pixel HazeFast & Free Tight Pixel Haze Multi Black

Fast & Free Crop 

Deep Inhale Vest – Ocean Mist
Deep Inhale Vest - Ocean Mist

Cool & Collected Jacet – Sea Breeze
Cool & Collected Jacet - Sea Breeze

Perf-ect Your Pace Dress
Perf-ect Your Pace Dress

Just Pleat It Short Sleeve
Just Pleat It Short Sleeve

Rejuvenate CropRejuvenate Crop

Slide With Me TankSlide With Me Tank

Water Bound HoodieWater Bound Hoodie Chirasu Black

Low Key Long SleeveLow Key Long Sleeve

Round Two TeeRound Two Tee Burnout

Round Two TankRound Two Tank


Shop the vintage Lululemon finds inspired by this upload:

    1. If you want it fitted, TTS. Slightly looser, size up. The cinch it dress looks like its fitted and short. For my preference, I would probably size up once. I think it’s cute too. Definitely something I want to try on. I like Lululemon’s dresses and jumpers.

  1. Wow nothing for me… I still need to order the tulle and cascade wup from last upload and dragonfly bra…oh and shorts. Im trying to keep to 4 items a month so this upload was very helpful….

  2. I’m going to order the Slide with Me bra and hope it fits my H-cup girls. I like the back and the fact that front of it comes up high. I hate flashing the girls in yoga.

    I’m also getting the pleated ss in pink colour. I generally don’t like flowy shirts and prefer a fitted look. But this one seems pretty cute

  3. Loving the light greens, especially Ocean Mist. Looking forward to more in these colors.

    Very happy about the strong sales figures and nice to hear some sense return to LLL. So much pretentious crap talk under Potdevin, and Chip was no better. Lots of BS talk that as an investor I find highly off-putting. I’m feeling very bullish from an investment perspective.

    As a fan, though, I have to admit that I’m waiting, slightly impatiently, for the post-Holman designs. So far, great colors, but nothing to buy. I have hope, but so far, not much to justify this feeling.

  4. Ocean Mist is a beautiful color and I’m liking the cool & collected jacket. I also like the round two tank. Looks perfect for hot weather and sweaty workouts.

  5. I ordered the floral Define even though I worry the print might be too busy for me, especially now that I’ve gained some weight and will be sporting a larger size. I don’t usually go for floral prints but this one seems subtle enough that I want something with that pretty print. There was a tank that briefly appeared when the upload first happened, All You Do Tank. I managed to add it to my cart and checked out, but when I look for the tank now it’s no longer on the website. Highly unlikely that it sold out so now I’m wondering if it wasn’t intended for this week’s upload and my order won’t ship.

    1. The print is a lot more subtle to me because of the color scheme. It’s not in your face floral, which is why I tried on the Aligns. I thought a gray/black define would be nice in that print so I’m going to try it on.

  6. I’m so on the fence about the past couple uploads, I think I need a trip to my store to try some things on in person to see how they look on me. Some of the pleat it items look really cute, and I ALWAYS am a sucker for jackets, but I find the colors on the site less reliable than they used to be (still have some pace rivals that were green on the site and are blue in person that need to be returned) and when they stopped listing the height/size of the models it really killed my online ordering.

  7. Expensive week for me…wow. I love the new floral define, bought one for my mother and I. The new jacket in ocean mist is BEAUTIFUL super comfortable, however, for those of you considering it: it’s a LITTLE more pale in person. Not as vibrant as the photo, but still worth it. I love the twist back tank and tees too. Lululemon has been tempting me way too much these days.

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